Tourists and residents live in the hope of a day to travel in Dubai to Abu Dhabi Metro. There are some alternate options rather than Abu Dhabi Metro. You cannot view the splendid attractions in the city by metro like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque .

However, I will suggest you enter Abu Dhabi once by taxi, car, or choosing any public bus route. Dubai to Abu Dhabi distance is about 140 km and that may take more than an hour to reach the destination. It is not suitable to skip the largest city in the United Arab Emirates just because of Transport options. Therefore, have a look at the path, journey, and time interval before choosing the skip option.

Principal Routes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi except for Metro


Have a look at the primary ways that can carry you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in more than an hour. Surely the scorching heat of the sun will not irritate you as you will travel in the air-conditioned Dubai bus, a car, and a taxi.

Dubai Public Bus

The best way to reach Abu Dhabi is within three different routes. The passengers will pay less cost as compared to Taxi or a car on rent. All the buses are air-conditioned along with many other facilities.

Book a ride on Taxi from dubai

Those who don’t want to choose the public bus option must take into account Taxi. But beware its cost will be higher than that of the Dubai bus.

Drive your own car

Self-drive option is the best one if you want to see all the iconic landmarks between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Enjoy traveling with a Group

If you have a limited budget, you are able to travel in a team. By separating the costs, you can maintain a tight budget.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi Airline Bus Service

Passengers can choose the Airline bus service to reach their destination by holding a flight ticket.

Dubai to Hatta Transport is also famous to view the beauty of the Al Hajar Mountains along with many attractions. Therefore, the transport options will help you in the best way to find the location you want.

Ways to get Dubai to Abu Dhabi – Consider the Distance

Ways to get Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Dubai to Abu Dhabi Distance is different from different places in Dubai. For instance, if tourists want to leave for Abu Dhabi from Dubai Marina , their distance will vary from any other place. Let us investigate different points whose distances vary while traveling to Abu Dhabi.

  • If you are staying in Downtown Dubai like Burj Khalifa , Dubai Abu Dhabi distance is about 140 kilometers.
  • Traveling from Dubai International Airport, also known as DXB, the drive to Abu Dhabi Corniche is 160 kilometers
  • If you are leaving for Abu Dhabi Airport from Dubai Marina your distance will be less than 100 kilometers.

Keeping in mind the distance between various areas will ensure you how many hours you are going to travel. According to my experience, taking a public from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will surely take 2 hours to reach the destination. But if you are driving your own car, you can make your journey’s time interval short by high speed.

No Metro or Train – Use the Intercity Bus to Reach Abu Dhabi

Since there is no Dubai to Abu Dhabi Train, there are three intercity bus routes that will take the passengers to their destination. Here are the intercity routes, and complete information about the station you have to reach for Abu Dhabi.

Route E100 – Reach the green line of Al Ghubaiba Bus Station located in Bur Dubai that will take you to Al Wadha Central Bus Station Abu Dhabi. You can take the bus after every 20 minutes.

Route E101 – Access the Ibn Al Battuta Mall Bus to reach the central station of Abu Dhabi, which will take you only 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Route E102 – You have the option to approach Ibn Al Battuta Mall station to Mussafah Shabiya Station which takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach the destination.

You can also take these buses reverse from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and you have to pay only 25 AED with Nol Card or cash payment to the driver. I will tell you again that the Dubai Metro will not take you directly so you have to choose the alternate bus options. Moreover, you can use the Dubai Metro to view amazing attractions in the city like Jet Ski in Dubai .

Ways to Connect Abu Dhabi Via Dubai International Airport

In order to go to Abu Dhabi from Dubai there are metro and bus options available to you. If you are at Dubai Airport and want to reach Abu Dhabi you have to go to Al Ghubaiba Station. I will mention here some points to connect DXB from the Al Ghubiaba Station;

  • If you are at terminal 1 take bus number 33 or 42
  • If you are at Terminal 2, take bus number 31.
  • Approach the red line Metro to reach Burjuman if you are at terminal 3. Then shift to the green line to reach the Al Ghubaiba Metro Stop.
  • Book a taxi ride for only 30 AED

Ways to Connect the Abu Dhabi International Airport from Dubai?

A further problem for passengers connecting from Dubai to Abu Dhabi International Airport. There are two options I can think of for this situation: either you go backward from Al Ghubaiba station to Abu Dhabi Central station to the AUH.

  • Pay 4 AED to take the 1A bus from terminals 1 and 3. This bus leave for every 40 minutes.
  • Take a taxi ride, pay a cost of 50 AED, and travel for 30 minutes to reach your destination.
  • You may also head to the Jebel Ali Metro station by means of the Red Line. Take a ride on Taxi for a cost of 170 to 200 AED to the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Save Budget and Avail of Free Transport Options to AUH

Avail of the free transport option to save your budget. In the case of Dubai to Abu Dhabi Metro, free transport options will be an edge for you. You need to book your seat before getting on the luxury AUH if you are flying from Etihad. Moreover, you have to take the ticket from the Etihad Office located in Downtown Dubai. Go for the best desert resorts in dubai to explore Bedouin life.

Wrapping it up!

Don’t be sad about no Dubai to Abu Dhabi Metro in the United Arab Emirates. All the above routes and transport options will help you to enjoy the amazing attractions of Abu Dhabi. Examine all the famous Dubai landmarks, including the Burj Al Arab , before traveling to Abu Dhabi. Make a plan with your family and stay in the luxurious hotels to enjoy your life.

What People Ask about Dubai to Abu Dhabi Metro

Can you reach Abu Dhabi by any direct flight from Dubai DXB?

There are no trains or direct flights to approach Abu Dhabi from Dubai but many other options like car rentals and taxis are available to tourists.

Is it possible to reach Abu Dhabi by means of a Visa?

In this situation, even if you are traveling to Abu Dhabi in a simpler way, you might need to apply for a visa.

Which city is more expensive in the UAE, AB Dhabi or Dubai?

Traveling in the United Arab Emirates will reveal the fact that Abu Dhabi is a more peaceful and expensive location than Dubai.

What is the cost price for taking a taxi ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

The maximum cost price for booking a ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is between 250 AED to 300 AED.

What are the well-known hotels to stay in Abu Dhabi for tourists?

To stay in Abu Dhabi the best-recommended hotels are given below;

  •  Yas Land – Best for family
  •  Saadiyat Island – 5-star accommodation with stunning views
  •  Corniche Beach – 5-star recommendation with spectacular Arabian Gulf views
  •  Downtown Abu Dhabi – Featured hotels for Tourists