People love to have knowledge about a well-known tourist destination they are going to visit. Likewise, my experience of visiting Dubai demanded that I countdown the amazing facts about Dubai. Among all the Dubai Emirate of UAE is full of history as well as cultural places and incredible adventures like Jet Ski . You can never ignore the wide range of iconic landmarks and delectable dining options of the city.

All these things are famous about the city. I actually want to elaborate on some facts that are hidden from the public. These things perhaps may not be allowed to be done in Dubai. The biggest rewarding aspect you will get while traveling to Dubai is to explore the newest things about it.

However, these newest things have some fascinating facts that you must know before visiting Dubai. Since the city has deep roots in the Islamic religion there are some values that each tourist should follow to maintain modesty.

Facts about Dubai – Unbelievable Statistics to discover

dubai facts

Dubai has unlimited and unbelievable modern things in it to explore in the city. I have managed all the surprising and fun facts along with oversized attractions. Let us explore all such facts about Dubai in the mentioned points below.

The Greatest Tower in the World – Burj Khalifa

Facts about Dubai that will amaze you include that it has the tallest skyscraper in the world. Have you wondered about the name Tallest Skyscraper? I am sure that you will get the idea by name that I am talking about the largest building Burj Khalifa .

Tower in the World

If you compare the Burj Khalifa with the Eiffel Tower you will come to know something crazy about it. This craziness will let you know that its height is approximately equal to three equivalent Eiffel Towers over each other. Such a building is only located in Dubai with 163 floors. Beyond all these things there are many incredible things about the building that have given it the top record in the world.

  • Massive Skyscraper with the amazing Upper Outdoor Observation Deck
  • Breathtaking and Spectacular views of Dubai from the Observation Decks
  • World’s tallest service Elevator with a capacity of 5500 kg.

Epic Journey of IMG Worlds of Adventure – Amazing Indoor Theme Park

Dubai is famous for being the world’s largest indoor theme park with incredible adventure for tourists. Although you can find a lot of mind-blowing activities at the Best waterparks in Dubai , the indoor theme park has its own designation.

Indoor Theme Park dubai

The four zones of the IMG Worlds of Adventure include Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley, and IMG Boulevard. There are 17 themed rides in the park and each zone has something fascinating for tourists to do in the park.

Modern Dubai in comparison to Historic Desert

Dubai facts include the admiring effort of the rulers of Dubai who have made this city full of modernization. If you look back into history you will know that before 20 to 25 years the city was nothing but a desert.

Modern Dubai

But now the efforts have turned the reputation of Dubai into the most iconic attractions, adventurous places, and Cultural places like Al Fahidi Historical Background . I won’t fail to include the title of the monarch who gave Dubai its current aesthetic. He was known as Sheikh Mohammad, a man who holds a great name in the history of Dubai.

Second Largest Shopping Mall in the World – Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai is renowned for having the biggest mall in the entire world and incredible attractions inside of it. You can buy everything in it including branded clothes, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, and other things. The mall is also filled with delectable dining and food options for tourists to explore.

dubai mall aquarium

However, diving into the attractions of the mall include the largest Dubai Aquarium. The aquarium includes the marine species, tiger sharks, and Giant groupers in it. The attractions of the second largest mall are the special things of Dubai, you should never ignore it whenever you go there.

Coolest, Expansive, and Fastest Fleet Police Cars

Dubai police surround the amazing coolest, most expansive, and fastest fleet of police cars in the UAE. Besides all the 7 Emirates of UAE , such police cars can only be a dream for other countries of the Middle East. You will not find them chasing as it is a rare case but seeing them wandering is a worth seeing thing in the city.

A Comparison of Foreigners and Residents in the UAE

Another interesting piece of Dubai information is the comparison of foreigners and local people visiting the outdoor attractions. Look into the recent statistics of the UAE that will show you that foreigners are 88 percent more than local people. This means that most of the people have come to UAE for the sake of work mainly from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

Male to Female Ratio in Dubai and UAE

The overwhelmingly male-to-female population ratio in Dubai is a significant factor. As I have mentioned earlier, many people have come to Dubai for the purpose of work. Therefore, the percentage of men is more than women in the city. These foreign workers come to this country to make money. Due to this reason, men in the city have a percentage of about 69% and women have 31%.

