Haven’t you seen the rust-colored dunes in the iron-rich sands of the United Arab Emirates? If you haven’t done this yet, this is an amazing chance to explore such stunning places. Visiting UAE Deserts is not enough if you don’t taste the luxuries of the best desert resorts of the landscape.

All resorts have something new and unique for tourists and surely not able to leave any of them for the next tour. The popularity of the famous landscape of UAE does not only exist in indoor places like the largest Dubai Mall but also in many outdoor experiences.


If I look at my past experience of visiting the barren land I would remember a lot of amazing and fun adventures. I have discovered in my visit to such places that there is something magical that attracts people to the beauty of dunes and soft sandy areas.

A few home amenities, delectable dining options, luxury spas with amazing treatments, and other facilities makes your tour unforgettable. I would say that there are the most comfortable and soothing best desert resorts in the Emirates for visitors to explore. 

No matter the diverse culture, modern architecture, and design, distinct indoor attractions cannot be neglected. But the natural beauty of vast deserts and the resorts located in it make this busting city more enjoyable.

People who visit these famous places should note down what they have enjoyed there to revisit it again and again. Each time they will have something new but for now, I have listed down some famous places for you to discover.

Top 10 Resorts UAE – Ultimate Desert Adventure

While exploring the huge red dunes of the United Arab Emirates along with various activities of camel riding, dune bashing, and sand boarding you must have to check out the resorts in it. No doubt, you are going to see the unabashed love of luxurious landscapes and cherish the best resort in UAE, you must have appropriate knowledge about them.

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort – Uncover the Mystique of Arab


The famous desert spot and spa is an incredible place for families to spend time there. It has several outstanding elements that increase tourists’ delight in it. The Bab Al Shams restaurant is famous for its delectable cuisine and is located only 45 minutes from Dubai.

You may also choose a 4×4 self-drive desert tour if you know how to control the steering in the soft sand dunes. Each room has a distinct majlis area and combines traditional style with contemporary amenities.

More about this area includes the beauty of gazelle species, chirping birds, and a number of swimming pools. All these things make this place a well-maintained landscape where you can get in touch with nature.

As the night falls, the resort is lit up by candles, luminaries, and flame flares, giving you the impression that you are in Arabian Palace. A candlelight supper with those you cherish would add more pleasure for you to experience.

The Ritz Carlton Ras Al Khaimah – Unique Remote Gateway


A well-known outdoor and natural place located in Ras Al Khaimah and is an hour’s drive from Dubai Airport.  There are about 101 residences in the Ritz Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert which is liberally dispersed throughout the protected nature reserve.

If someone is looking for an Arabian-styled highway, a perfect option is to have a glimpse at this property. What a unique aspect of Al Wadi Khadeja you will get here due to its sand dunes, wandering wildlife, and polished furnishings influenced by local materials.

There are a lot of amazing things you can do here like falconry, archery, desert safaris, and nature hikes. Make time before visiting the spa located in it before taking part in other activities like horseback riding instructions, desert yoga, and wildlife feedings.

Massive independent soaking tubs are standard in bathrooms. There are several places to unwind, including private pools, and spacious patios that overlook the reserve.

Al Wathba Desert Resort & Spa – Exclusive Location


Do you have an incredible adventure in the famous Al Wathba situated in Abu Dhabi having 103 luxurious rooms and villas in it?

With a spa facility, a yoga meditation area, and several dining options the spot is unquestionably a premium destination to visit. It is tucked away in the large sand dunes at a drive of about 45 minutes from Abu Dhabi and close to the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve. You are free to observe the larger flamingos in such a wetland.

Besides the day tour, the desert has unique activities to do at night similar to the Overnight Desert Safari Tour, which never leaves guests to be bored. The most amazing activities to do at AL Wathba are falconry, camel riding, and discovering the traditional Bedouin life.

Mysk Al Fayah Retreat – A Gem of Sharjah Collection


Like famous amazing places in Dubai, something is new for tourists in Sharjah along with all luxuries of resort life. Mysk l Fayah Retreat is a perfect location for those who love to explore a historically significant place in Sharjah as it is located in its Mleiha district.

The most sustainable boutique hotel has five suites in it so you can always expect attentive care. Moreover, it is located at the base of the area’s sandy slopes.

The Mysk Al Faya Spa includes a 118-kilometer square area along with a salt inhalation chamber, bathing walk, botanical sauna, and exterior saltwater pool. This architectural spot is minimally contemporary while still managing to blend in beautifully with the surrounding vibrant atmosphere.

You will also enjoy here fire pits to congregate around as sunset. The best thing that I love about this resort is that each room has a skylight where you can enjoy the starry skies from your bed’s comfort.

Telal Resort Al Ain – A Luxurious Five-Star Desert


Most people visit Al Ain Dubai to explore the Remah Desert, but fortunately, there is a hidden gem for tourists to love with the Telal Resort. A traditional experience for guests to enjoy in the natural desert includes a lot of amazing activities.

The unique things of the spot include zebras, oryx, houbara, and many others. If you have visited the entirety of Dubai you should clearly know about the Global Village , likewise in this place, there exists Zaman Lawal Heritage Village.

This village is the perfect place to have a look at history. You can easily choose from the available rooms, suites, and tented villas, each with its pool, garden, or outside deck. Moreover, there are various activities to take part in like archery, zip lining, and sand boarding to get entertained.

Anatara Qasr Al Sarab – Dune Colored Resort


Before visiting the Anantara Qasr Al Sarab I would like to tell you it is located at a 3-hour driving distance from Dubai. Perhaps this one covers the most lengthy distance among all famous desert resorts. But don’t worry it would have a lot of luxuries to enhance your enjoyment level on its peak.

