My visit to Abu Dhabi was full of thrill and excitement. Don’t you know why? The reason is very simple; the stunning attractions of the city caught my feet. My best school friends planned a visit to Dubai and from Dubai, we had to go to Abu Dhabi.

But this time we didn’t prefer a car as we do on our evening desert Safari Visit . Likewise, we preferred to go by Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. This was also a unique and amazing experience for us to do.

Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi


I will mention here that bus means the public bus, not the Dubai Metro. Surely you would think why didn’t I go for the Dubai metro?

The answer is there is no Dubai Metro route from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Therefore, those who want to enjoy an adventure like me or to save budget can choose the bus service. Although the Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus timings fluctuate but will take it easy once you get complete information.

In this post, I will share all the information about the transport system between the largest cities of the United Arab Emirates.

The Intercity Public Transport Bus Service from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

dubai bus service

In order to enjoy the bus ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, tourists must know about the bus routes providing intercity services.

Subway Bus Journey Routes between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

In order to understand which path is appropriate for you. This is the need of the hour for tourists to know about the minibus routes.

·Route E100: This route directs from Bur Dubai to the central bus station of Abu Dhabi. If you find the green line of Dubai Metro, you will reach the Al Ghubaiba Terminal station. It will take you to the Al Wadi Station in Abu Dhabi.

By means of the bus ride, you will reach your destination in 2 hours and fifteen minutes. Don’t worry if you skip one bus it goes after every 15 to 20 minutes.

Route E101: The E101 route starts from Ibn Al Battuta Mall and reaches the Al Wadha station located in the central bus station of Aby Dhabi. You have to reach the red line station of the Ibn Al Battuta Mall before the bus leaves.  You have to ride the air-conditioned bus for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Route E102: This bus route has the same starting point as route E101 from Ibn Al Battuta Mall. But the destination is not the same. This bus will leave the passengers to Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station. You will reach Abu Dhabi in one hour and 45 minutes.

One of my pals failed to make it to the bus on time, so you should too. That is why he waited for 40 minutes and then the next bus came.

Dubai’s Government has made touring various attractions much easier due to the low budget. For illustration, you may consider the bus fares for Dubai to Hatta Transport [Interlinking]. You have to pay only 25 AED for bus fare cost either at the bus terminal of Dubai or by using a Nol card.

Facilities and Amenities provided on the Public Bus

Facilities and Amenities provided dubai

This is the right of tourists to know what facilities and amenities they can enjoy during their journey on the public bus of Dubai. A series of things enlighten the luxuries of the public bus for travelers. The major point of the Dubai to Abu Dhabi buses is that they are fully air-conditioned.

All the buses include an informative screen to give information about the latest station. Moreover, there are priority boarding lanes and seating for women, kids as well as disabled persons. Since the journey for the bus is long, almost two hours are required to reach Abu Dhabi.

The Bus takes two stops at different points named Shamama Village and Samha.

Routes for Reverse Public Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Routes for Reverse Public dubai to abu dhabi

The bus is an option for traveling in both directions, just like the routes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The meaning is simple: you may also travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai by means of a Bus. The bus cost from Abu Dhabi to Dubai doesn’t change, instead, it remains the same.

It indicates that you only need to pay 25 AED, which can be done with cash or a Nol Card. Now see what stations will help you to reach Dubai by public bus.

Route E100: The bus starts from the Al Wadha station located in the central station of Abu Dhabi and reaches the Al Ghubaiba station of Dubai Metro.

Reach the green line of Dubai Metro and enjoy a journey of two hours and fifteen minutes in the air-conditioned bus. Likewise, you may proceed to Dubai attractions like Dubai Miracle Garden by means of Metro.

Route E101: The bus journey starts from the Al Wadha Central Bus Station and reaches the red line of Ibn Al Battuta Mall. Both routes 100 and 101 leave Abu Dhabi after 15 to 20 minutes.

Route E102: A journey of 1 hour and 45 minutes starts from the Mussafah Shabiya Bus station to the red line metro of Ibn Al Battuta Mall. This bus comes after 40 minutes, therefore, if you miss this bus you have to wait for 40 minutes for its arrival again.

Keep in mind that there is no online booking for the Dubai public Bus, you have to reach in time to board the bus.

