Greetings to the Dubai Frame, one of the most recent icons of the city. The first opening inauguration provided the same concept of multimedia as its name has suggested means a photo frame. Initially, by visiting the Dubai Photo Frame you will assume that it would be a large picture frame, as is of typical Dubai.

Tourists can easily guess it is two or three stories long and an ideal one for framing a photograph of the glamorous Dubai cityscape. But, the core concept can only be understood if you go there in person.

Review about the Dubai Frame UAE

the dubai frame

The reason for going to the largest frame is to get spectacular and wonderful views of the city. Obviously, you will find this place to be the best location for families to see. If you are planning for a tour to UAE, this one is the best weekend activity to perform either with your friends or family.

Have a look to see how UAE is moving from the past time to the future and is a great piece of art in architecture. Don’t miss taking a view of the tallest frame which offers a 360-degree panorama of the landscape from every edge.

Experience the newest Dubai attraction Frame


While experiencing the frame your first spot is to see the frame from the lowest level. Here you need to own a wide-angle lens in order to accommodate everything in your camera. Like all other activities, you need to buy a ticket to visit the place.

But the best thing to note down is that once you have taken the ticket, you can enter the place whenever you want throughout that half hour.

Moreover, you need to remember that there is a 200-visitor limit per time on the bridge frame. Although if you arrive at the location within 30 minutes, wait for your shift. You will not get bored by waiting for your turn as there is a fountain show to entertain the visitors.

Visitors will be amused by lovely Arabian Music. This would be so fascinating that you will not know how the queue moved and your turn came.

Ascend to the Mezzanine Floor 


After entering the frame, you have to ascend to the Mezzanine floor. You will pass through a small security check before starting your journey by taking some elevators up to the floor. Since the past time comes, your journey will start from the Old Dubai Gallery.

It is not easy to give a clear reflection of the past, to aid in assimilating the sights, sounds, regime, and scents of the past Era, 3-dimensional projections are utilized. More other effects with advanced techniques are employed. Rather than providing a detailed history to visitors, they serve more to create the setting.

View all 48 floors of Dubai Frame

After viewing the past era, you will have to cross the 48 floors by means of the elevator above Zabeel Park. The glass elevator will provide a clear outdoor view. You are permitted to stroll the glass window as they are entirely made of glass panels and concrete to provide a complete view contained within the frame.

Get huge engaging exhibits, chances to buy mementos, ad a coffee house to enjoy the breathtaking vistas. Furthermore, towers and famous places have signage.

Your adventure will not end while seeing the bridge. By crossing over the bridge, you will reach the Dubai Future Gallery. This gives an immersive presentation of Dubai in the next 50 years, predicting a clear future view.

After viewing the future, you will get an end and the purpose of visiting the frame will be completed. You will be taken to the drop-down by the opposite edge of the frame which will be ended in only 15 minutes.

Strategy to follow in the Frame of Dubai


Arriving at the place is a big issue but metro stations play a wide role in it. But still, it’s not too much easy as nothing in Dubai is as close as it seems to be. To arrive at the frame of Dubai, you need to book a taxi for the nearest metro station as it is difficult to approach the metro station on foot.

You will get the frame on the 4th gate of the famous Zabeel Park. Without your own transportation, you will get it regrettably difficult to get Dubai Frame inside.

Another issue comes around the multiple parks entering areas and convoluted lopping motorways. This encircled area could be a great hassle for taxis. The best thing for tourists to do is to install the Uber or Cream app on their smartphones and book a ride to their destination.

It will easily drop you at the entrance gate and act as a tour guide for you to save you from any difficulties. If you wish to have a walk, be sure there is no direct approach to the Frame of Dubai review to get inside but to enjoy a 25 minutes-walk outside the park.

Going up Adventure


Love the newest attraction of the city by exploring it in a unique way. The highest frame cannot give the same magnificent views as the Burj Khalifa does but still, it gives breathtaking views of the landscape. The design is made of a clear gold frame.

Although the architectural wonders can be viewed from the ground level it seems that something is empty from one side of view. Moreover, it is clear that there will be a brief introduction to the past era as well as a future glance, you may watch the city’s beauty in the northeast and southwest.

The locations that can be seen in the northeast include the old Dubai, The Dubai Creek & Deira, and the Sharjah Emirates. While the contemporary buildings of Downtown Dubai are located in the southwest. The cost of the park entrance is only 5AED, however, there may be a way to the other side.