Strict laws about Premarital Sex in Dubai- Past Vs Present

Since Dubai has an Islamic religion, there are strict laws about premarital sex. In the past, tourists were not allowed to share the same hotel room except for their close relations. No matter whether other countries allow traveling with a partner or sharing a single room. However, it was explicitly stated in Dubai that both individuals must be wedded.  But for now, the laws are not so strict to attract more expats.

Kissing in Public – A huge Vulgarity Factor

Other countries may not have strict laws about kissing in Public. You need to take extra precautions for these kinds of things before traveling to Dubai. This factor leads to clear vulgarity in society and breaks the rules of the city.

You are allowed to walk with your partner by holding hands or arranging something special for her. For instance, you may arrange a romantic dinner for her at the Dubai Marina Cruise Dinner. However, kissing in public can never be allowed in Dubai.

Alcohol Consumption Rules –  Age Factor for Teenagers

Although there are many things to do with teens in Dubai , knowing all about alcohol consumption is good for you. The first thing you have to consider is your Alcohol license before consuming it.

The proper age for alcohol consumption in Dubai is 21 years but for other Emirates, it is not the same. You are not allowed to drink in public or drive after drinking. In order to do so, you may get serious punishments for breaking the law.

Architectural Marvel –Biggest Picture Frame in the World

The stunning Dubai fact includes the famous architectural Marvel Dubai Frame. This frame is the unique attraction of the city not anywhere located in the world. The frame is located in Zabeel Park, a perfect outdoor destination for visitors.

Dry City – A little Rainfall Factor

Dubai is a city of golden sand dunes where rain is not so common. Don’t fear the huge temperatures of the city as there are many waterparks to perform activities.

If you check out the forecast, you will see that there are only 25 to 30 raid days. Such rainy days will be throughout the year which may not irrigate the desert. Desert, on the other hand, experiences frigid temperatures at nighttime.

Public Dancing Act – Provocative and Offensive Thing

Do you like something offensive like dancing in public? You should not go for a public dance in the streets with your wife or partner. However, if you are arranging a candlelight dinner for your loved one you may arrange romantic music and dance there.

I found this totally offensive when I passed through a restaurant. Since my experience was not good, I advise you to say a big NO to public dance.

Iconic Skyscrapers with Amazing Facts

Iconic Skyscrapers dubai

The city has almost 10 skyscraper buildings in it with stunning facts. By glimpsing the history I discovered that the city had 41 buildings built in 2007. Let us explore some of the amazing buildings with unique facts given below;

  • Princess Tower – Tallest Residential Building with a height of 414 meters.
  • 23 Marina Tower – Fourth Tallest Building, 88 stories, and 392.8 meters height.
  • Elite Residence – Supertall skyscraper, outdoor swimming pool, and fitness center.
  • Gevora Hotel – Tallest hotel in the world with amazing dining convenience
  • Address Boulevard – Modern, luxurious five-star hotel to explore

Longest Driverless Metro in the World

Dubai is famous for the longest driverless metro in the world. This fact of Dubai has made it convenient for tourists to visit from one city to another. For instance, a person would need to look at metro possibilities if he wanted to travel from Dubai to Hatta . The longest automated metro was first introduced in the city in 2009 for the public.

Win a Prize by losing Weight – A Strange Adventure Fact

A strange thing for tourists that will enjoy doing is winning a prize by losing weight. Do you think it is unbelievable? Don’t be curious. This is as true as you do adventure in the sand dunes of desert Safari. But losing weight is not an easy thing. It is simple to complete for those who enjoy morning workouts or yoga. You will win a prize of 2 grams of gold if you lose your 2 kg weight.

