Dubai is famous among all the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates it is famous for providing a luxurious lifestyle. Do you know what I intend when I say that life is luxurious? Yeah, it all leads to the fun things and entertainment that give your life a new taste.

You will find no exception in the city which offers a variety of elegant modern locations. Therefore, all your search will end here while finding the best shisha places in Dubai. If you are seeking a peaceful night with your friends, a romantic date, or an amazing unforgettable experience. You will have the best choice of shisha places to engage you in the aromatic flavors of the city.

Top Shisha Places in Dubai – Take part in your favorite Activity

Before exploring the perfect shisha places in Dubai, you need to know about the knowledge of shisha. Shisha is also famous in the Middle East with the name of Hubble-Bubble Smoking, waterpipe, and Hookah. People enjoy all these types of shisha by smoking tobacco. This is the old tradition in the Middle East to share a Shisha Pipe either with friends or family to get yourself relaxed.

HUQQA – Famous Turkish Venue 

The famous Turkish Venue is considered among the best Shisha places in Dubai and is located in the Dubai Mall . The best indoor place to enjoy an indoor shisha place is the Huqqa which provides breathtaking and stunning views of the city.

HUQQA – Famous Turkish Venue 

Besides this since the place is located on the 3rd floor of the Dubai Shopping Mall, you will also enjoy the dancing Dubai Fountain [Interlinking]. However, the price ranges for enjoying Shisha in the place start from AED 100 to AED 200 along with delectable Turkish dishes.

The Courtyards – One Only Royal Mirage Dubai Marina

Among all the Shisha Places in Dubai, the Courtyards is located in Dubai Marina with a perfect theme of Arabian tents. The amazing resort provides tourists to spend a stunning Arabian evening under the twinkling stars at night with tents.

Courtyards Mirage Dubai shisha

You will feel just like a Bedouin while spending the night in the Arabian tents with the majlis-style seating area and beautiful lanterns. Moreover, you will be served here with a variety of Arabian delicacies along with hot and cold mezze.

Treehouse Lounge – Well–known Shisha Places in Dubai

The beautiful decadent rooftop lounge in Dubai is the Treehouse located near Burj Khalifa . The treehouse rooftop is famous as an urban hideaway with stunning views of the outdoor environment. If you are looking for delicious Mediterranean-Asian Cuisine in Dubai City, this is the perfect place for you.

Treehouse Lounge Dubai shisha

You are free to enjoy the delectable Asia Cuisine in this chic lounge together with a hand-selected assortment of inventive shisha flavors, cocktails, and sparkling wines. An ideal location to enjoy music while listening to residential Arabian music that will give more groove to your evening.

Buharya Lounge – Popular Shisha Lounge in Downtown

If you are searching for a popular Bedouin-like atmosphere to smoke in tents or camps, the Buhrya Lounge is an ideal location. Since you are going to smoke in the tents the perfect time to visit the place is at night. As a result, you can have breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa at night from the tents decorated in the Arabian Style.

Buhayra Lounge dubai shisha

Moreover, you will get an amazing natural environment by the adjacent pool surrounded by palm trees. Besides Shisha smoking, you have the options to choose among mouthwatering mezze, Arabian Cuisine, and cool beverages along with Arabian music.

Nurai – Café Restaurant & Shisha Lounge in Dubai

One of the most amazing Shisha places in Dubai that provides stunning outdoor terraces as well can be found in the Nurai. Most Shisha lovers and enthusiasts find this place to be the perfect one to enjoy either with their friends or family.

Nurai – Café Restaurant

The Nurai Café Restaurant and Shisha Lounge are famous for providing international delectable cuisines. But the popularity and uniqueness lie in Lebanese cuisine. The price range for Shisha at the Nurai starts from AED 73 but it will change with respect to the flavors you prefer to choose.

Smoky Beach  JBR – Cool Vibes & Stunning Atmosphere

It is common to know that Dubai has hot weather in the 7 to 8 months of a year, and tourists make their way to the beach to enjoy. Similarly, Dubai provides another stunning place to enjoy shisha smoking at Smoky Beach located at JBR .

