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Welcome to a world of magic with sparkling light displays and wonderful art sculptures that capture the eye in a mystical way. Spend a wonderful time in nature by exploring the beautiful butterfly house by purchasing Al Noor Island Tickets. You will get a combination of art and culture.

The best family interaction to observe among all 7 emirates of UAE  is located in Sharjah to take in a gorgeous sculpture. Families can have an ideal time on this island to enjoy healthy snacks and pursue the literary pavilion. You can stroll into the palm trees and explore modern architecture during the walk. While exploring the magnificent island, don’t forget to take photos to preserve Sharjah’s beautiful natural settings.

Spectacular Attractions of the Al Noor Island – Incredible Image of Sharjah

Tourists do not have proper information about the other Emirate’s attractions as they mostly visit UAE for Dubai. Someone surely knows about Dubai Glow Garden  with all the amazing attractions in it. However, in contrast to such attractions other emirates like Sharjah’s Al Noor place are famous too. This point becomes clear as more than 28K visitors visit the natural realm of the Island. Let us explore the beauty of the inner attractions given below.

The Butterfly House – Unique Exotic Species

The house contains about 500 butterflies in it and all belong to 16 unique exotic species. The beautiful butterfly refuge will take you to an anatomically constructed nature-inspired building to maintain humidity. You can enjoy it with your family at the perfect sanctuary place that gives a natural habitat. More such attractions include the Dubai Miracle Garden  where tourists can find beautiful plants and flowers.

Literature Pavilion – A Great Place for BookWorms

A stunning place for bookworms is the Literature Pavilion on the Island where they can select the book of their own choice. The writers who are bored from the busy rush areas can find the Pavilion the best place to give their ideas a world of imagination. You will surely find yourself in heaven with the slow music, and soothing fountain sounds to write or read about anything you want.

Nature and Diversity in the Landscape Gardens

The island includes about 7000 trees and plants. You will find different types of trees there that provide a smooth calming environment. Do you know such an amazing environment is also captured in the landscape of the Dubai Crocodile Park ? Yes, I am saying absolutely right and you can make sure by visiting the place. These trees and plants contain a long boardwalk of about 3.5 meters for visitors.

Art & Sculpture – Visual Perceptions

Nature, Art, and Creativity are the amazing facets of the Island that contains custom art illustrations and sculptures in it. You will find 6 diverse projects, each integrated with the surrounding culture and environment to give a vibrant atmosphere. The Art & Sculpture section of Sharjah Island is an abstract representation of stability and advancement to be meaningful. However, in each aspect, it is straightforward for tourists to understand. Also, they can carry themselves away from Fossil Rock’s unwavering authenticity.

Noor Café – Spacious Seating Place for Meal

Tourists will stay on the Island for almost 2- 3 hours and it is obvious they will feel hungry. Don’t worry the solution is hidden in the Noor Café. The delectable snacks and refreshing cold drinks while sitting in a relaxing place will make your tour more amazing.

The café timings are the same as the islands so the hours for which you have purchased tickets will lead you to the café. Friday to Sunday are busy days in Sharjah too just as the Weekend days in Dubai . Therefore, make sure at which time you want to purchase tickets.

Important Things to Know about Al Noor Sharjah

  • The Island is open from Tuesday to Sunday but not on Monday.
  • Friday and Saturday are considered as weekend days and the opening time for Island changes to 9 AM to 12 AM.
  • Sunday to Thursday are normal days at the Island but visitors may get rushed on Sunday as it is a weekend day too. Time from Sunday to Thursday is 9 AM to 11 PM, with only one hour’s fluctuation from Friday and Saturday.
  • You can’t take food services in the package, you would have to move to Café for your food items.
  • People with a wheelchair can enjoy quality time as the whole area is friendly to wheelchairs.
  • Tourists can only use the ticket within the time, date, or period after they have purchased it.

Wrapping it up!

Al Noor Island is a famous attraction for tourists to enjoy nature along with the modern life combo in Sharjah. No doubt, all the Emirates of UAE have something amazing to look around and visit again and again. But each Emirate has something unique just as Dubai contains the Tallest Burj Khalifa  in it.

The amazing thing that will urge you is the Al Noor Island Tickets whose cost is only 55 AED with quality time. Leave all the stress behind the city and wonder how nature heals at the Arab’s 1st combo art and nature Island.

What People Concern about the Al Noor Island Tickets

What are the nearest attractions for tourists to view at Al Noor Sharjah?

The top sights to view near the island includes the splendid Al Noor Island, a peaceful place across the Al Majaz Wavefront.

Are tourists allowed to host any occasion or event at Al Noor Island Sharjah?

Many tourists love to organize an event due to the peace of the Island and for that purpose, they have to pay a certain amount of about AED 12,600.

Can tourists approach the Metro Service to reach Sharjah from Dubai?

Yes, there is a metro service that leads directly to Sharjah from Dubai as it is only 30 kilometers away from Dubai.

How many Butterfly Species are included in the Butterfly House of Sharjah?

There are 16 beautiful butterfly species in the butterfly house containing a piece of bark in the house where they are attracted to the honey or sugar.

What does Art & Sculpture represent at Al Noor Island?

Art and Sculpture is the main region of the Island where tourists admire the illusionary play of the sunshine.



  • Pack your bag to visit the beauty of Al Noor Jazira by purchasing our specialized tickets to access all attractions in it.
  • njoy the additional benefits of visiting the inside attractions of the Island like the Butterfly House, sculptures, and literature Pavilion.
  • More than 500 colorful butterflies are waiting for tourists to capture stunning natural moments there.
  • Junior Butterfly Keeper – Family Tickets is a famous package for visitors to visit the place with the family. Moreover, this package provides families with special privileges.
  • Have quality time with your kids at playgrounds and stroll along the lush Greenlands of the Island.
  • Discover every aspect of 6 amazing installations purely integrated with culture and nature at the Art and Sculpture.
  • Wonderful Arabic Calligraphy with beautiful colors provides a tasteful décor for visitors to enjoy a fun time at the Literature Pavilion.
  • Your kids can have a quality fun time at the playgrounds that are designed with amazing swings, slides, and attractions for them.
  • Those who take Al Noor Island Tickets at night can enjoy the bright lightning display and fairy lights to illuminate the plants and other things.
  • 70,000 Plants and Trees give a very amazing view of nature for tourists to stroll the green landscapes of the island.
  • You can go to have a quick bite at the Noor Café with delectable foods, snacks, beverages, and snacks.


  • Purchase the Al Noor Island Tickets for only 55 AED with all inner attractions.
  • Standard pass facility will enjoy tourists if they want to have a self-guided tour of the Butterfly home with an instructor. The price for a standard pass for youngsters is only AED 30 but for kids, it is 30 AED.
  • Kids below the age of 3 years don’t require any tickets to visit the Island.
  • Explorer Pass has some other privileges and specifications for visitors as it includes some special explorer kit. This kit raises the Al Noor Island Tickets to AED 75 only.
  • You are allowed to take pictures in the lush green areas of the island and other amazing places in it.
  • Families can enjoy their time by purchasing the Junior Butterfly Keeper – Family tickets to enjoy an amazing time in nature with the family.
  • Don’t forget to take a ticket for your child if his age is above 3.


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