I am the one from my travel group who loves to eat non-meat dishes. In other words, I would say that I am the one who craves vegetarian meals and dishes. For this reason, I take all my other friends to explore the amazing vegetarian restaurants in Dubai to taste veg deals and admire them. You can explore any type of Egyptian, African as well as Nigerian Restaurant in Dubai .

This clearly means that you are not bound to eat a single dish or something meaty that you don’t like. Moreover, dining with something like veg will keep your health maintained while touring Dubai. So I would like to share my list of amazing vegetarian restaurants which I wish every tourist should explore in Dubai if he is a plant-diet lover.

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai – Friendly Non-meaty Places

Among all the 7 Emirates of UAE Dubai has restaurants practically in every design and style and provides imaginable cuisine. Such cuisine includes an expandable selection of excellent vegetarian establishments. Young people mostly like something wholesome with colorful meals with a more cultivated friendly environment. Let us explore where you can find such restaurants in Dubai that contain plant-focused eating habits.

Just Vegan Jumeirah – A Paradise for the Vegans

Just Vegan Jumeirah dubai

The best place and heaven for vegetarian dish lovers are present in the Just Vegan providing services over three amazing venues in Dubai. The restaurant is not so expensive and every dish rates start from AED 49 only. You can enjoy gluten-free and sugar-free dishes at the restaurant. But I would say that the restaurant contains a plant-based diet as well as replicas of meat-based dishes.

Bounty Beats – Favorite Spot at Dubai Marina 

Bounty Beets dubai

Welcome to transform your perception and add flavor to your life by modifying your eating habit with Bounty Beats. An amazing place that offers its customers organic, vegetarian, and gluten-free tasty meals are provided at this favorite spot of Dubai Marina. Moreover, you can find salads, mueslis, rice bowls, organic cocktails, and wines. You just need to plan a visit and go to enjoy the perfect vegetarian meal at the Bounty Beats.

Comptoir 102 – A  Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant in Dubai

comptoir 102 dubai

One of my best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai is the Comptoir 102 which offers tourists a plant-based menu with organic food ingredients. If you have not found any finger-licking restaurant in Dubai yet, this is the perfect place for you.

This is considered the best healthy café providing each dish with a price of only AED 45 and some favorite dishes. I would like to mention Dubai Vegetarian food that you can enjoy here like Vegan nut cheese Platter, Avocado toast, toasted bagels, and Acai Bowls.

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Bomby Basera – Popular Flavorful Pure Veg Meals

Bombay Basera dubai

Bomby Basera is a wonderful place in Dubai for popular flavored Pure Vegetarian meals for tourists. The restaurant is famous for all types of meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy delectable vegetarian spring rolls, aloo paratha, delicious Palak Paneer, dal makhani, dal khichdi, and Cheese masala dosa.

Moreover, if you want to go for beverages you should go for fresh juices and cold lassi along with your meal. The pricing for the meal here is quite expensive, about AED 50 for each person.

Menagerie – Super Fresh Vegetarian Food

Menagerie dubai

The amazing vegetarian-friendly restaurant with raw, simple, fresh, and healthy food for visitors. The restaurant is located at the Mirdif 35 Mall providing a lot of delicious things on the menu to eat. For instance, you can order smoothies, salads, pancakes with no gluten, vegetarian chocolate cakes, and banana bread. Moreover, the food items at this restaurant are famous for being healthy and nutritious food that gives an amazing taste.

Little Erth – Experience Pure Vegetarian Food

Little Erth dubai

Many people love to enjoy pure vegetarian food just as they have no taste. But that doesn’t mean that the vegetarian meals are such that they don’t have any taste. Once you visit the Little Erth, you will forget all about what you have heard about vegetarian restaurants.

Your search will end in Little Erth when you will enjoy astonishing meals to tempt your taste buds. These meals range from vegetarian spaghetti to yogurt bowls along with Buddha Burgers. All these delicacies are made of pure and organic ingredients that will make you flick your fingers.

Bare Burger – Exclusive Junk Vegetarian Restaurant

Bare Burger dubai

There is no person who doesn’t love to eat junk food. It may happen that people don’t like meat in Junk food and instead of meat, they prefer vegetarian items. For this purpose, there is an exclusive junk food place among all vegetarian restaurants in Dubai named Bare Burger.

The vegetarian form of junk food will not affect your health and hence you can find many amazing places in Dubai to catch them. Here at Bare Burger, you can enjoy regular burgers, sweet potato patties, classic beef burgers, and gluten-free buns.

You can not only taste burgers here but also a wide range of salads, sweet fries, pickles, and vegetarian carrot cakes. Since you will take junk food at this place, they are more expensive than others and hence you will pay AED 85 for each dish.

Maharaja Bhog – Authentic Indian Food

Maharaja Bhog dubai

Many tourists love to discover the famous Indian Thali while visiting Dubai. The Maharaja Bhog is a restaurant where you can find delicious meal menus. The Indian Thali includes many dishes like Paneer Tikka, Rajhastani Dal and Karhi, ball batti churma, and many others.

Kids will enjoy a small Thali as compared to adults and hence pay about AED 25 for kids. But Adults have a Thali with various dishes and they will pay AED 53 for each Thali. Don’t forget to taste the delicious Maharaja Bhog dishes.

