Those who love to visit a desert to enjoy different activities like dune bashing will surprisingly not know about conservation reserves. Do you have any piece of information about the largest conservation reserve in the United Arab Emirates?

If yes, you are the lucky one who has explored this particular area, but if know, I am here to give you the best about it. There were a lot of amazing species including native birds as well as migratory when I visited the famous Al Marmoom Desert. The uniqueness of the oasis lies in the man-made waterfalls that make it stunning from other Dubai deserts.


People either love to have an evening safari desert tour as they want to enjoy all the activities in it. Similarly, I must say that the first unfence natural reserve should be included in your tour to explore differently over 40 acres of shrubs. It is important to know that there are over 204 native as well as 158 migratory birds in it.

Moreover, there is the greatest density of big flamingos about 300 to 500 for you to explore. You will also see one of the most significant concentrations of Arabian leopards in this famous desert. Let’s explore what are the important things to explore in this desert that will fill your energy to the peak level.

Important Things to Explore in the Famous Al Marmoom Oasis

I would like to inform here that when I visited the place along with my friends there were more processes working pending. Actually, the government of Dubai wants to give more environmental, cultural, as well as sports-related activities for tourists. But still, there were many places to visit and I made my time much more wonderful.

Al Qudra Lakes – Desert-Rich Bird Life


The enormous artificial lakes are located among the sand dunes of the Sahi Al Salam Desert and are a part of this famous oasis. You will see various bird nests at this place that have access to numerous islands as habitats.

There are also many low-lying plants and trees that are enough to provide food to insects and birds. You may also love to stay in the shade of such trees. Since the Al Qudra lakes are a man-made attraction to get in love with them, similarly, the famous artificial Dubai Waterfall is worth seeing for indoor activity.

I would love to discuss the beautiful migratory birds including the black swan, geese, ducks, and flamingos drawn to the chain of lakes. Also, the lake is the best camping place for tourists to make a remarkable ideal time there.

I observed there are a variety of platforms for animals and birds that have been erected on the lakes so that people can do it safely. There was a huge population of the Arabian oryx seeming as if this desert is home to them.

Love Lake Dubai – Unique Interconnected Hearts


Lovers will feel their pulse rate at its highest point while knowing about the interconnected hearts of Love Lake. You can go for a leisurely stroll among the flowers with your special person. You will come across the heart-shaped structures made of flowers and greenery.

The lake’s biggest feature is that anyone can go there whenever they want for no charge. I will give an overview of my walk along the two linked hearts. The reason why one should walk around the lake is that the two link hearts are linked by a distance of about seven kilometers.

Also, remember that it is difficult to see the lovely heart shapes from the ground level, the area is full of love signs, making this place a genuinely distinctive place of Dubai.

Beautifully Designed Al Qudra Cycling Track


Join the beautiful Al Qudra Cycling Track, an incredible path of about 86km, the best adventure to do in Dubai. The best time to visit the cycling track is to choose between sunrise and sunset which will escape your body from the scorching heat of the sun.

Bot beginners and professional cyclists can be on the track. This is not required to take a cycle to enjoy the track, you can ride a bike. If you don’t bike, the Al Qudra Cycling Track Bike Rental is available for rent. If you are a youngster your bike is different from kids and verily has different charges.

The happier thing is the discount rates provided on the weekends. There are a few rules to follow before having a bike ride on the Al Qudra Cycling Path given below;

  • You are not permitted to enjoy a bike if you haven’t put on a helmet. Tourists can easily take them when they rent a bike.
  • You can only utilize restrooms when you are in the rental shop not on the path.
  • Take any water bottle or track along with you as there is limited water around the track.
  • Keep your path on the right side as the faster cyclists will cross you.
  • If you wish to have a night ride, there is a need for lights. The majority of the 50km ride has no illuminations in it, so be aware of the wildlife.

You have to pay some charges while having a rental bike similar to the way if have a Yacht Rental in Dubai while enjoying a yacht tour.