Smoky Beach  JBR

This is a place where you can enjoy the fabulous views of the beautiful waves of the Arabian Gulf. I will suggest you visit this place for spending quality time with your friends along with vibrant cocktails and nutritious smoothies. Moreover, you can also get a variety of kinds of seafood, salads, and sandwiches.

The Exit Sports Bar – Delectable Night Drinks

People with a mindset of playing games as well as sports go to the sports bar to relax. For this purpose, the top indoor shisha place in Dubai is the Exit sports bar with a vibrant atmosphere at this gastropub.

The Exit Sports Bar

This sports bar has a unique quality in that people come for shisha smoking and enjoying the matches of their favorite teams. This shows that there are up to eight huge screens where you watch your favorite sports team compete, a sports-oriented style of food, and a wide selection of drinks. 

ILA Restaurant and Café, Al Seef – Vegetarian Meal with Shisha

A modern chic-setting area with a glitzy shisha bar with the renowned Dubai Creek is waiting for you at ILA. The Al Seef restaurant provides visitors with reasonable meal options that contain shisha to get relaxed in the fresh atmosphere. Moreover, this is a perfect place for a plant-based diet love along with a distinctive fusion of Arabian multicuisine meals.

Old Castello Restaurant & Café- World-Class Food Experience

In order to enjoy the world-class food experience, I would prefer you to visit the Old Castello Restaurant and Café. The restaurant is famous for its vibrant and stunning atmosphere and is open from 3 PM to 1 AM.

Old Castello Restaurant & Café

This location is ideal for listening to live music from well-known artists. Additionally, you may participate in music nights and enjoy reasonably priced shisha flavors, which start at AED 80. You can explore the place by yourself by visiting it, therefore, don’t skip tasting its shisha flavors.

Pipes Shisha Lounge & Café – Simple & Delicious Food Place

I researched during my Dubai tour about the best resorts not only in Dubai but also in UAE just for reaching Shisha. But I was happy and surprised when I got it from the famous cafes and restaurants.

Mostly the young people come here to enjoy the shisha lounge with the delectable colorful cocktails. The interior of the café is just amazing giving a look of glittering artwork on the walls with cool vibes. The café is entirely established on Shisha flavors, so you can take out classic shisha by paying AED 70.

A wonderful shisha Pipe cocktail is made for visitors for only AED 100 and a special cocktail with shisha is available for only AED 150. Go to the place and enjoy the unbeatable music along with the delicious cocktails.

Wrapping it up!

You can easily put in all your choices at the above shisha places in Dubai where you will enjoy exotic shisha flavors. You can unwind and enjoy spending time with your friends in a welcoming environment. If you have not found any cultural tradition in the Middle East, hubble bubble smoking is the one you can’t ignore. However, I would say that smoking shisha is much more injurious to health than cigarettes because of its highly toxic compounds.

What People Concern About Shisha Places in Dubai

What are the various shisha flavors available in Dubai?

The different flavors of shisha contain mint, fruit, and floral blends. In the case of fruit flavors, you can get orange, lemon, mango, grapefruit, and apple that can be added to water.

What are the factors that make shisha so prevalent in Dubai?

The biggest reason for the popularity of shisha in Dubai is socialization and relaxation. Rather than smoking cigarettes, it is better to smoke shisha which filters smoking and leads to improving health for customers.

Are there any rules to enjoy Shisha in the United Arab Emirates?

You cannot enjoy shisha if you are visiting Dubai parks, beaches, or any recreational area. Moreover, if you are planning a shisha business, ensure that it is banned within 150 kilometers of the city’s mosques, schools, and residential colonies.

Does Dubai have an age restriction for smoking shisha?

Just like alcohol, Shisha also involves an age limit for children. Those who have crossed the age of 18 years can go for Shisha and smoke in Dubai.

What is the price of a shisha lounge per person in Dubai City?

The prices range for different categories for each person as it starts from AED 50 and ends at AED 200. But a different price range is due to the flavor you are going to take.