You had either listened to the lovely Creekside of the famous Dubai Festival City Mall located on Dubai Creek’s wavefront. But the question here arises why a shopping mall is said to be an amazing Creekside? Is it the only reason that it is situated on the wavefront of Dubai Creek?

No surely, not, its location can be the main reason, however, it has a beautiful promenade spot for walking, jogging, and indulging in other activities. If you are approaching the mall, you are not there to shop only, instead, you will get much more enjoyment in the mall. Besides this amazing place to visit, Dubai also has the fascinating activities of the largest Dubai Shopping Mall to have a fun time for visitors.


I know that the major concept of a shopping mall relates to shopping for what a person loves. Despite the shopping fact, if someone finds stunning attractions and activities to take part in will go towards the Festival City Mall.

There are many stories in the Mall with 400 outlets in it that sell each and everything. What I have seen in terms of attractions of the Mall includes the stunning views of the Creek, the dhow ride on traditional Abra, and the wonderful festival wheel. Fun and adventure will only get doubled when you plan a trip to the beautiful landscape.

The Pinnacle of Dubai Festival City Mall


To get fun by engaging in the Festival City Mall’s events, I have some famous highlights to note down before making a visit.

  • Over 350 shopping stores are available for tourists to buy what they like.
  • All popular brands are awaiting you like Top Shop, GAP, and H & M. Just browse and approach them.
  • The best restaurants in Festival City will give visitors the chance to upscale eateries and cafes and sample some ethnic cuisines like Italian and Chinese.
  • To eat more delectable dishes choose the mall’s food court and sample a variety of dishes.
  • You may also explore the sole Hard Rock Café in the city and get coffee.
  • Have fascinating views of the famous Dubai Creek by having a Ferris wheel ride or Dhow Ride.
  • To experience a unique taste of excitement fall into the Dream Aero Flight Simulator or Bounce – X.
  • Visit the famous Novo Cinema to watch a movie.
  • The evening time in the shopping mall will give you magnificent views of the Imagine Fountain Show.

Interesting Attractions to view in Dubai Festival City Mall

As all the shopping centers have something new and fascinating for tourists, likewise, people also love the festival mall’s attractions and spend time there.

Festival Mall City Restaurants – World-Class Cuisines


The spectacular views of the wavefront of the creek side while having dinner is the best adventure for tourists to explore in this place. Although you are going to have dinner in the Asian Emirates you would know by visiting the amazing places of Dubai , there are delicious international cuisines.

You may take Italian or Chinese food or any other new tasty dishes if you want to eat. Not only can you discover more varieties of food by means of different food courts but also the famous Hard Rock Café.

Shop and Enjoy in the Dubai Festival City Stores


I had taken advantage of an extensive shopping trip to the famous city mall, where you can enjoy purchasing clothing, accessories, home goods, shoes, and a variety of other items. Dubai is known to be the most famous city in the world for its shopping, therefore, such shopping malls will surely provide you with all high-quality things.

I love to buy things from my favorite brands like GAP, Old Navi, and Zara. So you are welcome here too, to buy from these brands. Ladies can purchase ornaments from a number of jewelry outlets like pure gold and Damas Jewelry. 

High Jewelry Creations at Dubai Festival Mall

No doubt Dubai is famous for the best jewelry shops , you can explore different jewelry designs at the City Mall. The Festival Mall contains many famous jewelry shops including Jawhara Jewelry, Rejee Jewelry, Pure Gold Jewelers, Atasay, Al Futtaim watches & Jewellry, and many others. You can visit all these shops and buy any design you want.

Bounce X –  First Freestyle Terrain Park on the Globe


Uniqueness is the main key to visiting any place. I mainly see which things are distinct in any place and why I should spend time there. In other words, I’m claiming it will improve your travel experience. Bounce X is the world’s first Freestyle attraction in the Dubai Festival City Mall, a big area with two stories that have been jam-packed with a variety of things.

These things include enormous airbags, slides, trapezes, and other playing equipment. If you are visiting the place with little ones, don’t worry, they will enjoy a special area with amenities to play and explore in a secure and supervised setting. Other famous and unique things to explore include the largest architectural building Burj Khalifa.

The Novo Cinemas – Most Entertainment Innovative Experience


The 18-screen movie hall will give you the most innovative entertainment experience among all other activities in the mall. Enjoy a seven-star that gives you access to amenities like cushions, butler service, and luxurious leather seats.

Perfect Places to Stay in the Festival City’s Collection


It is always mentioned to find out the best-staying places before you visit any famous place. Those who visit Dubai for business tours as well as to enjoy leisure time must have a good piece of knowledge about residential hotels.

Besides all indoor activities, visitors may also engage in a Jet Ski Experience in Dubai to raise their sensations to a peak level.