There is a huge lucky day for tourists that they have entered a lavish and sumptuous hidden oasis. The touring archway will greet you as you exit the motorway to every meticulous detail in your accommodation.

Like all other resorts, you will have standard rooms to exclusive villas to enjoy there. You will enjoy a robust recreation program ranging from dune bashing and camel riding to a morning desert safari tour included in it.

More activities you can take part in like archery, sand boarding on the colored dunes, nature hikes, and horse riding. I found horse riding to be my best adventure here.

As the place also includes Spa so I would like to cover the Spa treatments here. Most people get relaxed here by means of Aqua  Aerobic and Dawn Yoga, one of the most exquisite spa experiences in the UAE. Moreover, parents with kids will get excited to know that their kids will have a lot of fun there with the pool area and sitting services.

Well-Furnished Arabian-Style Tilal Liwa Hotel

Well-Furnished Arabian-Style Tilal Liwa resort

Is your budget low for visiting resorts? Be assured that I’ll give you an excellent choice. The well-furnished Arabian Style Tilal Liwa Hotel is a wonderful choice to spend time in isolation in the desert.

Blessings always require a huge struggle and this time you have to travel a 2-hour drive from Abu Dhabi to enjoy playing in the desert Quarter’s limitless dunes. There are almost 111 suites and rooms, each designed with traditional Arabian architecture along with a swimming pool and beautiful gardens. 

You may easily indulge in various activities like quad riding, buggy dunes, and sand boarding by signing up with the help of staff members. As I visited the place at night, one of my friends assembled around the bonfire to gaze at the starry sky.

Literally, it was giving a brilliant shine in the absence of light pollution. While touring Dubai, people never skip visiting the famous seven-star Burj Al Arab as it includes a lot of amenities in it. But Tilal Liwa being a four-star resort also has enough amenities that will make visitor tours enjoyable.

Al Maha a luxury collection of Desert Resort & Spa


To get an unmatched experience and luxury accommodations my biggest recommendation is Al Maha Resort and Spa. This place also has a good reputation when people go for the best night camping place as it includes extraordinary facilities in it.

The five-star provides quiet peace and stunning views of the sprawling lowlands and Al Hajar Mountains.  There are 42 luxury tented suites including all modern conventions. They are furnished with antique wood, conventional carpets, and artifacts that pay homage to the area’s cultural heritage,

Here you can go on a memorable horseback ride, camel safari, and natural stroll. The majestic dune bashing and spectacular mountain views make the Al Maha Desert Resort magnificent among all.

The conversation area features a lot of amazing palm trees along with animals like gazelle, desert cats, and Arabian Desert Foxes. Besides all these, you cannot ignore the Spa services provided here for tourists to get body massages from skilled staff members.

Mysk Al Baydar Retreat, Family Resort in Sharjah


Have an adventure with the sweeping dunes of Sharjah, live in a traditional Arabian Culture, and make a wonderful trip at Al Baydar Retreat. The best thing which will make you visit this family resort is that it has won the 2020 and 2021 awards for the World’s most Luxurious Hotel.

Since the temperature of UAE is not so moderate in the summer, visiting this desert can still make you cool. Yes, surprisingly, the outdoor and indoor pools of the Retreat are the ideal places to cool down while seeing the desert.

It is situated adjacent to the  Big Red sand dune in the nation and occupies 21 on-site accommodations and 10 tents. Get indulged with such rooms and tents which provide you with a compact and exclusive luxury setting as opposed to a wide resort.

Arabian Nights Village – Stunning Old Arabia Soul


Another magical and timeless beauty is here that covers the complete traditional Bedouin life. The professional guides will take you through the dunes into the delightful old-world village with all modern comforts.

You can start a wonderful vacation and explore four types of residential accommodation there. Along with the Fort Tower, this housing complex offers Bedouin tents, palm- and desert-style homes, and desert dwellings.

Each of these residential areas has distinct authentic Arabian interiors that showcase the culture and traditions of the Arab family. The visitors will jump into the colorful past, relax at the pool, and take part in incredible activities.

Sum up!

Many people love to enjoy the indoor as well as outdoor places of the famous landscapes of the UAE.  Tourists love to enjoy Dubai Marina Cruise Dinner to enjoy the delectable international cuisine at the wonderful waterways.

Similarly, visitors also love to stay in a barren land to experience the difficulties as well as the charm of Bedouin life. All I have covered about the best desert Resorts to make your tour more and more wonderful, so don’t skip enjoying these places.

People may also ask about Best Resorts in UAE

Why do individuals have to spend more money to go to retreats?

There are many activities to perform various activities like camel riding, dune bashing, and sand boarding due to which visitors have to pay extra charges. Moreover, they have access to Wi-Fi and Spa treatments that include extra charges.

Can our fee be refundable before visiting the desert in UAE?

No, before visiting the desert if your plan has been changed, you can’t take your fee back. If you are booking online or want to pay for a resort stay there is no refundable option.

How many rooms are built in the Anantara Qasr Al Sarab?

There are 206 elegant rooms for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the desert to reflect the heritage of Arab with beautiful earthy hues.

What is the number of Spas in the United Arab Emirates?

There are 687 operating spas for tourists as well as residential people with enormous treatments and skilled staff members.

What are the best budget-friendly Spas in Dubai?

The city’s top spas for a low cost include;

  • Sofitel Spa Dubai Downtown – Rich Quality of Natural Ingredients
  • Soul Senses Spa and Wellness – Oldest ad Trusted One
  • Fantastic Massage oils for body massages at Soul Wellness Spa
  • Jazz Lounge Spa – Best for Personal Care Treatments
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