My Dubai trip was in full summer. Oh my God! The huge scorching heat of the sun and running perspiration through my body were proving my decision wrong. But soon I found an amazing adventure to do in Dubai. Yes, you are thinking right, I am talking about the water activities that can keep our body calm in the summer season.

Diving into the best waterparks in Dubai was the best decision of my trip to enjoy my days. This is the best way to enjoy the hottest parts of the world to explore the theme waterparks. There are many parks to visit in Dubai but the craze of Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is stunning.

You can enjoy the big waterparks of Dubai with your friends and families. People of all ages can participate in the water activities of Dubai waterparks.

Children can have a great time in the theme parks due to the massive slides and smaller rides. Legoland, Dreamland, and Laguna are some famous waterparks to enjoy with incredible things to do in them. I will explain all the amazing things you can do in the famous Dubai waterparks to escape from a sunny day. 

A Comparison Table for Best Waterparks in Dubai

Best Waterparks in Dubai

Checking out the rate for the biggest waterpark in Dubai must need a comparison table among them. Since you know that each attraction or activity in the city has some tickets to view. Similarly, the attractions of theme waterparks in the UAE have some cost to indulge in activities.

Each waterpark in Dubai is located in a special region like Wild Wadi in Jumeirah, so you can also explore JBR Dubai activities . I will describe in the table the rates, transportation options, and dining options for tourists.

Incredible Waterparks in DubaiRates for Adults to take part in activitiesChildren’s Ticket Prices to take part in various activitiesBonuses for Tourists and ResidentsSpecial Deals for tourists and Arabians
Aquaventure Waterpark – Atlantis DubaiPay 299 AED cost to indulge in water activities249 AED cost and children must have the age of 13 years oldTowel and locker options Rental car optionsUse AquaExpressTake Fast Pass for 395 AEDFree stay options at Atlantis Celebrate a birthday without any costDiscounts available for ResidentsNo tickets for entrace
Jumeirah’s Iconic Wild Wadi WaterparkPay a cost of 269 AED AED 199 for kids of height 1.1m, kids below age 3 are free to visit the parkTowel and locker optionsRental optionsBeautiful CabanasLuxurious Jumeirah Hotels for Tourists and ResidentsDiscount Options for ResidentsFree Birthday Celebrations
Laguna Waterpark – North Beach La MarPay the cost of AED 199 to explore various activitiesKids with a height of 1.2m will pay 145 AED, and those below the age of 2 years are free to visit the parkTowel & locker optionsAccess rental optionsBeautiful CabanasSundowner segments for tourists and residents from 3:00 PmComplete VIP Packages
Legoland- Ultimate Waterpark for KidsPay the cost of 295 AEDKids are free to take part in various activitiesTowel and locker optionsRental OptionsBeautiful CabanasStaying options are open for Lapita or Legoland options No cost at the entrance

Now I will explore all about the best waterparks in Dubai. But before going towards the waterpark tourists must not skip the option to explore Dubai Mall waterfall .

Aquaventure Atlantis – Best waterpark in Dubai

Aquaventure Atlantis water park dubai

The most iconic and fascinating park in Dubai is waiting for you! Yes, you are thinking absolutely right about the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. The park is extended over an area of 42 acres and is famous all over the world for its water slides.

The thrill and excitement of Aquaventure Park appeal to adventurous addicts as well as young people. The Splashers Kid Zone for children under 1.2 m and the replicas of the park for kids’ smaller slides make a fun day for them.

It will be a difficult part for you to decide which rides are better to include or exclude. I am pleased to inform you that there are more than 70 coasters and rides in the park. You will not get any path to escape from the fun and enjoyment of Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai.

Try to reach the park before time as it will get crowded. Once tickets are in your hand, you can easily cover most of the slides and attractions. You are at a point of an extremely advantageous situation when you are at Aquaventure. Are you wondering why I am talking about this benefit?

 The reason is the park is situated on the beautiful outdoor front of the Palm Jumeirah. Most things that are curious for you will be the most famous thrilling attractions in the park. I would mention some of them so that your excitement level will beat your heartbeat to the Peak level.

The Leap of Faith is the most famous among them and the vertical drop can make a visit to the whole park for you. Moreover, the largest tube water slide is waiting for you to enjoy the excitement and thrill of Zoomerango.

