Underwater Aquarium with a giant of 10 million water tanks is awaiting you. Oh! Are you shocked by what I’m about to say? Wait… wait… I am here to give you a complete adventure of visiting the famous Dubai Mall Aquarium.

The first thing you know about the aquarium is the surprisingly beautiful aquatic creature in it. The marine animals are about 33000 with 400 sharks and Rays. Besides all Dubai Mall activities, this one has its own charm in the world of indoor aquariums. More attractive things you will see in it like sand tiger sharks, large groupers, and other spectacular marine creatures in it.

The famous landscape of UAE known to be Dubai is full of man-made as well as natural attractions to catch the eye of dazzling visitors. While visiting this underwater zoo I remained astonished for a while that how these creatures are beautifully living.

You will surely be stuck in the captivating views of marine animals and a variety of exotic animals. The largest mall in the world contains an amazing aquarium tank whose length is about 51 meters, 20 meters wide, and about 11 meters high. No doubt, this aquarium is the largest man-made water attraction for tourists on the planet.

Massive exhibits in the Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

There are a lot of stunning attractions in the largest shopping mall in Dubai like the famous man-made waterfall . There are a lot of stunning activities to explore here, king croc Encounter, Otter Encounter, Ray Encounter, Shark Dives, and the Shark Trainer Encounter.

The Penguin Cove – All-New Immersive Encounter


A fabulous place that is available for you to discover the beautiful 16 Gentoo penguins 8 male and 8 female. This famous aquarium and zoo of UAE was the first region to introduce these Gentoo Penguins.

When you make a visit to the Penguin Encounter you will get all new immersive habitats of the beautiful birds and their incredible natural behaviors. Visit Penguin Cove along with your kids and make tonnes of pictures there to enjoy the memorable tour.

The Otter Encounter- Interact with the Cute Animals


Enjoy the Otto encounter if you enjoy interacting with creatures. The cute charismatic animals with 13 otter species will give you a unique experience that you would never have gotten. I was really surprised to see these species when they interacted by shaking hands with me.

You may also get about how they manage their life through the instructors and watch their clever interactions. Besides such amazing things, you are free to approach the enchanting activities in the Dubai Mall, that you will not experience anywhere in the world.

Shark Trainer Encounter, Get Closer to Resident Bamboo


A wonderful thing you will get in the place when you will get into the aquarium’s tank and interact with the bamboo and Leopard Sharks. You have to stay in the shallower tanks and observe the interaction of sharks.

Don’t worry you would be given waist-high proof waders to observe the sharks. You will also be guided by the instructors on how DAUZ takes care of Bamboo and Leopard Sharks.

Swim with the Shark – Memorable Diving Experience


Swimming with the sharks to enjoy an unforgettable experience of diving. If you are planning to have a Full Day Tour, I will suggest you visit this underwater zoo in Dubai that has all the hidden treasures in it.

I enjoyed the Scuba Dive with the tiger sharks, Reef Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Giant Groupers, Tawny Nurse Sharks, and Stingrays. If you don’t know Scuba Dive there is no need to panic. You are free to discover Al Boom’s Diving Scuba Program which will allow you to enjoy the excitement of swimming the sharks.

Meet King Corc Encounter – Latest Addition


Meet the King Crocodile encounter and maintain a distance from these large strong teethed animals because of their size. Enjoy your time discovering everything about the famous cold-blooded creatures including their habitats, their food needs, and the amount they weigh.

You have reached home to the magnificent King and Queen. A unique type of adventure you will get by feeding the powerful crocodiles but keep all safety measures in your hand.

Experience Ocean Life with Ray Encounter

Many people don’t have enough knowledge about the rays. I also discovered these animals first time during my visit to the best water aquarium in UAE. These are incredibly beautiful creatures, very safe to feed, and will make you smile.

Although the creatures of the renowned Lost of Chambers are located in the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark , the marine creatures of this zoo are also amazing to have fun with them.

Cage Snorkeling – Dive into the Secure Cage

duai mall aquairum

Cage snorkeling is the best ever adventure to do in this amazing place. You have to dive into the secure cage, the adventure is similar to Scuba Diving. But the perfect thing is that there is no need for any diving equipment and experience.

You need to put a snorkeling gear to experience the same thrills of coming up close to sharks and rays without risking your safety. But there is a caution that children below 8 years should not take part in this activity. 

Shark Walker – A safe Underwater Cage

You have to put a helmet on your head as a breathing mask and view the large sharks and other marine creatures. This activity also is not similar to Scuba Diving, no need for experience but to hang up in the cage. You may also record your experience to share with your loved ones by means of videos.

Distinct Amenities of the famous Dubai Mall Fish Aquarium

Since the largest fish and marine aquarium is located in the fabulous shopping mall, it is not possible if it doesn’t include extra amenities. On the second floor of the Dubai Mall aquarium, there are restrooms, baby changing stations, and prayer rooms.

I wondered by seeing the gift shop that had recorded videos of what you experienced. You are free to use this shop to get your recorded videos and then share them with your loved ones. If visitors want to eat something, various food courts are available to give them a delectable taste.

Aquarium Dubai Mall Tickets – Opens 365 days a Year

Aquarium Dubai Mall Tickets

Before entering the aquarium’s tunnel, you will be fully informed about each journey. Combined with the VIP Explorer package, there are numerous additional offerings that tourists can investigate. If you have a nationality in UAE and have a residence in it, you will be cherished by certain extra discounts.

For adult tourists, it is suggested to spend AED 400 for tickets, and kids of age under 12 have to pay AED 300 to enjoy the underwater sea world. The fascinating thing to enjoy is that you may take an annual pass that will give you all benefits and additional discounts throughout the year.

Moreover, you may also take the top Burj Khalifa spectacular views, take pictures, record videos, and enjoy the way you want.

Wrapping it up!

I have put all my experience in this post about my wonderful journey to the Dubai Mall Aquarium. A wise man will never leave to catch up with the adventure of other activities in the shopping mall such as Dubai Fountain Boardwalk . So come and see what attractions make the famous landscape of the United Arab Emirates to be the perfect tourist destination.

What People Ask about Underwater Zoos & Aquariums

 What is the price for underwater zoo tickets in Dubai?

You must have a budget of about 145 AED to view the Aquarium Tunnel, a zoo in the water, various kinds of marine species, and some other things. If you are having kids of age below 2 years you don’t have to pay any charges at all.

Is it suitable to have a deep dive in the water aquarium in the largest mall in UAE?

As the temperature outside is too hot so it’s suitable to take a deep dive if you are a good swimmer. It will keep you calm and cool but you have to pay for this dive from 400 AED to 1800 AED.

Name some famous zoos in the Emirates.

The famous zoo for tourists attraction are given below;

  • Al Ain Zoo – Filled with indigenous and exotic animals
  • Dubai Safari Park serves as a biodiversity preserve.
  • Iconic Indoor Tropical forest at The Green Planet
  • Dubai Dolphinarium – Unique Family Indoor Attraction

How many animals are there in the Lost of Chambers?

There are about 65000 marine animals both giant and tiny that are found in the famous Atlantis Aquarium known to be The Lost of Chambers.

Which metro line is most convenient for getting to the biggest mall in the Emirates?

By metro, you have to reach the Burj Khalifa Station on the Red Line by taking any bus from the station. If no buses are available, you can use the Metro Link Bridge, respectively.