Most people prefer to explore the beauty of nature by seeing the beautiful waterfalls but in the case of Dubai mall waterfall, it is totally the opposite. The reason is that this waterfall is an artificial waterfall where man-made sculptures dive.

The shape of the waterfall is circular, almost 24- meters in length and 30 meters in diameter. The basic design of the waterfall was based on a Singapore-based architect. Tourists see how the sculptures dive into the cataract that represent the deep rooted history and identity of the UAE. 

Dubai Mall waterfall review

You will surely find that there is a magnificent indoor artwork called the Dubai Cascade. Although there are many fountains shown in Dubai to visit tourists, the waterfall tour in Dubai itinerary will be the amazing one for tourism.

Besides this, the dramatic, worthwhile, and eye-catching activities make the Dubai mall a more attractive place to visit. You will find a lot of cafes, eateries, and many other extended options to locate the waterfall. 

Famous meeting points in Dubai Mall

There are many famous meeting points in the Dubai mall for tourists if they find someone. Such meeting points include café bateel, Global Village, and the beautiful man-made waterfall. If you want to catch a photographic view of the waterfall I will suggest you start from the ground floor and then the second to the third floor. It will give you stunning views of the artwork.

Moreover, you may also take your own pictures in front of the waterfall. If you are going to suggest this artificial cascade as a meeting point, please be sure which floor you are asking to specify your meeting. The reason for specifying the floor is that it does encompass a sizable portion of the mall.

Important Facts of the Breathtaking waterfall


The most important fact that the visitors can see in the breathtaking view of the waterfall is that there is a beautiful scene of man-made sculptures diving in it. An amazing visual illusion is seen in the first view by the running water down. You will find that if the water attempts to appear to move in the place of divers. The visitors will see the pearl divers diving into the water by the fiberglass sculptures.

Since this Dubai cascade is relevant to history, it shows that the main source of income in the UAE and the impetus behind the establishment of Dubai was pearl diving. Moreover, keep in mind that there are no natural waterfalls in Dubai, the only one you can enjoy are such famous cascades. Take a huge benefit of such astonishing photographic spots and make beautiful memories of your Dubai tour.

Does it resemble a waterfall?

Yes, one can fall into a world of wonders once by visiting the waterfall as it is not the same as they have seen earlier. You may have seen the Dubai Fountain shows that make the Dubai tour full of thrill but this time you are seeing the unique and exceptional talent of the artists.

Moreover, on the Dubai tour, you may also find other beautiful waterfalls like Hatta waterfall, Sheikh Zayed Bridge waterfall, and Wadi Shees waterfall that provide natural beauty to visitors.

How to visit the Dubai Mall waterfall for tourists?

The tourists first can choose the buses to reach the mall. They will find two buses directly reaching the mall. However, there is no need for any entrance pass to visit the mall and the human-made sculptured waterfall. No need to worry about the location of the stunning waterfall inside the mall as it runs through the 4 floors of the building.

visit the Dubai Mall

Important things to keep in mind before visiting Dubai 

Before making a tour to Dubai, keep in mind certain things that will help you to make your tour more special. The largest mall of Dubai is the best place to visit in Dubai with a lot of amazing activities to take part in both for kids and youngsters.

If you are visiting Dubai with your family or friends, in both cases your trip will be memorable if you make a visit to the mall of Dubai and take part actively in Dubai mall activities. The human waterfall in Dubai mall is the biggest wonder to one to observe and explore.

  • Check out all the interesting places where you want to make a visit.
  • Try to explore Dubai city tour as well as Dhow cruise dinner while your stay in Dubai
  • Immerse yourself to take part in various Dubai mall activities beyond shopping and dining
  • Explore how Bedouin spend their life in 4×4 Safari desert by taking morning, evening, or Overnight Safari desert packages.
  • Discover the best residential area to stay where you can take pick-up and drop-off services.
  • Make sure to pack your travel insurance.
  • Try to explore unique flavored restaurants as well as cafes when you make a visit to the mall of Dubai.
  • Dubai Marina, The Burj Khalifa view, The Burj Al Arab (five star hotel), The Palm Islands, Jumeirah mosque, and the Zabeel Palace are the famous places to visit in Dubai.

Summing it up!

To explore the history of Dubai the best thing is to visit Dubai mall waterfall. There are many activities in the largest mall of Dubai such as Kidzania, Dubai Dino, The Burj Khalifa View, The Dubai Fountain show, and Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo.

The diving sculptures give a spectacular view to tourists in the first view that runs up to the four floors of the mall. This is the place to visit beyond shopping and dining for visitors to make pictures and upload them on social media platforms to inform their friends too. No doubt, this artificial cascade in Dubai is just an amazing thing to get relaxed for tourists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the largest shopping mall in the world?

The largest shopping mall in the world for tourists to explore is the Dubai mall. The reason for being largest is that it covers many indoor activities that are not possible in any other mall of the world like the top view of the Burj Khalifa. To get entertainment and huge fun, people prefer to visit this mall.

What is the opening and closing time for the Mall of Dubai?

The opening and closing time for the mall is 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM. But this schedule is only followed on Friday and Saturday. In the case of other days the time changes to 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

How many visitors visit Dubai mall and why?

Over 54 million visitors visit the mall each year. The best thing that makes the mall unique is that there are many attractions for tourists including Underwater Zoo, Hysteria, VR park, and Rainforest café.

What is meant by the “falling statues” in the mall of Dubai?

The largest shopping mall in Dubai is home to the amazing waterfall feature that extends all over the four floors. The design of the cascade consists of two 100- foot diameter and 24-foot high cylindrical towers. Such cylinders have a life-size statue of a diver that gives the breathtaking view of “falling statues”.