Before choosing any residential hotel for a stay in the Dubai Festival City Mall, visitors should know that there is a selection of luxurious rooms and hotels. Moreover, it features outstanding dining options, body massage treatments & Spas, and recreational amenities.

Let’s know what famous residential areas to explore near but before this, you can also explore the best desert resorts.

  • The Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City – Those who visit this city for modern business traveling reasons will get a big bounce of relaxation and productivity at the Crowne Plaza. If you are in search of a place to explore innovative conferences this one is the best place. People can take advantage of the magnificent pool area, the recreation deck, and the excellent dining alternatives.
  • Holiday Inn & Suites, an IHG Hotel – The famous hotel is located only a 10-minute drive from the Dubai International Airport and in the heat of the city mall. Businessmen and leisure travelers both can visit the place. The Holiday Inn hotel features a contemporary interior with naturally inspired furnishings. A wonderful place to visit in Dubai also suddenly came into my mind due to its Mughal Style design. Yes, you are thinking right, I am talking about The Grand Mosque , a place to be visited again and again.
  • The Intercontinental Dubai Residence Suites – Those who want to live in a high-style area must approach the International Residence Suits. The ease of each stay in the apartment leads to the beautiful décor of the residential suites. Furthermore, you can have a 24- hours room service, cleaning, concierge, and a business center.

Finally, I would say that the Intercontinental Residential Suites is a luxurious alternative with tastefully furnished rooms. Also, you will find a remarkable array of restaurants and cafes, meeting spaces and ballrooms, and a number of recreational amenities.

Festival Wheel Dubai – Incredible View at the Skyline


Enjoying a festival wheel ride is the most fascinating fun I experienced in the festival mall. The giant wheel has a height of about 40 meters with 30 capsules. You have to enter any of the capsules to enjoy the ride and view the spectacular positions of the landscape. Those who love to see mesmerizing sunset views should have a ride in the evening.

Laser, Light, Water, and Fire Elements in the Imagine

The Imagine show includes the laser, light, fire, and water fountain shows. Such the largest water screen projection can’t be seen anywhere in the world, therefore, don’t miss to enjoy the fantastic sensory experience. The show repeats after every half hour, starts at 7:00 PM, and ends at 11:00 PM.

Dhow Cruise Ride with Stunning Moments

Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise is an eye-popping enchantment for tourists. In the same way, for enjoying a dhow cruise ride you have to ride on a traditional Abra. The Emirati Culture while riding o Abra will let you float in the calm waters and indulge in the lovely waterfront views.

Incredible Restaurants in Dubai Festival City with Shisha

Although Dubai is famous for the best vegetarian restaurants however, there is something more relishing that you can enjoy. If you are going to explore Dubai festival city mall, give a chance to the nearby restaurants of the Dubai Festival City which offers amazing shisha [Interlink] facilities. A few popular outlets I would like to cover here to help you in choosing the best place of your own choice.

  • Vista Bar and Terrace – A panorama of Mix & Mingle with offering Shisha
  • Choix patisserie Shisha cafe – located at Lobby Level Intercontinental Dubai Festival City
  • Eclipse Champagne Bar Dubai – Great Bar in Intercontinental Dubai Festival City.

Best Transport to Reach the Destination

Metro routes are favorable to reach the destination from Dubai to Hatta transport but still, you are free to have a ride on Cream or Uber. You may rent your own car for a self-drive, in the same way, you do for a self-drive desert Safari Tour.

  • Ride in a Car or Taxi – If you are interested in having a ride in a car, go onto Crescent Road to reach your destination.
  • By Bus – If you prefer Bus, note the bus number 64A, 24, and F08. These buses have a direct route to the shopping mall.
  • Go to the Metro Station – If you are intended to go to the Metro Station, go on the Red Line and stop at the Emirates station. No board on one of the mentioned buses.

Summing it up!

Having an obsession with the shopping area is a truly natural thing for mankind. As human beings, it’s our nature to explore more and more unique things and enhance our experiences towards various kinds of life adventures.

Dubai Festival City Mall is the best place in the city for shopping, dining, and other various activities. Both children and adults will enjoy the place just like the famous Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark.

What People Ask about the Dubai Festival City Shopping Mall

Which bus route is popular to reach the City Mall?

The 43 bus route that starts from Gold Souq Bus station with 30 stops is the popular route to reach the destination.

How many floors are constructed in the Festival Mall?

There are about 4 floors in the mall along with one basement and has a parking area of about 4000 slots.

What are the famous luxury brands included in the festival city?

The famous luxurious brands include Louise Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, and many others to explore.

How many rooms are there in the Intercontinental Residences Suites?

There are 382 rooms in the Intercontinental each with luxurious five-star facilities along with visiting the Marina Views.

What is the maximum time to step inside the Dream Aero Flight Simulator?

Tourists can step inside for about 15 minutes to experience how to fly.