Rates and Expenses for Tourists at Aquaventure Park

  • Kids below the age of 2 years are free to visit the park and those who have a height below 1.2m will pay 249 AED. On the other hand, Adults have to pay 299 AED to take a ticket.
  • Their rates are not specified throughout the season because there is some season when visits reach the highest level. So the rates will increase when the seasonal variation comes.
  • Since I have mentioned in the comparison table about towels and lockers. To take them, you have to add a new cost of 35 AED and 55 AED to your budget.
  • If you are going to stay in Atlantis the Palm, you have to include the park entry in your budget.
  • Take the combined tickets for visiting the Lost Chambers and Dolphin Cove’s Animal encounters to save your money.
  • The amazing thing about the Aquaventure Park is that it is included in the Dubai Pass Theme Parks.
  • Residents who own a valid Emirates ID card can take a discount at the standard entry price of the Aquaventure waterpark.

Other attractions in the city include the Dubai Mall Aquarium for a variety of marine species for tourists. And of course, Dubai Mall Aquarium tickets will cost differently as compared to other attractions in the city.

Wild Wadi Waterpark – Collect Memories of Unbeatable Fun

Waterparks in Dubai

Are you planning to visit the amazing iconic landmark Burj Al Arab in Dubai? Control your excitement level because here you have a chance of enjoying unbeatable fun. The Arabian Themed Wild Wadi Water Park is located in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel with all the spectacular attractions in it.

The popularity of the hotel lies around the largest wave pool called Breakers Bay which produces 1.5-meter parallel waves for tourists to swim and play. With over 30 different rides the Jumeirah Sceirah– a 120-meter-long and 80 km/h tandem slide is renovated in the park. Let us check the rates, bonuses, and other facilities at the Wild Wadi Waterpark.

Rates and Expenses of Wild Wadi Jumeirah Waterpark

  • If you are staying in the nearby hotels of Jumeirah like Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Al Naseem, and Madinat Jumeirah. Your Wild Wadi waterpark ticket for entrance will be included in your stay.
  • Being a resident of the United Arab Emirates, you will have the honor to enjoy discounts in the park. If the earlier price for Wild Wadi tickets is 169 AED, after the discount it will become 129 AED. The normal weekdays are not much more expensive than the weekends, therefore, make a plan to visit the park on weekdays.
  • For those who are visiting the park with their families as well as kids, there will be different pricing for kids. For kids below the age of 3 years will have free entrance to the park. Children with a height above 1.1 meters are able to enjoy a lot of rides but below 1.1 meters will have limited ones.
  • Towels and lockers are extra bonuses for tourists if they want to take them. They just have to pay a rent of 39 AED for towels and the same for the locker at Souk Al Wadi.
  • For tourists the online adult pricing for various rides starts from 269 AED and 199 AED for the children. It may be possible that you pay more at the main gate so a good piece of advice is to have an online booking ticket.
  • To take a Wild Wadi pass you can easily find the park in the theme waterpark Dubai Pass as well as Dubai Pass by iVenture.

Relax, Slide, Surf, and Splash in the Laguna Waterpark

The Laguna Waterpark has a lot of fun and adventure in it and is located on the North Beach La Mer. Besides Laguna Waterpark Dubai, La Mer Beach is also famous for tourists. The whole water fun of the park lies around the four amazing zones named Relax, Slide, Surf, and Splash in Laguna.

An amazing splash pool for children above the age of 4 years is waiting for them. Those who have a plan for spending a full hot day in water activities should not worry about their meals. 

There are dozens of shops, cafes, and restaurants with delectable meals for tourists. The wonderful about the Laguna Dubai Waterpark is you can enjoy relaxing in a cabana or strolling down the calm river. The unique thing about the park is its nice variation compared to other larger parks.

This distinct property of Dubai Laguna Waterpark is because it focuses far more on soaking up the beachside ambiance than on high-flying spills.

Rates and Expenses for Dubai Laguna Waterpark

  • Online day passes are easily available for both adults and children. Adults have to pay only 199 AED, on the other hand, kids whose height is under 1.2 meters will pay 145 AED. If you want to buy a day pass at the gate, you will probably get it at a higher rate.
  • Those who want to relax and enjoy the cabana will pay about 1399 AED if the group members are four. This cabana cost can vary depending on the group members.
  • If you want to take an ultra-inclusive day pass you will enjoy amazing amenities like delectable meals, unlimited drinks and beverages, and fast pass access.
  • Towel and lockers rent starts from 310 AED and those who want to take the sundowner offer can enjoy it at an excellent cost of 120 AED.
  • In order to find Laguna, you can have a look at the Dubai Theme Park Pass and the Dubai Select Attraction Pass.

