Explore the best secret keeper of Dubai with all the beautiful attractions in it. Never miss a chance to get indulge in the breathtaking beauty of different colored flowers located in the heart of Dubai. Besides all other mouth-watering places of the landscape, this one has its own fascinating impact on the visitors.

A new kind of feel they will get once they enter Dubai Miracle Garden. The exquisite patterns and designs of the garden with over 150 million flowers in it with a total area of 72000 sq meters have made this to be the largest garden in the world.

Miracle Garden Dubai Review


Surely it is wondering that a spring garden exists in the desert! But here you are in Dubai, more other miracles will make your eyes shine, your heart vibrant, and a soothing soul. The garden got opened to the public in 2013 and has become the top destination for tourism.

You may get spectacular views of the garden either on your foot or choose a ride on the train. A huge benefit of catching up for visitors is to take unlimited images in front of different flowers or plants. Now it’s all up to you how you want to visit the place in your schedule.

Unique things to do in Miracle Garden


Some facts about the Dubai Miracle that have been around for several seasons include the given points;

  • Get pictures with the amazing 18-meter tall and huge topiary teddy bear
  • Explore the beautiful floral birthday clock which is 15 meters wide
  • Magnificent views of the Heart Tunnel – Incredible Photogenic Floral Archway
  • Child’s King World in Disney Avenue – Indulge your kids in each prince and princess Fantasy Floral Castle
  • Find an enormous floral arrangement with your all favorite characters consisting of 18 meters tall Mickey Mouse composed of 100 thousand flowers and carrying an amazing 35 tonnes only.

Why visit the miracle garden is the basic question that comes to tourists’ minds. The gardens are the source of calming your soul by taking into the world of imagination. The beautifully imagined world of Miracle Garden gives a romantic view to the couples to make memories there and catch them in cameras.

You are free to sit anywhere in the garden as there are places and simply take in the floral views with instant photography. No doubt, this is an amazing place to visit in Dubai either with your family or friends.

 Moreover, it has charming beauty for people of all ages. This is obvious to know that there are some seasonal flowers that can’t bloom in each season.  There are some exhibitions that only display for a limited time, not throughout the year.

But some are permanent fixtures like the flowery A380 Emirates Jet. Furthermore, the garden undergoes numerous additions throughout the year. So even if you have visited it before, don’t forget to visit it on your next tour.

Visit the Smurfs Village

smurfs village dubai

There are almost 100- Smurf miniatures ranging in different sizes like a few inches tall in length to display in the Smurfs Village. Tourists can easily stroll through the hamlet and marvel at each characteristic of Smurf. Such Smurfs include Papa Smurf, Gargamel, Smurfette, and numerous more.

The design of Smurf village is entirely designed to replicate the distinctive mushroom-shaped cottages that the Smurfs will have in the cartoons. To adorn the beauty of the Village, colorful flowers and plants are used.

This will form a unique floral environment and a very good cause of entertainment for both kids and youngsters. Those who love to visit Smurf will get a distinctive experience at Dubai Garden of Miracles, the village is must see this year.

Added to the Smurf Village, the Dubai Mall offers a range of other activities that tourist can easily enjoy. Some indoor activites are the following

Kidzania in the Dubai Mall

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Ice Skating Rink

Dubai Dino at Dubai Mall

How to reach the Dubai Garden?


This is the main issue that I faced while visiting the Dubai miracle garden. Check your schedule that how you have to enter the garden either by taxi or another thing.

The garden is located in Dubailand, south of Al Barsha a 19-hectare plot, opened for tourists on Valentine’s Day. You will get an amazing collection of flowers there including tulips, petunias, geraniums, exotic Orchids, and others. Reaching the destination is not an easy task as you have to book an Uber ride or a taxi to go there.

Another thing is available in case you have a heavy budget. You may choose the bus route that is taken from the Mall of Emirates. But to save your budget, there may have alternative options to explore.

Tourists can view the stunning life-size replica of the A380 Emirates Aircraft. Discover the beauty of a 12-meter-long lovable bear as well s a vast array of other species that sprang to alive like blossoms.

