Have you ever seen the beautiful 500-nature-inspired installations filled with visual art illusions? If not, let’s have a view of the stunning magical world theme park named the Dubai Garden Glow. The natural beauty is freely accessible to visitors in the Zabeel Park area with a lot more attractions to see.

The biggest Glow Park with unique areas offers tourists of all ages an enlightening experience. The garden includes 500 artworks themed by nature, optical illusions, and seasonal events worth seeing in it.

What the visitors will get in the vibrant garden is the awareness of global parking phenomena and carbon impacts on the environment. Moreover, the unique thing that really impresses tourists is the site’s use of reused components and cost-efficient lighting.

This is one of the well-known theme parks in Dubai that blends the imaginative world and the real world via artistic skills in a distinct way. You will watch the vivid themes and a variety of colors that the garden exhibits each year. Also, visitors will see unique art pieces in each season that makes the park renowned among all other parks.

Best Time to visit Dubai Garden Glow


The Dubai Glow Garden gives you a variety of local artists a stage o which they can display their artistic skills. Although the beauty of the garden gives a fascinating time when visiting it either day or night. But I would prefer you to go at dusk.

Although it is a fact that the garden uses biodegradable materials for structures, it is also a characteristic of friendly environment growth in Dubai. This one is considered a wonderful activity to do in the wintertime with your kids, friends, or any special person in your life.

This is a bitter fact that the city goes fully crowded on the weekends. The same is the case with the natural garden glow that is extremely busy at the weekends (especially Friday and Saturday evenings).

Most probably, tourists prefer to come from abroad and if you are traveling from abroad choose the nighttime to visit the place. Furthermore, I also urge you to bring calm and patience in your behavior if you want to make remarkable memories and beautiful pictures.

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Beautiful Attractions of Garden Glow


Dubai is open for visitors to explore the largest in-the-dark glow landscape composed of recyclable substances and 10 million LED illuminated light bulbs in the garden. You are independent to have a fascinating and exciting time among 120 realistic dinosaurs.

There are many other attractions to engage in, consisting of amazing ice sculptures in the heart of the desert. Tourists can make their minds completely blown by captivating optical illusions.

Glow Park – Dubai Garden

Beautifully designed Glow Park is made of millions of recycled glowing fabrics and energy-efficient bulbs. The purpose of using these bulbs is to provide a stunning illuminating glow to the park. Here you can discover detailed fine recreations of Kenyan animals, amazing Dutch beautiful gardens, and an abundance of aquatic life.

Surely, visitors will find amazing wonders to astound them in the spectacular views of the garden. Keep an eye-catching view of the greetings of Penguins and the musical bugs with joyful lights. Be ready to take pictures with brilliant flowers open for visitors.

The Dinosaur Park


Another magnificent attraction of the garden involves the Dinosaur Park. This one is a fantastic location to travel with your family if you love dinosaurs and want to explore these extinct animals. By seeing this place you will be incredibly thrilled by the stunning installations of Dinosaurs.

You can easily explore the three eras of the Dino creatures that lived during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous of the history of Earth. There are almost 120 animatronic dinosaurs on display where your children can have a great time to spend.

About The Ice Park Dubai Garden


The Ice Park of the garden glow lies in the heart of the desert and offers a unique temperature scale from sub-zeros to 70 degree Celsius to visitors. You are welcome to enter a space created with around 5000 tonnes of ice by zipping up the thermal jacket. This thermal jacket is provided by the park.

The Ice Park is created in a way that it perfectly replicates many creatures, structures, and movie characters. This is a place where visitors can watch Mini Dubai, the Burj Khalifa, and the Burj Al Arab destinations easily.

Tourists will get all the happiness of a winter wonderland as well as all your childhood fantasies about Disneyland will come true.

The Magical Park


This part is a sub-part of the garden glow park that has astounded optical illusions. Don’t miss exploring the path of breathtaking 3D artworks that has been installed in the area to give a majestic experience.

By visiting the place you will surely feel that spending every minute here is jam-packed with delightful experiences and creativities. Explore the visual art and geometric shapes and remove all the curiosity about the mind-blowing optical illusions.

The Art Park


Don’t miss the collision of aesthetics and intellect at the Art Park of Dubai. This is the area made of recycled and reused materials like bottles, plates, CDs, and other things. That is the reason this area of the garden is both beautiful and environmentally beneficial for human beings.

The beauty of Peacocks and Pandas made of recycled materials will wow you. So the magnificent wonder of Dubai Art Work is accessible to all tourists.

How to reach the Dubai Garden Glow destination?

If you are planning to make a Dubai Tour for the first time, I will advise you to use a Taxi or use any public transport to reach the destination. The location of the garden lies at gates no 6 & 7 of Zabeel Park.

  • The best option for visitors is to choose a Taxi that will drop them at gate no 6/7 of Zabeel Park. Another option they can avail of is to book an Uber or Cream Ride, put the location there, and reach the destination.
  • Go to the nearest Metro stop on your foot located on the red line named World Trade Center.
  • If you want to choose your own driving skills, be aware as the parking area gets filled quickly, especially on the weekends. In case you don’t find an appropriate location to park the car, you may have a lengthy walk.

Summing it up!

The creation of the largest garden glow- Dubai Garden Glow is the most effective place in luring a large number of tourists from all over the world.

These structures have achieved an ideal balance between being aesthetically beautiful things with the education and culture of the real world. A lot of glittering lights and luminous auras give more spectacular views to visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions – Largest Glowing Garden of the World

What is the name of the recent theme of glowing garden Dubai?

The name of recent them is Glowing Safari.

What is the ticketing budget for one individual to visit the Dubai Glow Garden?

Each person has to pay 65 AED to visit the garden.

Which things are not allowed to take in the Garden Glow Dubai?

Pets, smoking, and scooters are not allowed to take with you.

Are there any food and beverages in the largest glow garden?

Yes, food and beverages are available to visitors every time. Therefore, you do not need to bring refreshments inside the park.

How much area is occupied by Glow Garden Park?

The park is located on 40 acres of land with all beautiful attractions in it like Ice Park, Magic Park, Art Park, and others.

Can we go to the Dubai Glow Garden from Airport?

The garden is located about 10 minutes away from the airport in case you are riding in a taxi. Plan your trip in accordance with your preferences.