Remote Controlled Child Size Robots for Camel Racing

Camel racing is an amazing adventure to do in the Dubai desert for tourists. But racing can be done by means of robot jockeys for children. Such camel racing with remote-controlled child-size robots has become a source of multimillion-dollar adventure in the place.

Highest Water Consumption – 550 Liters Per Person

Another Dubai information contains the highest water consumption in the world with an amount of 550 liters per person. Taking into account the global average it has a water consumption of about 80 percent.

A question arises in mind: why is there such a high water consumption? The reason deals with the fact that they need cooling. As Dubai has a huge temperature of about 50 degrees centigrade, therefore, buildings need good cooling systems. These vertical cooling systems use the consumption of water from the ground to cool the buildings.

Use of water hoses in the luxurious Bathrooms

While using toilets in the city you would see their water hoses. These water hoses are used by people in Muslim countries for cleanliness. Since Dubai is a Muslim Emirate, therefore, it involves such water hoses in the luxurious bathrooms with other facilities. Besides such water hoses, you are not restricted to use them. You may follow your own rules and regulations for Cleanliness.

Free Education, Medical Aids, and Residential Places

An amazing fact that the Emirati Government has recognized for privileges is to get free education. They are allowed to learn for free, take medical treatment, and stay in the areas. Such amenities and benefits have not been claimed by any other nation in the globe. They may also apply for a job once they have completed their education. But the sad thing is they cannot apply for dual citizenship or Emirati citizenship.

Gathering of different cultures at Global Village Dubai

The Global Village Dubai is an amazing event in Dubai that gathers different nations and cultures in a place. You can only visit the seasonal event in the winter season to observe the different countries with different representations. Each country has its own flag, delicious cuisine, handicrafts, and clothes for tourists to visit and buy.

Dubai – Beats the Scorching heat of the Sun

The whole city is air-conditioned to prevent the citizens from the scorching heat of the sun. Still, there must be some mechanism to make the city free of climate control. Such a mechanism is designed under the ongoing project of Mall of the World.

This mall has a lot of amazing amenities to enjoy as it is fully air-conditioned including residential hotels and hospitals in it. Such a type of Megaproject will surely lead tourists to visit the UAE.

Number Plates – Show how much rich you are

It is quite astonishing how it could be possible to show number plates as a rich factor. But this strange thing happens in Dubai where the number plates on the luxurious cars. The more dignity you will take, the fewer digits your number plate has. The auction for the 1st number plate was done in the year of 2008 with 14 million USD dollars.

Use ATM Machines to preserve your Gold

Females are mostly interested in buying and wearing gold. Dubai is famous for the latest gold jewelry designs as well as other things. The city is famous for 40 percent of the world. So you can easily preserve your money there. You may also dispense gold instead of money in the ATM machines.

Wrapping it up!

Facts about Dubai relevant to its indoor and outdoor activities are unlimited. Such facts can only be explained whenever you visit Dubai. Many man-made islands and stunning attractions are worth seeing to capture memories in the city.

Once you step into the place you will say again and again “Show me Dubai” due to its luxuries. No important fact is left in the article that you will not get in the post. Note down the key points and go for adventure towards the UAE.

What People Concern about Dubai Facts

What are the facts that make Dubai the richest in the world?

The facts that make Dubai the wealthiest in the world include free trade, low tax rate, and zero income tax, and is known as the famous business hub.

Are there any indoor skiing spot in Dubai?

Dubai has the famous Mall of Emirates that gives tourists to enjoy the adventure of indoor skiing.

Why has Dubai got the title of Crane Capital in the World?

Almost 25 percent of the cranes were employed in the Dubai Emirates of UAE, due to which it got the title of the Crane Capital in the World.

Which common pets in the UAE are welcomed?

The common pets that are welcomed in the United Arab Emirates include dogs, cats, parrots, and small mammals that are easy to take care of. The small mammals include rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets.

Is there any 3D technology observed in the UAE?

Dubai Municipality Building is known as the largest 3D-printed building in the world to exploit humanity for serving humanity.