Use of personal automobiles to the Garden of Miracles

The maximum travel time to visit the Garden of Miracles is only 18 minutes. At the intersection of E311 and E63, you will find the garden. The earlier you arrive in the garden, the cheaper you will get the space to park your car.

You can find easy parking spaces on all days except winter, there is a capacity of 2000 vehicles to park in. Therefore, you don’t need to have any anxiety about leaving the car for as much duration as you stay in the garden.

Take in the bloom blessings of the garden without any need to worry, plenty of Parking is available for you even in peak hours.

Use of Public Transport to the Miracle Garden


If your budget is not handsome, I will suggest you use public transport but don’t miss your visit. Visitors only need to walk for 2 minutes to reach the first bus stop towards the Miracle from the park’s gateway. But if they prefer to go from the Mall of Dubai, they will walk for 32 minutes.

If you don’t need the exact path, use Google Location Maps which will guide you to your location.

But if you are coming from Dubai Marina Station, there is a time of almost one hour to get there. Then you have to take the Metro from the DMCC metro station located in Dubai Marina to the Emirates Mall from station 1.

After that simply over Bus line 105 at the Emirates Mall (5 number Bus Stop). Then you will be dropped at the first station of Dubai Garden after a travel of 23- minutes.

Best Time to visit the largest Garden in the World


I advise you to schedule your travel to the largest garden in the world in the peak season as for sure Dubai has great weather to make an enjoyable trip. The opening months for visitors are from November to May.

During these months, the opulence of the garden is on exhibit, and you are free to select the best time that suits you. This colorful garden is a popular destination due to its breathtaking views of naturally exhibited flowers.

I will suggest you don’t choose the timing on the busiest weekend days or in the afternoon as the families get their suitable times on the weekends. But you can choose weekends in the early times. It will give you the chance to explore the garden slowly to cover each and every aspect and take wonderful photos there.

Make sure that you have enough time to visit the garden to visit in the early timings of the day. Enjoy arranged live performances if you have explored the whole place, which is held within the park with complete peace and tranquility.

Wrapping it up!

 In short, you will understand by reading the post, nothing in the world is more beautiful than the colorful miracle garden. The amazing 150 million flowers give spectacular views to tourists and they wish to visit it again and again.

By choosing a proper ride you can find your destination easily. Moreover, choosing the best month for appropriate weather and the best time to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden will make your trip memorable. Explore new things, new blooms, and new fragrances each year as there are new updates for tourists every year.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Colorful Attractive World

What is the miracle garden opening time today?

The Dubai Miracle garden is open from 9 AM to PM noramlly during weekdays And for the weekend the timing is 9 AM to 11 PM .

Which times are best to visit the Garden of Miracles?

If you want to visit the garden on a busy routine day the times are quite difficult than on weekends. The typical opening months start in mid-October and end in May. From Monday to Friday, the garden is open from 9 AM to 9 PM. But on the weekends it fluctuates and becomes 9 AM to 11 PM.

Can tourists take any meal in the garden?

Don’t worry if you want to visit the garden for a long time, food options are available for you. There is a variety of food establishments for every taste. You can taste eateries either from Indian or Middle Eastern as well as more conventional fare like ice cream and popcorn.

What distinguishes a butterfly garden from a miracle?

The butterfly garden consists of fountains, birds, and fish ponds but the miracle natural garden has 150 colorful plants and flowers for people to love and explore.

Is its convenient to visit the Butterfly Garden along with Miracle?

The Butterfly Garden is located inside the Garden of Miracles, you need to walk for only five minutes from the main gateway.

How many expenses should have to visit the miracle’s beauty?

The expenses are not so much but for youngsters as well as old people the ticket price is 75 AED. But for kids under the age factor from 3 to 12 years you need to pay 60 AED. For kids below 3 years don’t need to take any ticket.

Is it suitable to take an advance booking to visit the Miracle Dubai Garden?

If your trip falls on the busiest days of the landscape as well as the garden gets crowded, it is the best strategy to take an advance booking.

Are there any restrictions for a professional photoshoot in the garden?

No there are no certain restrictions but you have to apply to management before going for any professional photoshoot like wedding shots, modeling, or any TV serial.