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The only city in the United Arab Emirates that provides different imaginative places to tourists is Dubai. The attractions of the city lead people to explore more worth seeing sights and enjoy the amazing things in it. All these sights and attractions will take you to the Dubai Garden Glow , the largest imaginative theme park in the city. The Dubai Garden Glow Ticket for visitors is only AED 65 with amazing attractions to view in it.

The well-designed and unique garden represents stunning art pieces made of recycled materials and futuristic technology. The garden inside it is divided into the subcategories of the park that take to the magical, artistic, and world of dinosaurs. You can purchase such a cheap ticket to view a blend of 3D art, education, and entertainment. For tourists, Dubai Garden Glow is the greatest location.

Dubai is a city full of amazing places  in it with unique attractions in it. Moreover, not all attractions are too expensive to take a ticket, so you can manage your budget easily.

Significant Places to Visit in the Glow Garden

Dubai City not only consists of the beauty of magnificent parks but also artistic looks. Therefore, the beautiful Dubai Miracle Garden  is also a lovely place. You can explore spectacular indoor as well as outdoor attractions in Dubai and will visit them again. Let us explore what are the unique things in the four majestic parks of the Glow Garden.

  • Glow Park – A mesmerizing Fantasy World: You will get into a beautiful fantasy world with mesmerizing views built with handcrafted lights. Tourists will get distinctive environmental models that are expertly made. The beauty of an aesthetic lasting impression on the spectators will leave you unanswerable.
  • Art Park – Skillful Blend of World’s Unique Art: The wonderful appealing attraction for tourists in the Glow Garden is the Art Park surrounded by unique attractions. You can become lost in the realm of fantasy thanks to numerous wonderful works.
  • Dinosaur Park – Wonderful Attraction for Dinosaurs Enthusiasts: The best place will welcome dinosaur Enthusiasts is the Dinosaur Park of the Dubai Glow Garden. The ancient beast has also a category present in the Dubai Dino  located in the largest shopping mall in the city.
  • Magic Park – Mind Blowing Illusions – This part is optional to choose by purchasing the Dubai Garden Glow Ticket. The park consists of majestic visual creations and gives unlimited adventures to do in the park.
  • Ice Park – Splendid Ice Illustrations – You will see the magnificent wild animals in the splendid Ice Park. No doubt, Dubai has a hot temperature but is a wonderful wonderland you will observe with splendid ice illustrations.

What’s Unique in the Glow Garden?

  1. Happiness Street – The beauty of Happiness Street lies around the global headlines to give an extreme measure of Happiness.
  2. Perfect Tunnels – There are sparkling tunnels with the beauty of rainbows, magnificent hearts, and beautiful peacocks.

Happy Forest – You can find a colorful depiction of wildlife and nature built from recycled materials in the Happy Forest.

How to reach the Glow Garden?

Tourists need to know the sources to reach the beautiful Glow Garden if they don’t want to use the self-drive option.

Metro to reach Dubai Glow Garden – Those who want to reach the destination by Metro should approach the red line metro of Al Jafiliya Metro Station.

Bus to reach the Glow Garden Dubai – Approach the 27 number service to reach the Al Jafiliya Station. This bus will take you to the Metro and then you can approach the Garden.

Don’t forget to book your tickets for Dubai Frame while visiting the sparkle of the Glow Garden Dubai.

Wrapping it up!

Book Dubai Garden Glow Ticket right now to explore the sparkles and beauty of the places. The enormous colorful lanterns provide spectacular views at night that represent nature. If you have not seen the best use of recycled materials, this Glow Garden is the best version to explore. Visit the park with your family as well to take memorable pictures and make videos of the stunning parks in it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dubai Glow Garden Tickets

How much money do adults have to pay for Glow Garden tickets?

Adults have to pay AED 65 for Glow Garden Tickets and the kids below the age of 3 years will not pay a single penny to visit the place.

Are there any food courts for tourists at the Glow Garden?

Those who want to buy the food items can take it from the small food courts including the ice cream shops in the garden.

How much time tourists can spend in the Dubai Glow Garden?

Tourists have to spend 3 hours covering all the attractions in the place including Art Park, Glow Park, and Magic Park.

When is the ideal time for seeing Dubai’s Glow Garden?

The best time to visit the Glow Garden in the city is the early morning if you are visiting the place in the hot weather of the city.

How much do tourists have to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden?

Those who have to visit Dubai Miracle Garden will pay AED 75 if their age is above 12 years and children below 3 years will not pay anything.


  • View the amazing sparkles of your life in the beautiful Glow Garden and explore Art by Day with 3D futuristic technology.
  • Enjoy a thrilling and mesmerizing experience at the Magic Park with its 25 entertaining exhibitions.
  • Like all other unique attractions in the city, Dubai Garden Glow is the largest theme park in the imaginative world.
  • Discover 3D art with stunning art and technology representations with innovative fusion made up of 10 million energy-saving LEDs.
  • More than 120 animatronic dinosaurs are waiting for you at the Dinosaur Park that will take you to an ancient age. Moreover, you can visit Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood [Interlinking] to explore the ancient places in the city.
  • The largest light garden is open for tourists to sparkle their lights after sunset with spectacular four parks. Each park has its own beauty and wonders to explore in it.
  • Those who want to save their money and skip the huge long lines for tickets, should purchase the Dubai Glow Garden Ticket online.
  • Explore the glow of the garden made of recycled materials in the form of 10 million energy-saving bulbs.
  • Come to discover the miniature Dubai in the Art Park made of excellent environment-friendly artworks.


  • Explore the entire Dubai Garden Glow with only AED 65
  • You can visit the Dinosaur Park with 120 animatronic dinosaurs.
  • Access to the Art Park to view magnificent artworks.
  • Tourists can discover the magic Park in accordance with their own choice.
  • You cannot take the food items purchased from outside into the park.
  • Don’t take your pets to the garden as they are not allowed.
  • Scooters, bikes, and bicycles are not allowed to take into the park.


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