Planning a Dubai Visit can be easier even if you have less time, but how? Such attractions include the most exquisite and beautiful buildings of the landscape renowned as the Burj Al Arab. The famous emblematic hotel of Dubai is located on the beachfront of Jumeirah and is the fourth largest expensive hotel in the world.

Although tourists have expensive services in this hotel, the adventure they make here is the best one. The beautiful building hovers above Dubai’s Skyline covering a height of 321 meters and was built to look like a fluttering sail. 

Visit the Burj Al Arab


Get the distinctive, stunning, and innovative views of the hotel at night. You will explore such views at night when it is lit up by a carefully synchronized illuminating display of water and fire. The construction of the ionic hotel started in 1994 and steadily it became one of the most opulent hotels in the world.

The premium accommodation provided by the hotel is an all-suite establishment that highlights the best that the globe has to offer. Enhance your visit to the best exclusive seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab with chauffeured Royals Rice.

Burj Al Arab The Luxurious Seven-Star Hotel


One of the most recognized buildings in the region and a symbol of the lavishness, grandeur, and glory of the UAE is the magnificent seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab. Among the most elite and extravagant hotels in the world, it is famous for its lavish facilities and gorgeous architectural design.

The reason why it has gained popularity of being a seven-star hotel rounds about its seven-star facilities. 

The high-quality fixtures, top-notch dining establishments, superb services, and luxurious and opulent accommodations make it worth visiting among all hotels.

The real development and evolution of Dubai are made by such a fascinating hotel as a contemporary city. When you go for Dubai classifications you will see that it has given a five-star rank but the Jumeirah group who owns and runs it with seven-star services give it a seven-star rank.

Secret tips for reaching Dubai’s most Prestigious Address

The symbolization of the magnificent sail pattern replete with a helipad makes this hotel to be the exclusive hotel of Dubai. The hotel is also famous for being impossibly challenging to enter for a peak boo for tourists.

Even if you are a guest in the hotel and don’t want to spend a night there, you may choose other ways to judge the services of the hotel. However, I assure you whatever strategy you are going to use can’t choose any cheapest options.

Inclusions inside the Burj Al Arab


The first thing you will observe at the hotel is the warm welcome with special tea and dates. The visitors will sit in a buggy and then reach the hotel touring a lobby, a magnificent tour of the amazing Royal Suite, a fun dining experience, and several displays highlighting the building’s architecture.

Many other things tourists will have to explore like the Dubai Turtle rehabilitation center and the aquarium as well as many significant occasions. The tour will end by visiting the boutique, taking the refreshment at UMA Sky Deck, or at any dinner at one of the best restaurants.

But all these options will be available only on the tour package you have chosen based on your budget.

How the room looks in the 4rth largest Hotel


There are 202 rooms inside the hotel and each room is a duplex suite with a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf. The luxurious hotel has a big room area and the smaller one is of about 1830 square feet with all its features.

Each Royal suite has an area of about 8400 square feet with spinning mattresses that lowly revolves when you press a specific button. You will get an intriguing and unforgettable stay here if you want to choose a Royal suite for you.

Each suite has a super king bed wrapped in Egyptian cotton linens and 17 different pillow options available for tourists. The large bathrooms have large bathtubs and are mosaic-decorated. The large washbasin is designed with a set of full-size Hermes toiletries containing colognes and perfumes.

You will get a 24-hour waiter service including the dedicated staff of the hotel. A minibar, AC and a flat TV screen are among the top accommodation features.

Other Attractions of the Magnificent Iconic Hotel


You will not get the hotel accessible to walk-in visits for unpaid guests. So I suggest don’t attempt to do so as the security will not allow you to do so and your reputation will not remain the same.

Don’t be worried in case if you don’t want to stay at the hotel as there are many other attractions for them to take. Although the suites are too luxurious to serve as hotel rooms it is not required to stay a night there.

Instead, to enjoy other attractions you may make a reservation for a decadent treat at one of the famous pubs or restaurants.

Afternoon Tea

Get a taste of the masterpiece restaurants of Dubai with all the features and highlights in them. You can enjoy food items on the 27th floor of the hotel where Al Muntaha Restaurant and Sky View Bar and Restaurant are located.

Tourists can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Dubai Marina, Dubai Beaches, the Palm Jumeirah, and the skyline view of Downtown Dubai. I would like to discuss the two-afternoon tea restaurants, you are free to choose to take tea in accordance with your choice.

Amazing Skyline View with the Sky Tea


Engage yourself in the most extravagant afternoon tea adventures in Dubai – a famous structure located on the 27 floors of the hotel. Before going to an assortment of sweets you will be served delicious date juice and unusual savories.

You can enjoy two seating daily at the place, the first one at 1:00 PM and the other at 4:00 PM. If you are visiting a place with kids you have to pay 315 AED for kids but in the case of adults, the price range is high about 500 AED.

Be aware of the situation that the tickets may get sold on the weekends or on busy holiday routines. You must pay an additional fee of roughly 100 AED if you enjoy sitting by the window. 

Sahn Eddar Afternoon Tea Location

The Sahn Eddar is the first-level restaurant to host a second extravagant 7-course afternoon tea for visitors. The stunning mosaics of the exquisite hotel lobby along with marble flooring, water fountains, and candles make a seductively lovely Modern Eastern ambiance.

Sweet lovers will find the best things to taste including cakes, pastries, best teas, and coffees. The price range for this restaurant starts from 550 AED and is served between 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. To get a 3-course high tea you need to wait until 7:00 PM at Sahn Eddar.

