People who prefer to stay at home start their businesses with a very small team. Gradually their businesses expand and as a result, they need to explore some co-working places in Dubai. The bustling Dubai city has very large places to accommodate people in order to help them establish their businesses. Among all the 7 Emirates of UAE, Dubai has the best choices for freelancers as well as other businesses establishing people for co-working spaces.

In order to boost your productivity level a suitable environment is very important to take into account. Let us explore some of the best co-working spaces in Dubai that represent Dubai as an entrepreneurial hub in the UAE.

Top Co-working Spaces in Dubai – Adaptable Work Spaces

In order to check out the adaptable workspaces in a city with a vibrant working environment a little research will help you a lot. One of my dear friends who was planning to establish his new business in Dubai City explored some amazing places.

 No doubt, it’s a bit challenging to find an environment but Dubai is famous for providing super exclusive co-working spaces. I will enlist here some of the best working places with a peaceful and efficient environment where men and women both work together. However, keep into account the Dubai facts that help to provide a friendly working environment for both males and females.

A4 Spaces – Famous Digital Nomad for working

A4 Spaces dubai

The popular co-working space in Dubai as a digital nomad to run your small business successfully. This space is the most creative and entrepreneur in Dubai providing a multi-disciplinary area for people.

In other words, I would say that the A4 Spaces is the best place to eat, meet, and work with a network of people and share great ideas. Freelancers will find it the best co-working space and some more extensive features of the workplace are given below;

  • High-speed internet – the best way to work with laptops
  • Comfortable desks
  • An amazing community library
  • Project Space
  • Appetite Café – Best Coffee and Snacks from the Raw Café Company
  • A cinema screening room to present your ideas in a better way.
  • Reading corners to enhance your intellectual level.
  • A community library

Although Dubai is famous for amazing places to explore , finding a co-working space is a bit challenging for many people.

The Bureau – A Vision of Supporting Working Space

The Bureau dubai work space

If you are looking for a first-class female co-working space in Dubai, I would prefer you to choose the Bureau. There are many features of this place but the best one that makes it unique is its wonderful style and sophistication.

Basically, this is a place where everything is provided by the designers that you can find in the co-working space. These features include the following things;

  • Private area for offices
  • Phone Call booths to make contact
  • Co-working lounger for male and female
  • Communal seated or standing co-working areas
  • A podcast studio

The thing that makes the Bureau the most comfortable for females is the pumping room for new mums. Moreover, in order to maintain your energy level you can fill up your fuel from the built-in café.  More features that make it unique include the mentorship events and program for women’s empowerment as well as their physical and mental health.

Our Space – High-End Co-working in Dubai

Our Space dubai workspace

If you are looking for a high-end working space in the city, Our Space is the best option for you. The starting price for people to enjoy working in this place is AED 1950 with a lot of features. These features include an amazingly opulent space and a peaceful environment for work.

Moreover, people prefer it to choose as they provide a massage therapist, a free yoga place, private offices, desk spaces, and many others. A completely modern look you will get once you have a look at the stunning green wines of the co-working space.

Modern Working – Ideal for Growing Business

Modern Working dubai

Those who look out for an ideal place for their growing business will find Modern Working the perfect place. Like all other co-working spaces in Dubai, it also provides private offices and friendly meeting rooms. Freelancers and remote workers find it the most comfortable and highly collaborative area to exchange ideas between various minds.

The interior of the space makes it a hub location for working up to its elegance and stylish building. Like all other spaces, there is something here that is unique for working people like the art galleries, event facilities, recording studio, and others. However, the price range for the space is much higher, about AED 2000 per month.

Nook- A premium co-working Space

Nook- A premium workspace dubai

A premium co-working space with an amazingly healthy environment for people to work is the Nook. The space is located in the Jumeirah Lake Towers making it possible for you to explore more things in Jumeirah .

Similar to other co-working spaces you will get high-speed internet, refreshments, changing areas, and a luxurious environment. In order to grow your business successfully, Nook helps to conduct social gatherings, workshops, and training programs.

Astrolabs – Cheap working area for Tech Businesses

astrolabs dubai

This area is the cheap one to run your tech business successfully as it charges only AED 750 for shared office space. In other words, you can say that this is the perfect working area for technoids. The area is filled up with large working spaces along with reservable meeting areas, printing services, and office supplies.

You can boost your energy by enjoying coffee from the built-in café. Since the Astrolabs are geared toward business growth, you will get dedicated rooms for coding along with the gadget labs. Moreover, what you will get while working in the space is given below;

  • Community Management
  • Training with the digital skills 
  • Collaboration with IBM and Google

Tune into the Dubai Pass to enlist the business places in an easier way to run up your small business on a large scale.

WeWork – Best for Peaceful Co-working Space in Dubai

WeWork dubai workspace

People who love to work in quiet and peaceful areas to use their mind skills in an appropriate way can choose WeWork. This is a stunning adaptable environment for small-to-medium-sized business owners, creators, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

You can easily find this place if you are looking for a private office, a virtual one, and an hourly bookable conference area. Females who have dual responsibilities like being a mother and an entrepreneur will find a mother’s room there. Moreover, this co-working space also provides health areas and other recreational activities.