Best Visiting Time for Frame of Dubai


Before planning your tour, mention in your schedule which time is best to explore the frame. In accordance with my experience, the best visiting time is either in the morning or in the evening (during sunset).

Be prepared for massive gatherings if you want to explore the location on the weekends. No doubt, there is no restriction in visiting on the weekends but visiting such attractions in lots of crowds will not give you as much pleasure as you want.

Since Dubai lies in the Middle East, it experiences extreme weather. I will suggest you choose September to visit the place in case you prefer cooler months. Surely you will enjoy a calm trip this month.

Although people also prefer to visit in December as you know December is famous for Christmas and New Year’s events. So for December,

The city is quite busy in comparison to other months. If you don’t want any crowds on your trip, choose the morning timings when the city work has not started yet. But converting the day transitions to night ones will undoubtedly give a wonderful view to the visitors. Get a majestic panoramic view in the morning or spectacular views in the city’s dark.

Key Facts about the Frame of Dubai

  • The largest magnificent frame in the world that depicts the past and present of the city’s history.
  • The height of the frame is about 150 meters and the width is about 93 meters.
  • Approximately 9900 cubic meters of strengthened concrete material is used in the structure.
  • Moreover, 2900 sq meters of bulletproof glass are employed to build these structures.
  •  The external structure is made of 15,000 square meters of gold-colored stainless steel material.
  • You will take around about 75 seconds to ascend the 48 levels over the bridge.

How the largest Frame looks inside?


As the adventures allow you to see the past, present, and future of the city, by going up the one-story escalator you will get a display of the past (where no photographs are allowed).

Then you would see a replica of an antique market street, the same that you will also see in the Dubai Museum if you are planning to go there. The 3D projections will give a hint of how the city expanded in the past. If you are afraid of heights, you may experience some difficulties.

There is a room inside that is 93 meters long inside but by exiting the lift you would be only 15 meters across. The space inside the frame is illuminated by a strip of colorfully varying light that runs along the length of the hall. After that, wonderful views around both sides of the windows would be seen.

 My Review of the Famous Dubai Frame

As per my adventurous journey, I will suggest tourists who don’t have any budget to see the enormous cityscapes of the city should never miss the frame of Dubai. But if they have a good budget to spend, the spectacular views can only be seen by Burj Khalifa.

I would advise the same technique whether you are going individually, with buddies, or with family. In any situation, you will get n entertaining environment at this place. You have a special excitement on the glass panels and the speedy ascent in the sided lift made of glass.

The best ever thing that made me surprised was the bright look of the future. What a mesmerizing view one can see in it. The future views are stunning in the way that you will see public trains running quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, electric cars and private airplanes are used to transport people. Clear air and uncrowded roads make the city look more fascinating. The propellers cover the side walkways and solar panels around the city.

Food delivery robots will serve the food and drones will transport parcels. Hence, the breathtaking views of technology work can be seen in the future views.

Wrapping it up!

Explore the Dubai Frame as soon as possible to learn about the city’s history, development, and prospective. You will greatly enjoy the futuristic view of the city that looks bright and eco-friendly.

I have shortly described all about the adventure but once by your own trip, more facts and figures you can draw out. No chance to get bored even with you are family or friends. More other places are worth seeing there like Zabeel Park.

But make sure to follow proper directions to reach the location by using Uber or your own transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ticket charges are required for exploring the Real Gold Frame?

There is a unique thing when buying a ticket as it is not the same for all ages. If you are a youngster you have to pay 50 AED for the non-peak hours but for peak hours you will give 100 AED. If you are having a kid you need to pay 20 AED for the non-peak hours and 50 AED for peak hours.

Can visitors have food at the Dubai Gold Frame?

Yes, there is a café for visitors to have food inside the frame. Moreover, for early-morning visitors, there is a facility for breakfast between 6 AM to 8 AM with fresh coffee and fatty pastries.

Which outfit is perfect to choose for a Gold Frame visit?

Although, there are no proper dress codes to follow while visiting the place you should have some respectful clothing. It is suggested to wear fully covered knees and shoulder clothes instead of any shorts.

Which one is the most wonderful place to visit in Dubai?

The best wonderful and worth seeing place is The Museum of Future

Is there real gold utilized in the design of the Dubai Gold Frame?

In the past, it was plated with silver but then to increase its brilliance and to more effectively reflect the sun it was gold plated.

In which year was the largest famous frame opened to the public?

On 1st January 2018, it was opened to the public to have stunning views.

What is included in the Gold Frame?

The bridge transports viewers to the future of the city and gives a surreal impression of the metropolis for the next coming years.