My visit to Dubai while visiting amazing shopping malls like Dubai Festival City Mall always paid attention to jewelry. The breathtaking jewelry designs in gold and diamond stayed in my mind whenever I visited the malls.

But you know what I planned after seeing them? I planned to find out the best jewelry shops in Dubai with all their specifications. I have been fond of buying jewelry since my childhood, like bracelets and necklaces. 

Therefore, I could never miss the chance to visit Dubai jewelry shops as it is famous for them. I will explore all the amazing shops where you can find any type of jewelry that matches your interest.

Top Jewellery Shops in Dubai – Amazing and Unique Designs

Women are mostly in love with breathtaking jewelry designs. If you are visiting Dubai, the traditional Gold Souk and Dubai gold stores are waiting for you to buy. In the following article, I will mention the top 10 jewelry shops in Dubai to help you in buying what you want.

Joyalukkas Jewelry – The number one Jewelry Brand

There is no doubt that all jewelry shops in Dubai have distinct gold designs. But the Joyalukkas is one of the best gold stores and is in the number one place. The question arises why it is more famous than all other stores or brands. The answer is quite simple, hidden in its excellent unbeatable gold quality and beautiful designs. You will go through each classic, modern, and traditional gold design once you are in the Joyalukkas.

Joyalukkas Jewelry dubai

The popularity of Joyalukkas for the mesmerizing pieces of gold with stunning handcrafted pieces. Besides gold, you will get a splendid convergence of traditional heritage for diamond and platinum accessories. Those who love to wear lightweight jewelry can come to check out the elegant pieces of gold and diamonds at such famous gold shops.

What makes Joyalukkas superior to all other Dubai Gold Shops

It is essential for tourists and residents to know why they are prescribed to visit Joyalukkas and all other gold brands. One reason is that there is a charming and delightful collection of pendants, rings, bangles, and gold sets. There are some unique and distinct points that give a clear review of the superiority of Joyalukkas overall in Jewelers Dubai. 

  • Check out the fanciful 3D diamond collection.
  • Enjoy exclusive bonuses from the sellers for being a regular customer of this famous gold brand.
  • Provided a gold protection scheme to customers by just paying 10 percent of the money in advance.
  • Offers a buyback policy to the customers after 15 days from the delivery date.
  • Buyers will get both physical as well as e-gift cards from the Joyalukkas gold shop.

Damiani Jewellery Shop – Buy Luxurious Rings, Earrings, and Bracelets

Damiani Jewellery Shop dubai

Besides Joyalukkas, another Dubai shop in Dubai is famous as Damiani Jewelry Shop. Damiani is famous for its beautiful and enchanting jewelry collection of rings, earrings, bracelets, and others. You may also go for stunning watch designs in the shop.

If you don’t want to purchase watches from this shop, you may also approach Dubai Shopping Mall

to get the type you want. In order to get regulated and customized embellishments, Damiani is the best choice for buyers. There are some facts that I would like to mention here about Damiani making it unique from all other gold pieces of jewelry in Dubai.

  • 100 percent Pure and authenticated designs for customers.
  • Buy Jewelry and enjoy free insurance.
  • There is no need to spend more money on regulated and customized jewelry.

Exquisite Facts and Collections that Make Damiani Unique

  • Belle Epoque – Explore the charming earrings, rings, and necklaces with diamonds and beautiful gemstones.
  • D Side – Offers Diamond International Malta’s luxurious jewelry pieces with white gold and diamonds.
  • Minou – Explore the classic and breathtaking collection of the Maison with a combination of white gold as well as platinum with diamonds.
  • Margherita – Offers pioneering designs of jewelry with a collection of both classic and modern styles to provide ordinary beauty.
  • Mimosa – Provides a unique, harmonious, and refined collection with a combination of different stones and 3D dimensional aspects.
  • D. Icon Star Collection – Innovative shiny black pieces of jewelry with the latest evolution of Goldsmith art.
  • Eden – A unique and spectacular masterpiece specialized by the snake figure.

Agatha Jewelry Dubai –Shop the Latest Trends

Agatha Jewelry Dubai

Agatha Jewelry is famous in the United Arab Emirates for its iconic French fashion jewelry brand. Such gold shops can provide you with all the elegant and chic designs and were founded in 1974. The well-known Agatha jewelry was first opened in Paris. In order to shop the latest trends for several materials like beads, and shells, the Agatha is the best choice.

Damas – Middle East’s Leading International Jewelry

Damas dubai

Damas is the best jewelry store in Dubai to provide exquisite jewelry pieces to customers. The beautiful ornaments of Damas are not specific to a certain event or occasion. Therefore, you can wear it to any business or official dinner.

For instance, if you are going to attend a Dubai Marina Cruise Dinner , Damas jewelry pieces are the best to wear. Moreover, I would like to specify the type of jewelry you can wear like bracelets, rings, bangles, earrings, and pendants. There are some specifications of Damas shops that make them unique from all other Dubai gold shops.

  • This gold shop is famous for 9 beautiful gemstones that are used in their jewelry. These gemstones are pure diamond, ruby, blue and yellow sapphire, pearl, emerald, garnet, and others.
  • You are not specified to buy only light jewelry pieces, heavy ones are also available.
  • Offer promotional as well as bonus gifts to the customers.
  • Provides an amazing portfolio of luxurious jewelry brands.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds – Best for Latest Watch Collections

Malabar Gold and Diamonds dubai

The Malabar gold and diamonds jewelry outlet is famous for the best and latest watch collections. This Dubai jewelry store will provide you with all amazing watch brands like Tissot, Fossil, Seiko, Rado, and others. You can easily buy the piece of jewelry you like and send it to your relatives or loved ones. Like all other gold shops, there is something captivating about Malabar Gold and Diamonds given below;

  • Offers the interchangeable policy of the purchased jewelry within 15 days.
  • To swap or return the jewelry, don’t pay any further fees.
  • Provides insurance regarding their solitaire jewelry.

