Being a tourist, your interest always refers to knowing about the weekdays of a state. If you are traveling to the UAE where unlimited attractions lie, weekend days are busy as compared to other days. The UAE Government announced that the working week will move to 4.5 days and the weekend days will lead to Saturday and Sunday.

The implementation of the rule started on 1 January 2022 that runs from Monday to Friday prayer time. There are many attractions to view on the weekend days in Dubai like Dubai Miracle Garden but there may get a huge rush on Saturday and Sunday.

Other Government agencies, schools, and local businesses can choose the policy of working on a 4.5- day working week.

busier are weekend days in Dubai

How weekends alternate in UAE since 1971

Before going towards weekend days in Dubai, this is important to know how the weekend days were divided in history till 1971. From 1971 to 1999, like many other nations, the United Arab Emirates also had a 6 day working week with only Fridays off.

But as time passed from 1999, Thursday also added to the weekend off for the public sector. For almost 8 years, the weekend days were Thursday and Friday, the best time to visit the amazing places in Dubai .

Since Thursday and Friday are not overall off-days in the world, therefore, there came a lack of business hours with the worldwide market. As a result, the United Arab Emirates made the first change in their weekend days from 1st September 2006 which became the most suitable day.

Other Gulf Countries like Saudi Arabia also made changes later in 2013. In other words, to boost productivity as well as better alignment with Global markets, it proved the best option.

stunning attractions in Dubai weekend

Visit the stunning attractions in Dubai on Weekend Days

Dubai on weekend days gives a huge collection of stunning attractions with a vibrant atmosphere whether day or night. The spectacular views from the Burj Khalifa and other iconic landmarks give worthwhile seeing scenarios to tourists.

However, it is important to know that the attractions and dining areas are busy on weekend days in Dubai. People from the city as well as from other countries prefer to view the wonderful attractions, beach areas, and deserts to visit at the weekend.

How busier are weekend days in Dubai?

busier dubai weekend

Among all 7 Emirates of UAE , Dubai is the only one that has a lot of magnificent attractions hidden in it. As compared to other weekdays, a huge rush comes to the majestic areas like Dubai Festival City Mall to spend a good time.

Moreover, Cinemas, eateries, beach areas, shopping malls, and cultural places are full of tourists visiting them on weekends. That is the main reason for expensive ticketing for various attractions on Saturday and Sunday.

Those who don’t like to walk in the rush areas can easily choose Monday to Thursday times if they don’t have any business work. The UAE weekend days for Dubai are much more valuable to boost the economy due to tourism.

It will be beneficial for tourists to check out the newest weekend days before they plan for a Dubai itinerary. Residents mostly have the chance to visit the places on weekends as the schools also follow a 4.5-day weekend policy.

Key Points of Transiting to 4.5-day Work in a Week

As it is mentioned that UAE is the first Gulf Country that has made the transition to 4.5-day work in a week. Some key points will surely help you to enjoy your visit to the United Arab Emirates.

  • Employees will work for only 9 hours from Monday to Saturday to concentrate on the bulk of these days. This allows them to enjoy their weekends with their families.
  • Half Friday extends the weekends of workers since they only have to work for 4 hours on Friday.
  • The average work will continue to be 40 hours to guarantee that workers can still accomplish their work.
  • The working time scheduled from Monday to Friday starts from 7.30 AM to 3.30 PM whereas on Friday the time starts from 7.30 AM to 12.00 PM.
  • The timing for many companies may vary from Monday to Thursday 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM but for Friday it is 8.00 AM to 12.00 PM.

Ways to Get a Day Off on the Weekend Days

It is important for laborers and other workers to know how they could get a day off in Dubai on weekends. Most of the working people like manual laborers get an off day on Friday. But this is not necessary for all companies to follow these weekend rules for their workers.

The change about a worker’s day off doesn’t have a consistent response. There are also some companies that take work by the workers on Friday and give it off on Saturday and Sunday. However, a break for prayer is provided to workers on Friday.

Weekend Days dubai

Still, workers may also manage their days to enjoy an amazing time in Dubai. For instance, they can go to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque if they are residing near it on Friday. But some attractions may get expensive for them to view on weekends due to the high-value tickets.

The UAE has amazing transport options for tourists as well as workers to manage their budgets. I visited Abu Dhabi via Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and my experience was wonderful. Therefore, I suggest using public transport in order to save budget and view more attractions.

Wrapping it up!

Weekend days in Dubai are the best time to view the amazing attractions in the city. The city is full of branded shopping malls, beach areas, culture, and traditions to view again and again. Moreover, the weekend days have some special treatments for tourists as well as residents to view them. 

What People Ask About Weekend Days in Dubai

Which areas are closed in Dubai on Friday?

On Friday, the ancient souks and historical sites remain closed until 4 PM and the Metro Bus Service doesn’t start until 1 PM.

What are the main attractions in Dubai Itinerary on the weekend?

The main attractions to visit in Dubai Itinerary are given below;

  • Ski Dubai – Enjoy the Snow and learn the Ski
  • Mall of the Emirates – A wide collection of shopping and Dining areas.
  •   Dubai Fountain – A fascinating dancing fountain with captivating Arabian Music.

When do the shopping malls open in Dubai on Friday?

The shopping malls are open in Dubai on Friday and they work for extra hours due to more crowds on the weekends. However, the time fluctuates for each shopping mall in the city.

Do all Emirates of UAE have the same weekend holidays?

The official weekend days in the United Arab Emirates are the same in all states and that is Saturday and Sunday with half Friday.