Legoland Waterpark Dubai – Splash into Lego Water Attractions

Legoland Waterpark Dubai

The ultimate waterpark for both families and children of age 2 to 12 is the Legoland Waterpark Dubai.  I was in search of the most subdued end of the waterpark scale and then I found Legoland with amazing attractions.

This is the primarily targeted park for the younger demographic. Despite this, your quest will end here if you want to explore amazing rides at a fairly reasonable cost. It is a fantastic place for kids who are willing to raise their confidence through the thrills and spills of a waterpark.

Your summer charm will enhance in the Joker Soaker, an exceptional fun water activity in the park. After that, you can proceed to the wave pools and then you can graduate to the slide rides.

Rates and Expenses for Legoland Waterpark Dubai

  • Take online Legoland tickets for 295 AED, otherwise, if you take the tickets on the gate the cost will increase to 330 AED.
  • This is beneficial to take the combined tickets of Legoland Dubai waterpark with the neighboring areas to visit more places. In such cases, you can visit other Dubai water and theme resort exciting parks. You only need to pay a cost of 335 AED for two combined parks.
  • The park has nearby lands to give stay for tourists like the Legoland Hotel Dubai and the Lapita Resort to get stay-and-play package offers.
  • In order to find the Legoland Dubai Waterpark pass, you have to check Dubai Theme Pass parks by the Iventure Explorer, and for an inclusive approach Go to City Dubai.

Wonderful Water Parks in Other Cities of the UAE

Besides the above waterparks in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates has other attractions for tourists in Abu Dhabi and other cities. Along with the Best water parks in Dubai, you can also have Yacht Rental Dubai experiences to enjoy the open-sea vistas.

The Yas Waterland is located in the Abu Dhabi Emirates but is equally famous for tourists to indulge in thrilling water rides. Also, the Dreamland Waterpark in Umm Al Quwain and Yas Waterworld are the two strong contenders for the title of the finest waterpark.

Yas Waterworld- The Largest Theme Waterpark in Abu Dhabi

Yas Waterworld dubai

Have a step into the beautiful world of the largest theme waterpark in Abu Dhabi with 40 iconic rides. Due to the title of the most legendary theme park the Yas Waterpark is considered to be the best of Dubai waterparks.

Besides all the enjoying rides and slides, the entertainment and live shows in the park will not leave you bored the whole day. You will enjoy here heart-pounding slides to the iconic lazy river. 

Moreover, visitors can play in the wave pool and hang the Bandit Bomber Roller Coaster at Al Raha. Tourists may also get combined tickets to visit other neighboring attractions like the Ferrari World and Warner Bros. The Yas Waterworld Dubai provides a special Mermaid School activity as well as an amazing pearl diving adventure in it.

Dreamland Aquapark – Largest Family Waterpark in Umm Al Quwain

Dreamland Aquapark skyline

The largest waterpark covers an area of 250,000 with beautiful green landscapes in the region of Umm LA Quwain. Since the park was built in the 1980s but still its ultra-modern activities prove that it has a unique exception.

Like all amazing places in Dubai as well as in UAE, Dreamland Dubai is one of the most relaxing waterparks in the Emirates.

The park is not at a very long distance from Dubai, instead, you have to travel only one hour in the northeast direction. The best time to visit this dreamland is either spring or autumn, but in winter there is much cold and chilly season.

Many people love to find amazing places for night camping , lawn spacing for relaxation, and wine-up bars in the UAE. All these amenities and luxuries are available in the Dreamland of Umm Al Quwain.