The Last Exit’s Famous Dining Options


Without having dinner, visiting the desert is not complete. A true unexpected center at the desert renowned as the Street Truck Park to enjoy favorite foodies. You will find this to be a perfect place for guests traveling from the Al Qudra Lakes and further afield with a lot of amenities.

These amenities include gas, bathrooms, a grocery shop, and a number of food trucks. Finally, in the end, you will find the Last Exit to enjoy supper but make sure to have a vehicle as there is no public transport to access this place.

Sleep in Bab Al Shams – A wonderful luxury Retreat


Bab Al Shams is the best place to find luxury as this one is the superb luxury gateway for those who want to explore Bedouin life. I find this place to be the amazing one to enjoy the stunning infinity pool that looks out over the desert and unwind in the Satori Spa.

The delectable dinner at one of the six on-site restaurants made me happier. Also, Bab Al Shams has gained fame among the best desert resort, worth visiting to disclose the mystique of Arab.

Dubai Camel Racing Track: A Wonderful Heritage Site 


One of the largest racing tracks to enjoy the desert life is to have camel riding in the famous Al Marmoom Desert. You can easily go through the grandstands as they are open to the public.

The desert tour will not be enough without enjoying a camel ride option on the barren land. Since the suitable time for racing is in the dawn so it is suggested to join the race between 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM. You are free to visit the desert in a Full Day Dubai Tour but it all depends on the package you are going to take.

Visit the Al Marmoom Heritage Village for Arabian Culture


The main reason for visiting the desert is to have a close-up view of the Bedouin Culture. The heritage festival holds in the spring season, the best chance for visitors to explore the Arabian Culture and desert life. Many other things are here along with camel races like handicrafts and traditional activities.

Three Thousand Years Old Archaeological Site


You will find the Saruq Al Hadid Archaeological located in the largest conservation reserve and is 3000 years back to the Iron Age.

But I should point out that the area itself is not intended to be a tourist attraction. More ancient attractions in the rural area include the Dubai Dino the largest shopping mall in the city.

Enjoy the star gazing activity in the desert


Deserts have their own charm at night especially when there are amazing live performances like if you are visiting the Overnight Desert Safari . Similarly, this region is also known as the haven region where stargazing is the best activity to do.

A unique attraction of this place is to enjoy the stargazing experiences with the astrology professionals. If you love to view the stars and study them you may find the famous Dubai Astronomy Group.

Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Largest Solar Park


The best feature of this desert which is a home to clean energy to reduce the annual carbon emissions of 214000 tonnes of carbon by the homes of UAE.

This one is the largest renewable energy source in the country but is not used as a tourist attraction. Tourists may go there to check how the region is growing by leaps and bounds.

Wrapping it up!

All the things that are admirable for the tourists to enjoy in the Al Marmoom Desert are available. Visiting a desert with such beautiful native birds, migratory birds, Heritage villages, dinner spots, Al Qudra and Love Lakes makes the place more wonderful. I will thus advise you to plan a trip to this oasis anytime you decide to take a trip to Dubai.

What  People Ask About the Largest Wildlife Spot in UAE

Which one is the famous migratory bird in UAE?

The largest and most famous migratory birds are flamingos and eagles. Other migratory birds such as ducks, gulls, sanderling, avocets, herons, egrets, and cormorants.

Which bird represents the United Arab Emirates as its national bird?

The Saker Falcon is the national bird of the UAE and falcons as known to be the cultural symbol of the region.

Which animal is known to be national in Dubai?

The Arabian Oryx are known to be the national animals of Dubai.

Can tourists di camping in Al Qudra Lakes?

A free outdoor activity for tourists is exploring the famous Al Qudra Lakes. Tourists only have to take A

Which one is the most popular camping region in the United Arab Emirates?

The best camping region in UAE is the Ajman Desert for beginners. The best glamping location for families is here.