Nasab by KOA – Perfect for Entrepreneurs

nasab by koa dubai

A premium shared workspace in Dubai is designed perfectly for entrepreneurs and flourishing enterprises at Nasab by KOA. This workspace provides you with a simple interior place that puts you at ease. If you want to acquire an environment just like a home you can join the club’s sophisticated aesthetic.

It means you will get a studio for photography, a private office, a fitness center, swimming pools, and a café for food and drinks. Moreover, to get good communication with your team this workspace will be the best one for you.

But in order to have a feel like a home you have to pay an amount of about AED 1500 per month but you will have unlimited access. In order to gain membership, you should know about the three layers of the workspace.

  • If you want a solo business not collaborating with any partner, you can go through a drop-in that will allow you only AED 140.
  • If you are a freelancer, then I will suggest you approach Nomad service which costs about AED 1000 for 10 days in a month. They will give you access to hot desks, office facilities, and social perks.
  • Those who prefer a private suite can rent two rooms that will accommodate 12 people but the cost is high about AED 2000.

If you want to explore some cheap spaces with the same luxuries you can plan a half-day city tour . This will help you to find a better place within your budget.

Unbox – Exceptional for several Professions

Unbox dubai work space

Another best variety for businessmen to explore is Unbox which provides hot as well as private desks. This contemporary co-working space is located in Bay Square which is illuminated and aesthetically pleasant with elegant, modern, and cozy décor. The benefits you can get in this exceptional working space are given below;

  • Call-answering accommodation
  • Printing credits
  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • 24-hour access to your workspace
  • On-site Coffee Shop
  • Complimentary water services

You can have additional support by gaining a day pass. The amazing thing about Unbox is that if you are feeling down you can play some pool, participate in volunteer work, and seek through the networking events.

LetsWork – An Affordable Co-Working Space

LetsWork dubai workspace

A wonderful place in Dubai where you don’t have to wait for a specific place to have a meeting. This means that you will have a list of venues where you can go for a meeting. To arrange a meeting you have to pay online according to the company’s criteria, sign up, and go to start.

Other facilities that are available to visitors include high-speed internet, unlimited coffee and tea to be energetic, and a parking space with no payment. There are a total of 68 venues in the city that are connected to LetsWork and each one provides you with a 20 percent discount on food and beverages.

Hence this is a cost-effective space for workouts and each seat will provide you with an electrical plug for your equipment if the battery runs out.

Nest – An Elite Co-working Space in Dubai

Nest dubai workspace

The name suggests that the working space is specially designed for the elite class. This is one of the best places to think, create, and exchange your ideas with your teamwork. Moreover, you will get a complete privacy area with unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks.

If you are doing late-night work you can also enjoy dining at discounts. People who are creative-minded and want something innovative in their businesses should never skip Nest due to its high features and amazing décor area.

Co-working Spaces or Cafes – Which one is preferable?

Nest dubai workspace

Many people in Dubai who need client meetings choose the famous cafes in the city to run their small businesses. Therefore, we can say that Cafes can be a preferable choice as co-working spaces in Dubai. Let us discuss the factors that will make you decide if a café is better for a co-working space in Dubai or not.

  • If you are sitting in a café, you may need to buy something to eat while having a meeting. But in the case of working space, it is not necessary to buy something to eat. However, a small kitchen can provide you with services for unlimited tea or coffee if you want.
  • You can set up innovative business equipment while having a client meeting in a co-working place in Dubai making it a completely working environment as compared to cafes. 
  • There is more privacy in the co-working space to discuss ideas as compared to cafes.
  • Those who prefer to keep their personal and professional life distant should choose a proper working space for business instead of cafes or restaurants.
  • You get a better chance of networking while working through a co-working space. In this way, it’s a good way to get some professional and technical growth to tor career in running a business.

Wrapping it up!

Almost all of the best co-working places in Dubai I have discussed now for all kinds of people. If you are a professional and want to start any type of business the above working places will help you in all types. Most people require a friendly environment to set up a good example for both males and females and Dubai is full of such places. Therefore, don’t forget to visit all these places if you are a freelancer or entrepreneur.

What People ask about Co-working Spaces in Dubai

What distinguishes office space from a co-working area?

Office Spaces generally prefer the individual work of people. On the other hand, co-working spaces appreciate teamwork and collaboration of people.

What advantages do female co-working spaces offer?

The co-working spaces in Dubai provide a fully collaborative and supportive environment for females in building their careers with an amazingly supportive network.

What negative aspects of co-working spaces exist?

Those who cannot work in a chaotic, noisy, and messy environment will find co-working spaces full of disadvantages. They can never find a co-working space to be a peaceful environment to increase productivity level.

How could I successfully run a co- working space?

There are a lot of factors that can make a working space successful like cost-effectiveness, business assistance, a kind environment, an inspiring setting, and a strategic position.

What potential causes could lead to a co- working space’s demise?

There are many factors that become key points for the failure of a co-working space like they are considerably more expensive than traditional offices. Moreover, there comes less engagement of people and a passionate environment that causes the failure of a co-working space.