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Dubai City Tour is the best-ever adventure for people who plan to visit Dubai in their leisure time. Although Dubai is caught by hot weather almost throughout the year, it can be replaced by enjoying stunning views of the urban area of Dubai.

The areas being included in the half-day Dubai city are Dubai Creek, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Al Arab (outside), Palm Island, Atlantis hotel, Dubai Marina, and Zabeel Palace (Kind Palace). What the tourists will enjoy in this half-day tour is that they can see the highlights of the city. Moreover, there is no need to endure uncomfortably lengthy treks, haggle for taxis, or queue for trains.

Explore how Dubai has grown into a magnificent sprawling metropolis with a huge worthwhile architectural area. Tourists will be able to snap photos of the architecture, learn about its history, and take a ride on a water taxi across Dubai Creek. Although the half-city tour has a short time to discover all centralized locations, tourists will be able to enjoy the complete adventure.

You will get astonished to see the amazing historical sights and make your phone’s gallery full of beautiful pictures. Explore the beauty of Dubai city even in a half day and return back with a heart full of beautiful memories.

Dubai Creek at Half Day Dubai City

Dubai Creek is a famous waterway cross in Dubai that extends about 9 miles inwards. This place of the city is known to be the national port all over the world and its main function is trade and transportation with other countries.

The Dubai Creek tourist attraction has made the heart and soul of Dubai, making it more beautiful than before. You will be able to spend a half day with complete relaxation by the breezy sea. Furthermore, it is known to be the most well-known golfing location in the area due to its award-winning quality, scenic setting, and accessibility for tourists.

Added to that you can also book the creek dinner to enjoy the views and the meal

Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai City

The Jumeirah Mosque is the most beautiful place to visit during the Dubai tour and is open to all visitors including Muslims and non-muslims. The fascinating thing about the mosque is that even if the visitors or tourists are not wearing traditional attire, you may take it.

You are welcome to borrow the traditional grab required for entry into the mosque. The design followed to construct the Jumeirah mosque was named the traditional Fatimid style mainly developed in Syria and Egypt.

Also, this is the largest mosque in Dubai city made of white stones and has the ability to hold 12k to 13k worshippers in it. So by booking a half-day Dubai city tour the visitors will have a good chance to visit the mosque.

Burj Al Arab (outside) visit

The Burj Al Arab has spectacular and iconic views of the city and provides tourists to explore the untold stories of a five-star hotel. By enjoying a half-day Dubai City tour visitors will have fun with the old and new attractions of Burj Al Arab.

The special thing about this spectacular building is that it has shattered a remarkable amount of records throughout the world. By booking the half-day Dubai tour you can also explore the blue mosque and Al Khaimah heritage house with a tour guide. So I strongly recommend you book the tour as soon as possible to have fun with the marvel Arab hotel and royal suite.

Palm Island, Dubai

Palm Island consists of three eye-catching artificial islands in Dubai for tourists to explore in the half-day tour of Dubai. As mentioned earlier, the timings are not so enough to explore all the amazing places being mentioned in the service but visitors can visit them all.

Those three islands that exist on the coast of Dubai are Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island, and Palm Jebel Ali.  Since all three islands are man-made the construction took many years to be completed. The year when the construction started was 2001 and ended in almost 2006 or 2007.

Tourists have the advantage of visiting Palm Island in Dubai as it is specially built for them to increase the coastline. The more you will explore the island once you book it as it features a complete city in it including Shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and other residential properties.

Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

If you want to have a sensation of keeping yourself away from everyday or regular surroundings, catch up with the original landmark of Dubai. The renowned landmark of Dubai from which tourists will get familiar in the Dubai Half-day city tour itinerary is the Atlantis Hotel.

Atlantis is a luxurious five-star resort in Dubai where you can enjoy all facilities. You will find spectacular additions to your holiday on this tour including lodging, food, wellness, activities, and entertainment. No doubt, beyond your wildest dreams, you will find Atlantis Hotel, Dubai a location best for pleasure like no other.

Dubai Marina on Half Day City Tour Dubai

A half-day city tour in Dubai also allows tourists to visit Dubai Marina with all its beautiful features. Dubai Marina has two main beaches in it named Beach Residence and The Beach at Jumeirah. Visiting this place with your family or friends will give you a new charm of Dubai’s city tour.

Moreover, you can take pictures with your family as well as friends to make your tour memorable. The Dubai Marina is a human-made canal city with a lot of amazing things to explore. Get a soothing sensation on the stretches of sand with outdoor dining options at the recreation area of Dubai Marina. The more adventure you will take when you visit it in your vacations.

Zabeel Palace

The Zabeel Palace, Dubai is a beautiful place to visit in Dubai for tourists. The Zabeel palace is known to be the majestic palace of Dubai being located in the Zabeel area. The time to visit the Zabeel palace is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM but as you are going to take a Half-day Dubai tour the time will be short as many places have to be visited.

The best thing for tourists to know about the Zabeel palace is that it is the most secure palace in the world being guarded by cutting-edge technical equipment. The lush grounds that encircle the palace provide a magnificent view to viewers. Moreover, you may also get a view of Dubai Frame tower from the garden by booking a half-day Dubai modern city tour.

Wrap it up!

 The half-day Dubai City tour is the best remarkable package for tourists to visit at an average cost. The difference between a Half-day tour and a full-day tour is that there is a stay of 5 to 10 minutes at each spot in a half-day tour.

The magnificent places will be covered in the half-day tour of Dubai city where tourists can explore the history of the famous architectural wonders of the city. So come to book the tour right now and explore all the places you have never seen before.


  • Enjoy a half-day city tour in Dubai with a local guide
  • A lot of amazing architectural wonders are available to explore.
  • Dubai Creek, Jumeirah Mosque, The Burj Al Arab, Palm Island Atlantis Hotel, Dubai Marina, and The Zabeel Palace are famous places to explore on a tour of Dubai.
  • Take pictures of the Burj Al Arab hotel and upload photos on your social media accounts to inform your friends.
  • Observe and take views of the white marble dome of the Jumeirah mosque and beautiful marinates.
  • Explore the beauty of Palm Island with your family and friends.
  • View and admire the five star Atlantis hotel, Dubai Marina, and the Zabeel Palace.


  • Pick-up and drop-off service with the air-conditioned car from your residential area or hotel with an extra additional cost.
  • Water bottles in the coach
  • The beautiful Jumeirah Mosque
  • Dubai Creek with Abra cross ride
  • Burj Al Arab (outside) with a photo stop
  • Spectacular views of Palm Islands
  • A five-star Atlantis Hotel, in Dubai
  • Magnificent Zabeel Palace visit
  • Dubai Museum
  • No food and beverages will be offered during tour hours.
  • No presents will be given to tourists.


Half Day



Frequently asked questions

Normally, the starting time of the tour is 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM in the morning, and almost 5 hours are required to cover each spot.

The expenses for a city tour in Dubai varies according to the language guides. If you intend to take an English guide the cost will be 225 AED (63.15 USD)

Although you will not find Dubai to be cheap for many activities, you can make your choices not too expensive to have a complete adventure.

There are almost 202 rooms with a lot of facilities in the Burj Al Arab hotel.

The substantial central dome of the mosque is surrounded by two minarets that appear to be shining flashlights over the city.

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