Have you ever visited the world’s largest waterpark in hot weather? No charm can meet the needs of such a beautiful waterpark including unlimited water attractions in it.

Yes, you are thinking perfectly! I am talking about the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark – a unique theme park that includes thrilling adventures in it. Splashes of water in the number one Funland will make you capable to wash out all your depression in your daily routine.

The Park is spread over an area of about 22 hectares and is constructed in the renowned place of Dubai, Atlantis the Palm.

Ready to visit Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

In the spring of this year, 28 brand-new exhilarating thrills will be added to the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, which is situated in the center of Palm Jumeirah. There are a lot of new attractions included since March 1, 2021, that has enhanced the size of the park making it to be the largest waterpark.

This is the reason it contains about 105 different activities in it for visitors of all ages. There are amazing park slides for kids to explore, tubes, tunnels, and climbing frames. Furthermore, you can independently feel the excitement of record-breaking rides at the park.

Another amazing thing for water lovers is discovering marine life in the famous Lost of Chambers Aquarium.

Added to that You can also visit Burj Al Arab which is near by atlanitis.

Spectacular Views of Incredible Trident Tower

Atlantis Incredible Trident Tower

Getting a ride on the Trident Tower slide will be the first thrill-seeking experience for tourists as it is the newest attraction of the park.

What I recently explored at this attraction is the gravity-defying cliff jumps. Wow! What an adventure it was. The more you can get at the 48 meters highest tower of the Aquaventure has unprecedented waterslides in it. 

These are almost 12 unparalleled waterslides and attractions that are spread over the five stories of the Trident Tower. The only vertical drop side for visitors to visit in the Middle East is located here.

This is known as the largest vertical coaster in the world and the first bungee-jumping thrill and is one of the most amazing new elements of the park. Now I will cover a few thrilling rides here;

Speed, Power, Rafting – Shockwave

Atlantis Speed, Power, Rafting

A moderate unique thrilling water ride combines rafting thrill, speed, and power to increase the adventure. A network of tunnels consisting of families of up to six people speeds at the rate of a big slope ski course.

It covers a distance of about 449 meters in more than sixty seconds. One of my friends took this ride and told us that he sprint outside the curve, dove, and dropped as he stared down the fall line. This ride is included in the world’s first MammothBLAST and the longest family-roasting water coaster in the world.

Odyssey of Terror – Odyssey Audio Series

Atlantis Odyssey of Terror

Here the riders after sitting in the ride pick up the speed and momentum once they swirl up and past the top waves.

This Aquaventure waterpark ride briefly gives the sensation, to feel near lightness before falling over the opposite side of the bent fall. You will get a high-level thrill experience on this ride and is included in the family rafting ride.

Insane Blackout Waterslide – The Scarier Sister

Atlantis Insane Blackout Waterslide

The daring riders enjoy a thrilling insane ride of the Blackout waterslide by plunging down in the vertical downfall. This downfall offers great excitement and high velocity from the starting point to the endpoint.

The famous water slide is characterized as the Scarier Sister to the Leap of the Earth. The high-intensity thrilling ride is considered the greatest vertical plunge vertical slide in the Middle East.

Medusa’s Lair – The Rafting Waterslide

Atlantis Medusa’s Lair

The initial and longest dueling of Medusa Lair has a complex network of turns and twists. It is much like the serpentine hair of Medusa. Medusa’s Lair is one of the famous rides and attractions which everyone loves at the Atlantis Waterpark.

What the riders will take from the battle to the finale, are propelled through a succession of waves, incline dips, and steep hills. This is a high-intensity thrill to ride a tube and have a unique level of fun.

Raging Rapids – Roaring Water Elements

Raging Rapids is the ride that I have personally experienced, an immersive fast-moving ride in the strong-pressure action river around the park. Besides all high thrilling rides, this one is the most popular low thrilling ride for people.

What I gained from this activity is a variety of roaring water elements including strong waves, high-pressure zone bubbles, and currents. These properties of roaring water elements forced me to take part in the game along with other tourists.

Scary Immortal Falls – The Palm Resort

Scary Immortal Falls

Another thrilling adventure includes the scary immortal falls situated in the Palm Resort, Dubai. The everlasting falls give the adventure of one of the initial adrenaline-rush-seeking, gravity-defying cliff dives by diving down.

This is not so high thrilling activity or so low instead it has a moderate level and the famous cliff diving area in the region.

Splashers Island for Mini Junior Adventurers

Splashers Island for Mini Junior Adventurers

Get engaged with your kids in the great splash park in Dubai offers seven kiddie waterslides. But these slides have surely age differences for kids.

