Besides all other attractions including the underwater zoo, Dubai Aquarium, Ice Skating Rink, A380 Simulator, and a variety of shops, Dubai Mall also features Dubai Dino. This is actually the skeleton of a 155-million years old skeleton.

The height of the dinosaur is about 7.6 meters (24.93 feet) and about 24.4 in length. Visitors can view the huge skeleton on the northern edge of the shopping mall in the big atrium.

The Dino Dubai exhibit will offer tourists a close-up view of the enormous beasts that roamed on the earth millions of years ago.

The arrival of Dinosaur Skeleton in Dubai Mall


Before knowing the arrival of a Dinosaur at the shopping mall one should have a piece of information about where it was first displayed. The huge skeleton was discovered in Dana Quarry Wyoming, United States in 2008 and was previously housed in the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences.

It was not an accident to find the skeleton there because many dinosaurs’ remains were discovered there in the past. Khalid Seddiq [Founder of Etihad Modern Art Gallery Abu Dhabi] made unlimited efforts to put this attraction in Dubai and finally, he succeeded.

The elephantine ancient skeletal souvenir was introduced to the public in the great atrium of the mall by a skilled team of paleontologists.

One of the interesting facts about the dinosaur is that its tail bones were shattered. This could only occur during a reptile strike or a prehistoric battle. Moreover, a team of professionals provided viewers with information about the display at the time of opening.

So in short, the largest Dino was shipped to Dubai and is located on the ground floor of the Mall of Dubai.

Source of Skeletal Souvenir


The source of the Dino Dubai skeleton is Amphicoelias diplodocus source which is renowned as the “Herbivorous Dino Species ”

The huge skeletal animal has a weight more than five times of an adult elephant. The large weighed dominant animal even roamed on the earth with its full horrible sound and look.

The long neck of the organism describes that this is a vegetarian Dino animal. Tourists are free to get information about the organism as guides will explain its origin and other things.  

Pricing to visit the Exhibit

Visitors will be pleased to know that it is worth visiting to have a free look at the ancient Dinosaur. The arrival of the biggest animal became a distinctive feature of Dubai Mall, where a competition was held to suggest its name.

The most fascinating thing about the exhibit and competition was that more than 8000 people participated in it. At last, the name was suggested by the person “Johara Albayedh”.

Since the exhibit is free you only need to move forward toward the Grand Atrium. Tourists are free to take pictures in front of the display and make memories there. They may take a notebook with them to note down the intriguing features of what they have seen.

Another thing to take into account is the display is permanently fixed here for the public so you can visit it anytime when you visit the shopping mall.

Reasons to visit Dubai Dino


The Diplodocus Dinosaur from the late Jurassic period is the unique feature of the Mall of Dubai. This makes the second-largest mall in the world distinct from all.

To explore a good piece of information about the Dinos’ visitors prefer to see the display on the ground floor of the mall. There are over 200 bones in each dinosaur and the same is the case with these 155 million year old Dino.

As it is mentioned earlier that some of the tail bones were broken, and paleontologists had to fix them to provide a complete texture. The majority of this sauropod’s actual carcass had only 30% of its original bones up until this finding.

There are many other attractions to do in the Mall of Dubai besides the structure and display of the Dino and taking photos there. The creature’s information, diet, bones, remaining, and all facts are described by the instructors.

You can enjoy one of the greatest spots of Dubai here with all Dubai mall activities if you are visiting it with your family or friends. Another beneficial thing about this activity is that there are no buying tickets required to see the display. So don’t skip this feature of the commercial complex and enjoy all you want.

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Wrapping it up!

Meet the resident Dino Dubai skeletal souvenir installed in the Souk Dome of the Dubai shopping mall – the second largest mall in the world. This is the most distinctive and unique feature of the mall for visitors where they can look at the exhibited Diplodocus species without any entrance fee.

Note down all the worthwhile information about the Dino species and check how it earned tremendous appreciation among all activities of the Dubai Shopping Mall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years were taken when the Dubai Dinosaur was discovered?

The total age of Dino Dubai is almost 155 million years. The skeleton was first discovered in 2008, in the region of Dana Quarry, Wyoming, in the United States.

Is there any other place to see Dinosaurs in Dubai?

Yes, there is another place where visitors can see such species named Dinosaur Park – Dubai Garden Glow. Here you can discover the beginning of the Dinosaurs Era through Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous.

Does Dino in Dubai have all real bones?

Since there are some fractured bones in its tail, all the bones are not real. It is said that the paleontologists had to fix the missing bones making 90 percent of the real bones.  

What are the least costly things to buy on the Dubai Tour?

The things that have less cost to buy include chocolates, Dubai Dates, Gold, Coffee, Bakhoor, Attars, and camel milk. It is completely the visitor’s choice from which shop they can buy them as they are common in the city.

Where are other locations to find the ancient Diplodocus?

The Dinosaur National Monument is the place to find the fossils of Diplodocus. To find the remains of this animal visitors may visit Morrison Formation in North America.

Are there any more countries where real fossils exist?

There is no particular place on the earth where fossils don’t exist including Antarctica but a huge range of Dino fossils have been found in the wilderness and badlands of China, North America, and Argentina.

What are the famous attractions of Dubai Mall?

The popular attractions of the Dubai shopping center include Dolphin Show Dubai, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Hysteria, Kidzania, Cinemas, and a VR park.