Have you seen wonders in the world just like the Eiffel tower in Paris? If not, I am excited to tell you that now you can plan a visit to Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The tallest building in the world which is 828 meters tall is no doubt a beautiful wonder to discover for tourists. The spectacular building is located next to the Dubai mall providing tourists a big advantage to see it from the mall of Dubai too.

 Once by visiting this magnificent piece of architecture you will find that it is the heart and soul of Dubai. Don’t miss experiencing the new heights of Dubai across the 124th, 125th, or 148th floor of the highest lounge on the earth. Although, you can enjoy the views of the city either from the top or lower decks, we prefer to take a top view full of the majestic environment.

Spectacular Features of the Burj Khalifa

There are some spectacular features of the famous man-made wonder of Dubai that tourists must keep in their mind.

  • The topmost and most well-known building in the world 
  • No doubt, the tallest unsupported building in the world opened for tourists in 2010
  • A structure containing the most astonishing tales in the entire globe
  • Explore the largest  outdoor deck observation in the world
  • Have fun in the largest elevator in the  world
  • See the celebrations of many events on its largest LED screen
  • The inner pillar emerges a carved spire at the pinnacle of the building
  • The Y-shaped floor design enhances the amazing views of the Arabian Gulf

The top viewing platform of Burj Khalifa


If you want to visit the place at the top from the main observation deck you have to reach the 124th or 125th level. What tourists will find here is a tribute to Arabian culture, fascinating experiences from the outdoor viewing platform, display screens, and a staggering 456 meters above sea level.

If you have taken the pre-booking ticket options, you should be prepared for a prolonged amount of waiting in line. This long wait for tourists is required for both to ascend the tower as well as descend it.

The top view of the tallest building in the world will amaze you to see the city at your feet. At 452 meters, the topmost outdoor viewing platform is located. The rooftop views of the tower are quite enough to give an elongated view of the Dubai skyline.

Restaurants and Bars 

Restaurants-and-Bars-in burj khalifa

A dining experience with stunning views of the beautiful landscape that one should not pass up. The best life experience can be achieved when someone dines at some of Dubai’s greatest restaurants after dusk while taking in the view of Burj park and Dubai fountain. After the sunset, the Dubai Downtown will sparkle in a sea of lights so that you may also indulge in famous delights prepared by top chefs.

The ideal restaurants of the tower facilitate their patrons with top-notch service, a lively atmosphere with rhythmic Arabian music, and world-class cuisine. You will enjoy international cuisine with all the favorable dishes that a person loves to eat. No doubt, each chef at the restaurant will have a wide range of culinary specialties. Tourists will have a unique selection of mouthwatering dishes that mostly includes Indian, Arabian, and Italian dishes.

Daytime tour with Breathtaking Sunrise views


If you are an early riser and want to have sensational views of the sunrise from the top view of the Burj Khalifa, the best recommendation is to choose a daytime visit. To have a visit along with the sunrise package too, tourists have to purchase the tickets a day before either by using an online transaction method or by visiting the office.

The reason for early purchase is that sunrise timings are mostly between 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM. However, they fluctuate due to the weather changes in Dubai. Those who are not early risers but prefer a day tour can choose a time between 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Night tour with beautiful sunset views

Most visitors are just crazy about the beautiful pink and orange colors of the sunset in the evening. Those who are interested in taking in the sunset views can enjoy the top view of the Burj Khalifa at night too.

The spectacular Dubai fountain shows with music and light is available to see if someone stays after 6:30 PM. But make sure that you have taken the premium tickets for nighttime view in the time duration of about 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

Ideal timings to visit the Burj Khalifa


The most popular time for visiting the best architectural wonder of Dubai is in the evening or at night. The stunning views can be caught by using your digital cameras as well as smartphones. Make an effort to purchase reservations before planning a visit to escape the crowds.

 Moreover, after viewing the Dubai landscapes from the top view, move to the Dubai mall. Enjoy lunch there and take part in other Dubai mall activities. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the sunset views, I will suggest you eat supper first and wait for the time until the crowd has thinned for perplexing sunset views.

Fine Dining Options for tourists in burj tower

  • At. Mosphere is located on the 122nd floor of the tower and is known to be the peak dining option for tourists. The pinnacle of gourmet dining is available for visitors. The best options to choose from in meals are breakfast, high tea, lunches, and dinners with a wide range of variety.
  • To get afternoon tea, choose the Armani lounge located at the top of Dubai tower. Visitors can enjoy the premium experiences but with the high cost of the Armani lounge present in the Armani hotel. 

Wrapping it up!

Visiting the Burj Khalifa either at night or day, with sunrise views or sunset scenes, all provide tourists with the most amazing experiences of their lives. More than this other attractions are also available to explore such as Dubai fountain shows and others. You may also go to the Dubai mall in your footsteps. Explore all the floors which you want by using the lift. The additional thing to know is that if you are in wait for a lift you will be served coffee with Arabian fresh dates. So don’t forget to visit the tallest building in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the spectacular light display start while visiting Burj Khalifa?

The specified days for light time shows are from Wednesday to Sunday and the time duration starts at 7:45 PM, 8:45 PM, or 9:45 PM.

What is the cost of lunch in Burj Khalifa?

The cost of taking lunch is AED 700 per person.

Name the most stunning structure in Dubai.

The most stunning structure in Dubai is named as “Museum of Future”.

Which place is best to see Dubai’s skyline?

The best places to see Dubai’s skyline include Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, Dubai Creek Harbour, and The view at the palm.