How to Outfit Oneself for Evening Tea or High Tea


Many people expect that there must be a certain attire or dress code for people to follow before taking High tea or Afternoon tea at such a luxurious hotel. There is no need to follow any luxurious standards to enjoy tea time.

But I want to suggest that if there are no restrictions you must need to wear something that suits your personality. It surely doesn’t mean that tourists are allowed to wear torn jeans, sleeveless shirts, transparent apparel, or gym attire.

For me, it is suggested to wear full-length pants, a collared shirt, and closed-toe shoes. Ladies should respect the regulations regarding modesty in the city. These regulations include no revealing clothes, covered shoulders, and no shorts. The dress code for women is an outfit or dress, lengthy skirts, and fashionable tops and bottoms.

Lunch and Dining Experience by Visit the Burj Al Arab

Without having appropriate lunch and dining experience at the 4th largest hotel in the world, your tour will not be completed. There are a number of alternatives at the Al Arab to keep an eye out for throughout lunch and supper among the broad variety of eateries.

Al Muntaha 

Al Muntaha is a special restaurant that specializes in French food for French food lovers. Here tourists can explore a weekend brunch experience with a buffet full of international food. You will get a distinct food experience here at the 27th level of the hotel.

The word Al Muntaha means “The Ultimate located at the most beautiful architectural masterpiece. The time for serving the brunch is from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The only location in Dubai that offers brunches in the early hours is this one.

The price for brunch is only 695 AED which is not so much for such a delicious brunch. Moreover, the menu is created by the expert chef including French and Mediterranean elements, premium ingredients, strong tastes, and fun sensations.

Dine at the Magnificent Aquarium Eatery

Al Mahara is the top seafood restaurant for seafood lovers in Jumeirah and is part of an opulent seven-star hotel. Enjoy exclusive meals and a great dining experience either with your friends or family from chefs with Michelin Stars.

Visitors are free to take either a 4-course, 5-course, or 7- course menu on the ground level of the hotel. The best seafood is available for you and gives you a sensation if you are dining with the exquisite sea waves and majestic environment.

Explore the Bab Al Yum


Enjoy dining in the prestigious open kitchen environment of the Bab Al Yam, an innovative restaurant with a middle-east style blending European flavors.

Although there are nine famous restaurants included in the luxurious hotel, the Bab Al Yam is unique with its delightful dinner providing a spectacular view of the Arabian Gulf and skyscrapers of Dubai. Have dining fun at the best restaurant in Dubai growing in popularity day by day since it has been constructed.

Junsui Chinese Restaurant

Junsuis Chinese Restaurant gives an unforgettable experience to visitors whom they have never met. You will be able to see the beautiful architectural marvel at the restaurant.

I believe that everyone has heard about this famous attraction of the world’s largest hotel but taking a glance at it will make them wonder. Absolutely, there are no special packages but only delicious La Cart food and ambiance to enjoy.

About the Culinary Flight

Visitors will surely enjoy the gastronomic tour including the appetizers of Al Muntaha restaurant, a full Al Mahara course, sweets and desserts, and a delectable combination at Gold 27.

The budget for this package is about 1500 AED for each person which starts at 7:00 PM and goes on till midnight. Get a wonderful way to surprise your loved ones at this place by enjoying Culinary Flight.

Don’t Forget the Beverages 

The best thing for tourists to save their budget, if they don’t want to spend money, is to get a few drink packaging services. I am sure that this will fit into your budget if you are not considering food options.

Skyview Drinks at the Bar Package

After taking high tea don’t miss the chance to enjoy beverages with the stunning sunset views. Visitors will have a period of about 30 minutes to take the mesmerizing sunset views. Moreover, a cocktail is made by one of the expert mixologists. But the cost range is about 330 AED, not much expensive for sunset lovers.

Take Pool Day Tickets

When the beautiful paces were indexed, the Al Arab Terrace was rumored among one of them. A spectacular view of two infinity pools is located on the three-dimensional deck that protrudes from the hotel’s foundation.

These two pools are intended to give the impression that you are floating in the waves of the Arabian Gulf. For a day of pavilion rental, the price ranges start from 2000 AED to 7000 AED. However, these cabanas are as elegant as the inside luxury of the famous seven-star hotel.

Summing it up!

The Burj Al Arab Dubai is the best architectural piece of the city landscape that makes the city popular day by day. The spectacular views, high tea desserts, and sweets, amazing restaurants, Royal suites, and luxurious bedrooms make it stunning among all other attractions of Dubai.

The pricing for all the facilities of the hotel is not so high as you are going to visit the best exclusive hotel in the world. So it is suggested that as Burj Khalifa is famous to explore all its 160 floors, you will never get bored by the stunning beauty of this hotel too.

Frequently Asked Questions – 4th Largest Hotel in the World

Can I take my pet with me while visiting the Burj Al Arab?

It may not be convenient for others guests to stay easily if someone is having a pet so pets are not allowed.

How many dining options does the hotel have in total?

There are 10 restaurants providing distinct tastes to visitors in the hotel.

What is the height of the largest seven-star hotel in the world?

The Al-Arab Inn rises to a height of approximately 280 meters and has 27 levels.

What is the actual price of a night royal suite at the Al Arab Hotel?

Tourists have to pay $24000 for a night at the royal suite of the hotel.

What are the famous five-star hotels in Dubai?

The famous five-star hotels in Dubai include The Palm Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Raffles Dubai, Armani Hotel, Atlantis the Palm, The Ritz Carlton, and many others.