Dazzling Smaller Waterparks to Cool Off in Dubai

Dazzling Smaller Waterparks

Besides the larger waterparks of Dubai, tourists can also take part in thrilling activities in the smaller dazzling parks of the city. The hot weather and temperature in the scorching sun can only be controlled by indulging in water activities. Let us explore some famous splash pads for both children and families;

  • Splash n’ Party Dubai – Coolest Waterpark for kids: The most exciting, thrilling, newest, and coolest waterpark in Dubai that is specially designed for kids is waiting for you. More other locations of the park are located in Dubai like Suburban Al Safa 2, Kite Beach, and JBR. 
  • Splash Pad JBR Beach – Ultimate Summer Destination: A delightful little heaven for kids to enjoy in JBR is Splash Pad JBR Beach. The best thing about the park is that the water temperature is kept normal throughout the year.
  • Splash Island Indoor Waterpark by Blue Wave Club: Visit Splash Island to get the best swimming classes in Dubai with an amazing waterfall, eight indoor slides, and a container forest. The park is appropriate for kids 18 months to the age of twelve years.
  • Al Barari Playground – The best place to connect with Nature: Another ideal location for kids and families is the Al Barari Playground situated between Ashjar and Seventh Heaven. Enjoy various water sports with your kids on a small beach and splash playground area.
  • Xpark Jr Splash Area – Forest-style Playscape:  Bring your kids to a region closer to mother nature. The park is located near Kite Beach, the best place for kids to enjoy the splash area and small streams.
  • Aqua Parks Leisure – Freshwater Pool Facility: Have a glimpse of the place adjacent to the Kite Beach, you will find the Aqua Parks Leisure. The parks include the freshwater pool complex with 21 inflatable activities and obstacles for kids.

Things to consider while visiting a Dubai Waterpark 

There are some considerations to consider before purchasing a waterpark ticket for the best Dubai water parks.

  • Dubai Waterparks are large and enormous, therefore a good part of the day is required to visit the park. Take the waterpark tickets in time to not skip any part of the park.
  • There is something unique and distinct in each park making it the best waterpark in Dubai. You can indulge in water activities according to your age and interest in all the Dubai waterparks.
  • Weekends are constantly busier in the city than the weekdays throughout the year even when the demand is too low.
  • Keep in mind the time you are going to spend in the waterpark, even if you are visiting the park during the peak summer months. The hot temperature and burning surfaces can cause dehydration even if the water is cold.
  • If you are planning a full-day tour during the colder months of the year, make sure about the opening and closing dates of the parks. The reason is the major waterparks in Dubai are closed due to their annual maintenance.

Things to keep with you while visiting Waterparks

There are a few essential things that every person should take with him while visiting a waterpark.

  • Aqua Socks – Slip-Free Water Shoes: Since most people visit the waterpark in summer, keep your feet safe from the burning ground. I didn’t find all the surfaces of the best waterparks in Dubai to be slippery or heat-resistant. Therefore I suggest you pack aqua socks or slip-free water shoes in your luggage.
  • Waterproof Sunscreen: If you are going inside the water scratch, don’t forget to apply sunscreen either in summer or winter.
  • Pack Towels: Since all the activities you are taking part in the park belong to the water, therefore it is best to take the towel with you. But if you haven’t taken it, you may rent it in the park for a few AED.
  • Wear a Rash Guard- Neoprene Style Swimmer: An appropriate swimwear will give you a sense of wearing in the swimming area. This is very helpful as the park is full of people having different cultures so you will look sensible by wearing a neoprene style swimmer. Wearing a rash guard will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Take a Waterproof Camera: A waterproof camera can make you unable to record videos of underwater Dubai park activities.

Wrapping it up!

Let us move towards the final words about the best waterparks in Dubai. Dubai is rich in amazing attractions for tourists and residents like the Dubai Fountain .

But another fact about the city is the hot weather and great temperature. Tourists can overcome their summertime by visiting such parks of the city which I have discussed in the above post.

What people ask about Best Waterparks in Dubai

Which waterpark is the ideal fun destination for kids in Dubai?

The Legoland waterpark is the ideal destination with 40 wonderful rides for kids in Dubai.

Where is the largest Ferris wheel located in Dubai?

The largest Ferris wheel is located on Bluewaters Island at about 250 meters in staggering height.

Why should people wear sunscreen in water?

It is common to apply sunscreen lotion in the water if someone is going to stay in the water for several hours. The lotion has the capability to protect the skin from sunburn and harmful sun rays.

Which month is best to visit the Dubai Waterparks?

Although Dubai in October is best to visit all of its attractions including Deserts, for waterparks you can go from November to April.

Which attractions make Aquaventure a famous waterpark in the UAE?

Shockwave, Blackout, and Medusa’s Lair are the famous record-breaking attractions that make Aquaventure a popular waterpark in the United Arab Emirates.