The price range for each outlet is different when buying Malabar gold and diamond jewelry.

Jawhara Jewelry – A touch of Beauty and Dazzling Outlet

Jawhara Jewelry dubai

Those who love to get precious metals in the form of diamonds with a lifetime warranty will get Jawhara Jewelers the best option. If you are going to visit the amazing places located in the heart of Dubai, never miss the chance of Jawhara.

These have unique innovative and latest designs appealing to the youth. The price range for Jawhara starts from AED 400 for 18 carats of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. This gold shop is not only specified for light outlets but is considered best for heavy ones. There is something worth remembering for Jawhara customers given below;

  • Customized and regulated jewelry for customers.
  • Buy the jewelry and enjoy free polishing service for almost one year.

Kalyan Jewellery– Best for engagement & wedding rings, earrings

Kalyan Jewelers dubai

Kalyan Jewelers are famous in Dubai with a wide variety of collections for rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You will get pure quality and excellent quality diamonds and gold in a variety of gemstones. Additionally, Kalyan Jewellers has the benefit of offering lifetime gold policies to their clients. Once you have bought something from this jewelry shop, you can return it in a month.

Pure Gold Jewellery– Best Affordable Gold Jewelry

Pure Gold Jewellery dubai

The gold and diamond prices with any taxes are still high in the city. In order to attain the best affordable gold jewelry in Dubai, pure gold jewelers are the best gold store. Explore the spectacular collection with amazing price ranges like Eternity, Illusion, Bridal, Napoli, and Miracle.

Antique and enchanting gold designs are found in all outlets like rings, earrings, bracelets, and gold chains. You can wear such jewelry in a casual dress like visiting a place in the city as Global Village.

  • Arranging regulation and customization 
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Largest Retailers for Affordable Prices

Taiba Jewellery– Famous for World’s Heaviest Gold Ring

Taiba Jewelers are famous for creating the world’s largest gold ring weighing about 18 carats. This gold jewelry shop has been working for almost 40 years in the market and now has crafted its work to a unique level. You can buy crowns and can also make them on order.

several gold pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry.   Your gold sets will be customized in a better way by paying a cost of AED 2000- 4000- Ladies will get distinct pieces crafted in the form of Arab Art.

ARY Jewellery– Unparalleled Royal Gold

ary jewellery dubai

In order to gain the perfect gold piece with complete elegance and quality, ARY Jewelers is the best option to choose. The glitters of such outlets are famous all over the world and provide rare pieces. Like all shops, each outlet has a different price range. There is a wide variety of collections to purchase like pearls, and precious stones including rubies, and sapphires.

Kanz Jewels – Classic and Ever-Changing Collection

Kanz Jewels

The Kanz Jewels are famous for classic and well as ever-changing timepieces of jewelry collection in Dubai. This gold shop is one of the greatest in the city, the amazing stellar customer service makes buyers come again.

Accordingly, you can easily get precise craftsmanship by visiting each of the seven locations at Gold Souk. Purchase presents for those you cherish and do all of your buying online.

Deira Gold Souk – Unconventional Unique Designs

Deira gold souk shops provide buyers with elegant pieces of gold. You can buy the crafted pieces in amazing colors like red, yellow, and white gold pieces. The huge variety of jewelry pieces includes pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, and bangles.

Liali Jewellery– Famous for Affordable Prices

Liali Jewellery dubai

Besides pure gold jewelers, you may also approach Liali Jewelers in order to gain cheap and affordable gold articles. If you want to gain something heavy like bridal jewelry this Dubai gold shop is the best option for you. Like all other jewelers, they also maintain crafted gold and diamond pieces in their outlets.

Rossella Jewelry – High-End Luxurious Products

Jewelry is the unique Dubai Fact that makes it distinct overall the world. Each outlet is designed in a unique crafted way and visitors can buy what they want. They provide precious items to customers in the form of rings, earrings, bracelets, and chains.

Khushi Jewels – Gold and Zircon Plated Items

Khushi Jewels dubai

Those who want to attain jewelry pieces in the form of gold and Zircon Plated items can approach Khushi Jewels. They have the oldest shop in the city, built in 1891, and are still famous for their elegant jewelry options.

Wrapping it up!

Dubai is famous for unlimited attractions like Jet skiing as well as other outdoor attractions. However, looking into indoor activities mainly leads to shopping.  So I have covered all about the best jewelry shops in Dubai which you can follow to purchase something you like. Many people don’t have a budget to buy costly jewelry, they can go to normal price ranges.

What People Concern about the Best Jewelry Shops in Dubai

Is it suitable to buy Jewelry in Dubai?

Since there are exemptions from taxes in Dubai for tourists and residents, it is very beneficial to buy gold or diamond from Dubai.

Can tourists find cheap diamond jewelry from Dubai?

Dubai is famous for both cheap as well as expensive jewelry. If you want to buy a cheap diamond you can easily buy it as there is no tax imposed by the Government.

Which gold is superior to buy in Saudi Arabia or Dubai?

Although both countries are famous for buying the best variety of Gold, Dubai is famous for being more organized, controlled, and regulated Gold.

What is the price of one gold gram in Dubai?

The gold price ranges for different carrots in Dubai, however, one gold gram of 24 carrots has a price of about AED 233 in Dubai.

Which items can be bought at the Gold Souk of Dubai Creek?

The Gold Souk of Dubai Creek is full of silver, platinum, strings of pearls, and diamond jewelry for tourists to buy. But there are more than 350 retailers who sell tax-free gold.