Such slides are suitable for children under 1.2m, which will appeal to little thrill seekers to take again and again. Splashers are the unique and amazing family part of Aquaventure Waterpark that features attractions and slides for little kids only. 

It is one of the designated locations to enjoy water-filled thrills and splashes in an enjoyable atmosphere. There are 16 new amusements and rides many of which are scaled-down versions of the park’s big thrillers. So don’t skip to enjoy this new attraction as it has its own excitement in it.

The magnificent God of the sea – Tower of Poseidon

tower of poseidon dubai

The Atlantis Palm Waterpark provides visitors to enjoy splashes of water to spend time there and not want to leave. The Tower of Poseidon contains other attractions in it to grab the attention of tourists in such a way that they want to visit it again and again.

These attractions include The Aquaconda, Zoomerango, Slitherine, and Poseidon’s Revenge. No matter whether you are visiting the place with your family or friends, you can have fun with the vibrant atmosphere of the waterpark.

  • The Aquaconda – a place of the largest wonderful six-person tabular family. An exciting sensation you will get as you zoom through its merry turns with 4.6 meters high bands in the sky.
  • Zoomerango – A same raft family ride with 6 persons gives a slide to the downslope gigantic tumble. Get sensory experiences to explore the vertical gigantic plunges to vertical jumps providing a unique thrill with an increased adrenaline boost.
  • Slitherine – The first dual-suspended attraction at the Atlantis with a sliding activity in it. This double-suspended slide is 31 meters tall in height and 182 meters in length having tubes made of glass fiber that is partially transparent.
  • Poseidon’s Revenge – One of the top horrifying waterslides in the Middle East is here whose design is similar to Neptune’s Leap of Faith at the Tower of Neptune. The excitement surge of tourists is uncountable in this terrifying activity but have full of excitement hidden in it.

Atlantis the Palm – Majestic Dubai Skyline

Atlantis the Palm skyline

One of the most recognizable family hotels in Dubai with a theme-ocean resort debuted in 2008. Another name for the place is the Jewel of the Palm Jumeirah which includes various things to explore in it.

Along with unique theme parks, the hotel includes the Lost of Chambers Aquarium, The amazing Dolphin Bay, Sea Lion Point, and a wide variety of pubs and eateries to satisfy every taste. The 105 Thrills and attractions including in Atlantis, The Palm are divided in the following way;

  • Three towers are crossed by 79 rides
  • 26 restaurants and cafes with delectable tastes
  • 26 encounters with marine watersports

Other things to explore on the Palm Jumeirah

More other things are available for tourists to explore at Palm Jumeirah including a lot of attractions in it. The places that I have seen and spent a wonderful time there are discussed below;

  • The Palm Fountains – The beautiful dancing fountains with 3000 multi-colored LED lights provide a spectacular view.
  • Best Entertainment at Palm West Beach – Enjoy different entertaining activities and enjoy dining at different restaurants in Palm West Beach.
  • Luxurious Shopping Mall – Al Nakheel is the famous shopping mall at Palm Jumeirah to explore distinct shops, and restaurants with delectable tastes, live entertainment performances, and many other activities in it.

So I will strongly recommend you to explore other attractions also at Palm Jumeirah as there is much more to discover.

Wrapping it up!

Once you step into the largest waterpark in the world, you can never leave it without exploring all the attractions in it. The only place that provides unique water experiences to tourists is the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark with various amazing rides in it.

There are no age restrictions to visit the park as both kids and young love to take part in its activities. Fill up your energy level by diving into the water adventures by floating i the inflatable raft through waterways.

Frequently Asked Questions – Atlantis Unique Theme Waterpark

What makes the Atlantis Aquaventure unique from all other waterparks?

The famous things that give a distinction to this beautiful waterpark include record-breaking rides like Shockwave, Medusa’s Lair, and Blackout.

What are the height requirements for guests to follow before visiting the Aqua Waterpark Dubai?

The guests must take into account that rides can only be taken by a person whose height is about 1.2 meters for an adult person.

Which city of UAE has broken the Guinness World record and why?

Dubai has broken the Guinness World record due to the famous waterpark located in it with the most water slides in it.

Are any other waterparks located in the world to attract tourists?

Tourists may travel toward Iceland Waterpark to explore a series of transparent blue swimming pools in UAE. But from all around the world they may choose Carribean Bay Waterpark located in South Korea.

How lengthy are the water slides at the Atlantis about?

The approximate length of the water slide is about 200-foot providing sensory thrills to the visitors.