Other Transport Options exist between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

There are some alternative options if someone doesn’t want to take the luxuries of the public bus. It may be possible that the bus timing doesn’t meet your schedule. Therefore, I will illustrate here some transport between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Airline Bus Services without any Cost

Airline Bus Services dubai

The Government provides free Airline buses to tourists between the major cities through different companies like Emirates, Etihad, and AirArabia. I would like to mention here that there is some inconvenience of no airline operating an airport-to-airport service.

In order to book your flights you have to use some codes for the pickpoints. Use the Free Airline service to visit the amazing places of Dubai and add a new adventure to your tour.

Abu Dhabi AirPort Shuttle Service – AUH Express

abu dhabi AirPort Shuttle Service

You can enjoy the shuttle service named AUH Express which was inaugurated in September 2022 for travelers. Tourists, as well as residents, can avail of this service as far as Ibn Al Battuta as it is not an airport-to-airport customer service. You have to pay only 35 AED for this AUH express.

Visit the Yas Land Theme Parks in Abu Dhabi by Bus

Yas Island Theme Parks in Abu Dhabi

Like the famous Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai, Abu Dhabi also has an amazing waterpark, the Yas Land Theme Park. Indulge in the overflowing adventure of water with rip-roaring rides, stunning epic slides, and many other water experiences.

A world of thrills is waiting for you in Yas Land but there is no direct bus to reach this amazing theme park. However, the park offers transit services to take the passengers that provide popular pickups for them. But if you don’t want to avail of the transit services you might utilize a shared or private transport to take you from Dubai to the theme waterparks. Go for the GetTransfer app to bid on a driver for your journey.

Hire a Cost-Effective Taxi to Reach Abu Dhabi

dubai taxi service

Another option for transportation from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is to hire a taxi for you. It is actually a cost-effective process for tourists as well as residents of the UAE. They have to pay about 350 AED for riding a taxi to reach the destination.

Taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi doesn’t have as many costs as the Uber or Cream app. Because last year my friend booked a ride with the Uber app and the cost was above 350 AED.

Therefore, it is best to ride a taxi instead of Uber or Cream but keep a check on the pricing of these apps as it might be possible they have less cost. To see the Burj Khalifa [Interlinking], panoramic vistas of the city, and other well-known attractions, you can also take a taxi.

Pre Book Transfer Services for Dubai DXB or AUH Abu Dhabi Airport

You will not get access to the major Airports of the United Arab Emirates as they can make transfer services most desirable for tourists. As a result, they must select alternative modes of transportation to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Pre-book transfer services are the best transport option to save your budget as you can travel with a group. If you want to transfer from one city to the other without approaching any metro station, it will pick up from your door. Here are some best transfer services that can help you in this sense.

  • Try Welcome Picks – A well-known airport pick-up service for guests runs from DXB.
  • One-Way Transfers Pick-up service – This pick-up service is provided by Orient Tours. You are free to select your group size according to the number of group members. Moreover, you are allowed to cancel your service if your mood is changed.

You may also try these services to visit other places in Dubai like Desert Safari and visit the place along with a group.

Wrapping it up!

All the above information for Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will help you to reach your destination.  If you are not convenient in choosing a public bus or metro line to reach the destination you may take the alternate option.

However, choosing the Dubai Bus from various bus stops in Dubai will add unique fun to your adventure. Try something new that you have not done before to give a new thrill to your body.

What People Ask About Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Is there any bus to cover all attractions in Dubai?

Select the government-sponsored free minibus if you wish to visit all of Abu Dhabi’s highlights. It will help you to explore all the iconic hotels and attractions.

What is the way to access the shuttle Bus in Abu Dhabi?

You need to purchase the booking tickets from any of the attractions you are going to visit. This can be done by a visit to the online booking portal to register your information. Find the most convenient bus shuttle stop and follow the bus.

Which is the famous attraction for tourists in Abu Dhabi?

There are many famous and worth seeing attractions in Abu Dhabi but some have unique magic that attracts tourists to Abu Dhabi.

  • Marina Mall – Largest and most  Opulent Shopping Mall
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre – A Place of worship, educational, and cultural center.
  • The Ferrari World – The best Place for Thrill Seekers and fascinating for tourism.

What is the speed limit of the bus measured by traffic police from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

The speed measured by the traffic police from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for the bus is 140 kph and does increase the certain value.

Which thing is strictly prohibited on public transport in Dubai?

Chewing gum is strictly prohibited on public transport in Golden Dubai City and those who violate the rule should pay a huge fine.