Visiting Dubai due to its amazing attractions is a unique experience for visitors. In the same way, I explored a lot of things there such as the beauty of the Grand Mosque . Besides the natural as well as man-made beauty of the golden city, wildlife has its own charm.

You will be scared by knowing about the crocodiles in the iconic UAE. It is normal to feel a wave of fear in your body by seeing gigantic crocodiles. However, it is quite wonderful that these alligators give a unique sensation in the famous Dubai Crocodile Park.

Yeah, I was surprised too about these animals in the famous national park where people love to feed them. More adventurous things I got when I visited the crocodile park. The park’s development is done in the beautiful French style and is open to the public.


There are over 250 crocodiles in the park and it occupies an area of 20,000 square meters. An amazing and unique experience you will get in the Dubai Crocodile Park but make sure about your safety. Don’t worry, protecting yourself is the foremost duty of the establishment, therefore, the highest safety standards are present there. 

Dubai Crocodile Park – Save Crocodiles from Extinction

I admit that crocodiles are frightful but they are friendly too. Animals need love from humanity, instead of killing them our prime goal is to save them from extinction. Similarly, the central idea of building such a project in Dubai is to preserve the alligators and save them from extinction.

The species are protected in this place in a nice way and the tourist will see a complete life cycle of their existence.  You can check out all the life stages of multiple types of crocodiles.  So this is the main reason for the popularity of the famous crocodile park in Dubai.

Recreational Activities to Do in Dubai Crocodile Park

Dubai Crocodile Park

Since you have a lot of recreational parks in Dubai like Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark , you have to do many things in this alligator park too.

The major task of this wild park is to give a memorable time for tourists. They can spend time with crocodiles and get information about their life cycle. Let us investigate what are the major things to do in this park

Relax around the Green Lush Areas

Relax around the Green Lush Areas

The crocodile park Dubai is not only a place to view alligators but also has the chance to walk along the lush green paths. The beautiful landscape has vast outdoor space and a calm environment for visitors to explore.

Complete your walk on the beautiful green jogging track and then sit in the ideal setting for relaxation. In addition to relaxing, you are free to catch the moments in videos and pictures with your family members around the beautiful scenery of the park.

Another beautiful place in Dubai that has amazing green, as well as colorful plants to relax the viewers, is the famous Dubai Miracle Garden.. Don’t forget to go there to unwind yourself and get peace.

Ideal Shaded Tracks for Walking and Jogging

Dubai Crocodile Park Tracks for Walking

The stunning views you can get in the shady pathways of the park. These shady pathways of the Dubai crocodile park are ideal places for jogging and walking. Do you wonder how a park containing Crocodiles can be peaceful?

Yes, this is surprisingly unanswerable if you haven’t visited the place. But since I have visited the place I would say that these trials will give you a lot of stunning views to see. You are free to run through verdant vegetation and do some exercise in the breathtaking surroundings.

 If you are visiting Dubai in the hottest weather, this is the only place to give a peaceful shade. The shaded walk of the central park will give you a cool sanctuary atmosphere for outdoor activities.

Other places in Dubai are also famous for strolling like the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk . But here you have the chance to enjoy the cool breeze while strolling or jogging.

An Exclusive Chance to feed the Crocodiles

feed the Crocodiles

Many tourists are fond of feeding the crocodiles by their own hands. This adventure can be possible in this beautiful crocodile Dubai Park by following the guidelines of the trained staff members. It is the keen duty of experts to check on the feeding process of crocodiles by tourists. They will supervise the whole process so that the alligators don’t harm you. 

If you are scared of giant crocodiles you may watch from a distance how they feed and have a fun time. If you are among those who prefer to see the feeding procedure can use the remote monitoring tools to feed them.

Dubai is full of amazing attractions in the case of marine animals Dubai Mall Aquarium is famous to visit such species. So whenever you plan your visit make a list of all these attractions and don’t forget to enjoy a memorable time there.

Nile Crocodiles – The Second Largest Reptiles in the World

The park has an excellent feature that it is the home to the second largest reptiles in the world. Do you wonder which reptiles I am talking about? Yes, I am talking about the large-sized Nile Crocodiles with more strength than other normal reptiles.

Their size is large enough so tourists can only visit them by means of special suspension bridges. There is a unique reservoir designated in the Crocodile Park Dubai due to the size and splotchy color of the alligators.

Enjoy the Picturesque Nature in the Crocodile Park

Nature in the Crocodile Park

As it is mentioned earlier that the pedestrian routes allow you to stroll. You may also have fun in the picturesque nature in the park.

There are ideal green places in the park to take pictures with your family just like the famous Dubai Garden Glow . In other words, if you want to have quality time in the imaginative green ambiance, visit the park to unwind.

Places to stay near the Dubai Crocodile Park


Many tourists want to stay in the places near the destinations they want to visit. Although it is not easy to find quality hotels near the crocodile park; let us have a look at some popular restaurants.

  • A Glittering wavefront – The Crowne Plaza Hotel: The hotel is located in the Dubai Festival City, at a distance of about 10.3 km from the crocodile park. By staying in this park, you can visit two fascinating places. The Dubai Festival City Mall and the Dubai Crocodile Park both are accessible to you.
  • The Five–Star Marriott Hotel Al Jadaf: Another hotel to stay near the alligator park is the Marriott Hotel located in Al Jadaf at a distance of 15 kilometers.
  • Millennium Place Mirdif Hotel: The hotel is located at a distance of 0.9 miles from the crocodile park and gives an amazing lifestyle destination to tourists.
  • Melia Desert Palm Member of Melia Collection: A hotel with about 3.2 miles distance from the alligator park that gives superior quality facilities to tourists.
  • Time Grand Plaza Hotel: A hotel with all modern facilities is situated 5.8 miles from the park and is the top choice of travelers for its luxuries.

Wrapping it up!

One of the most amazing places in Dubai to visit is the Dubai Crocodile Park. There may be some other places in the world to reserve the crocodiles but such a park where tourists can enjoy the shaded areas is only in Dubai.

You are free to roam where you want and take pictures with your friends and family. You may have a picnic in the place and eat what you want. Feed the crocodiles with your own hands, make videos, and share them with your friends on social media platforms. I hope this one will be the most beautiful attraction for you in Dubai.

What People Ask about Dubai Crocodile Park

How can you get Dubai Crocodile Tickets Prices?

The ticketing price for adults and children is not the same. The crocodile park Dubai Tickets for adults is 50 AED and for children, it is 20 AED.

What is the feeding time for alligators in the park?

Since you cannot feed the alligators all the time, there is a specific time to feed them. The specific time to feed the alligators is 11.30 Am, 12.30 Pm, 4 Pm, and 5 Pm.

What other animals are included in the Crocodile Park?

Other exotic organisms present in the park are raptors, monkeys, bearcats, snakes, birds, and other reptile species.

What is the maximum sleep time for an alligator in a day?

The maximum sleep time for an alligator is 17 hours a day, their food contains fish, frogs, birds, and other species.

Where is the biggest crocodile reserve in the world?

The famous crocodile zoo and reservation park is located in Samut Prakan Province, Thailand.