Wild and Moon – Healthy Boost with all Vegan Menu

Wild and Moon dubai

The pure restaurant with the all-vegetarian menu is the famous one located at three venues in the city. Like all other vegetarian restaurants, you will find a wide range of salads here, soups, pure homemade burgers, black bean dishes, vegetarian Pizzas, gluten-free items, and many other things.

There are a lot of hot as well as cold drinks, delectable nut milk, fresh juices, and other beverages to take in the restaurant. Boost your health to 100 percent by exploring such pure vegetarian places in the city.

My Govindas – Famous Indian Restaurant

My Govindas dubai

Another Indian Restaurant with delectable meals with savory dishes will add a unique taste to your life. Yes, it is impossible to forget MyGovindas when you are exploring spicy dishes and food items in the city.

This Indian restaurant is famous for a lot of food items like vegetable biryani, paneer sandwich, maharaja vegetarian, corn Kabab, and mirch salan. Besides this, the beverages are also famous like fresh juices, cold lassi, and other delicious drinks.

Ultra Brasserie – Best for Vegan Meal Options

Ultra Brasserie

In order to enjoy a delectable selection of nutritious vegan breakfast, lunch, and supper options, the Ultra Brasserie is the best place to explore. The world’s best and most delicious Spanish omelet and vegetarian burger is provided by this restaurant.

Among salads, you can take beet salad, pumpkin and goat cheese salads, and many other categories on the menu. In the case of beverages, you can select among vegan smoothies, shakes, and organic tea with pure ingredients.

More Choices of Fantastic Vegetarian Menu in Dubai

Besides all the above Vegetarian restaurants in Dubai, there are other fabulous and fantastic places that will appeal to you. If you are traveling to Dubai with a group of friends who are meat lovers and veg lovers both can find these choices amazing.

ILA Restaurant & Café – Famous for Fresh Arabian Food

The ideal place to enjoy Arabian Flavors with a plant-based diet either breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be enjoyed in the ILA Restaurant & Café. The specialties of the restaurant include Egyptian, Moroccan, Lebanese, and Arabian as well as many other international and delectable dishes.

Soulgreen – Unique Plant-Based Dining Concept

If you are seeking a distinct plant-based dining concept, strolling to Soulgreen is the best option. A perfect Vegan restaurant with a fully licensed social dining area located at Vida Creek Harbor in Dubai.

Indego by Vineet – Famous for Indian Cuisine

Those who love to eat exotic Indian delicacies will find Indego by Vineet an amazing place as it is famous for Indian Cuisine. Besides the Vegetarian menu, the restaurant is popular for its magical setting located in Grosvenor House in Dubai Marina. Don’t forget to check out more stunning places to visit in Dubai Marina .

Holly Organico – Brazilian Cuisine in the Vegan Version

A hidden gem in Dubai is located in Wasl Square and is famous for Brazilian Vegan cuisine as the restaurant is established to enrich tourists with Brazilian taste.

Tania’s Tea House – Popular in Beverages

Tania’s Tea House is popular in beverage cafes and restaurants but you will find this place to be the perfect place for a vegan-friendly café.

Common Grounds –Cool & Calm Place among Shopping Frenzy

This café is surrounded by the famous Mall of Emirates, Dubai Hills Mall, JBR Beach , Nakheel Mall, and DIFC. Therefore, if you are planning to shop in such malls you can erase your hunger by tasting delicious vegetarian dishes at the Common Grounds.

Farooj Express – Best Vegetarian Café in Dubai

The Al Farooj Express offers tourists simple and delectable vegetarian dishes along with Middle East Food and Drinks.

Dip-Dash – Perfect Asian Restaurant

The best café in Dubai that serves tourists with pan-Asian vegan and non-vegan delectable dishes in addition to their Sushi menu.

XVA Café – Great Selection of Middle East Foods

The XVA Café is famous for providing fresh vegetarian food in Dubai and is located in the Al Fahidi Neighborhood with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Wrapping it up!

Since Dubai is famous for meaty and non-meaty dishes you should never skip your experience of visiting all of them. I have briefly described all the Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai but while visiting Dubai you can discover other places. Many people love to dine on the water waves with stunning views of the Ocean. If you are one of them I will suggest you enjoy dinner on the Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise to enjoy the Dubai tour in a unique way.

What People Ask About Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai 

Which type of Culture Fusion is found in Dubai?

Dubai is famous for a cultural fusion of the Indian and Asian subcontinent with a lot of amazing vegetarian dishes. The city is full of such influenced dishes for those who don’t like to eat meaty dishes in their meals.

Which vegetarian dish is famous to eat in Dubai?

Dubai is known for many vegetarian dishes like Baleelat, Dango, Fattoush, Shirin Polo, Fatteh, Kanfeh, Falafel, and Kousa Mahshei.

Is there any traditional meaty dish famous in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai is famous for a traditional meaty dish named Harees containing crushed wheat and minced meat along with onions and ground cumin.

Where can I find cheap food in Dubai?

If you are looking for affordable food in Dubai, you should approach Bodega Streetfood, Chaat Bazaar, 24th St. World Street Dubai, Street Menu Restaurants, and many others.

Is Dubai Veg-friendly all over the world?

Yes, of course Dubai is internationally known as a veg-friendly country all over the world with a lot of amazing veg-restaurants and delicious veg-dishes.