The greatest approach to learning about another culture’s cuisine is to try it. This is why I prefer visiting Dubai as it contains hidden cultures of many countries in the form of food. The best cultural form that I discovered during my visit includes the Nigerian restaurants in Dubai. These restaurants provide a chance to tourists to crave Nigerian food as well as culture. Besides this, the Global Village Dubai is also a home to represent culture and food all over the world.

I believe in the fact that if you love African food not every time you can visit Africa to taste them. Therefore, it is the best way to find a place where you can eat your favorite food and relish it. That’s the reason I found some of the best Nigerian restaurants in Dubai to enjoy delicious African food. Not only the food but also I discovered their way of serving that completely reflects their culture. Let us explore some of the amazing Nigerian restaurants to check out which one gives a better taste.

Top Nigerian Restaurants in Dubai for Tourists 

Dubai has made special spots to provide the special tastes of Nigerian foods and culture for tourists. This is the best thing to make a list of these special spots and visit them. You can check out their serving method, their menus, and prices as well. Have a look at some popular Nigerian restaurants to visit them while touring Dubai.

Enish Nigerian Restaurant – Authentic Cuisine and Culture

One of the best luxurious restaurants that cover authentic and delectable Nigerian cuisine is the Enish Nigerian Restaurant. What I found in the Enish Restaurant Dubai includes its modern design, rich materials, elegant hues, and subtle illumination. You will find the luxury and class of the restaurant in each and everything like its style, design, cocktail, and dinner. In short, you can have amazing experiences with each type of food as well as the rich materials you are going for.

Enish Nigerian Restaurant

Al Amour Restaurant – Best Nigerian Recipe Server

Al Ammour is the greatest restaurant to check out if you’re seeking a Nigerian cuisine caterer. The restaurant is famous for serving the taste and variety of Arabian, Egyptian, as well as Nigerian Food. I was in search of some fatayer cheese meat and honey and this was the best place that met my choice. As a result, I urge you to go there and tell us about what new things you have explored there. Other places in the city are famous for amazing restaurants like Dubai Shopping Mall which contains over 200 cafes.

Al-Amour-Restaurant- dubai

Africana Restaurant – Best African Food with Amazing Culture

The Africana Home Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Dubai for Nigerian food as well as infused culture. The Africana is one of the oldest Nigerian Dubai Restaurants as it was built in 1993. What you will catch here to taste includes asbm soaps, sauce, and many others. This restaurant is famous for both Nigerian and African foods. You can taste whatever you want to enjoy in your meal or dinner.


Kif Kif – Perfect Restaurant for African Foods

The perfect restaurant for African foods in Dubai is the famous Kif Kif situated next to First Gulf Bank. Don’t you know about the Gulf Bank? It is located across from the Emirates Petrol Station. Those who love to enjoy lunch with African Cuisine must visit the establishment of this restaurant. You will get a beautiful interior design and is famous for boasting delicious meals. Moreover, you will enjoy an economical as well as sensible menu by the restaurant. Among all the 7 Emirates of UAE , only Dubai is popular for having such amazing Nigerian Restaurants.


Biggy African Restaurant – Best African Food in Dubai

Check out the best African food in Dubai with amazing and delectable meals at Biggy African Restaurant. You can get from here whatever you want to eat. Additionally, this is among Dubai’s top eateries serving Nigerian Food. You will enjoy several different dishes here like fried Rice, Jollof Rice, mutton, rice and beans, and ofada rice with delicious Fish sauce. Moreover, you can visit the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood in order to explore more about the cultural places of Dubai.


Tagline Royal Mirage – Best one for Mezze and Pastilla

Another of the best Nigerian Restaurants in Dubai that primarily offers Moroccan Cuisine is the Tagline. The best thing that I have observed here is the wonderful atmosphere because its design is replicated in the Marrakech tradition. The best item for which this restaurant has gained popularity is the delectable mezze and Pastilla. These are the typical paper-thin pie made from filo dough that has been coated with cinnamon and sugar.


Almaz – North African Styles Restaurant

The famous Nigerian Restaurant Almaz is located on the 3rd floor of the Mall of Emirates. A fantastic location to enjoy Nigerian eateries is the Almaz. The restaurant has a pure North African Style as the designer was influenced by the lounges and eateries in North Africa. The best thing about the restaurant is that you will find a separate Shisha room and a bar in it. More amazing places in Dubai can take you over the best street foods as well as restaurants in the city.


Dar ELKamar – Inspired by the Egyptian Restaurants

The stunning Egyptian-inspired restaurant Dar ELKamar provides a wonderful location for Nigerian food items. You will wonder how an Egyptian-style restaurant is famous for Nigerian food. Or why don’t they offer Egyptian food for tourists? The answer is simple. Two Egyptians loved Nigerian food and they made this restaurant in the Egyptian style. The restaurant is built next to the Jewel Towers Dubai Marina, therefore, you can explore Dubai Marina too .


Al Qaherah Restaurants and Café – Famous for Nigerian Meals

A great location to enjoy Nigerian meals is the Al Qaherah restaurant and café. This one is also designed in the Egyptian style but provides Nigerian Meals. The restaurant is open for tourists from 6 AM to 2 AM where it is situated on the Trident Bay side Tower. You can enjoy the best specialty dishes at the restaurant named Kushari and rice appetizers with Bazila and Bamye.


El3ezba – Egyptian Restaurant at Central Lake Tower

Dine at the El3ezba Egyptian-style restaurant from 9 AM to 1 AM located at the Central Lake Tower. You can visit the restaurant with a large number of people to sample their food. The popular dishes that you can enjoy in the restaurant include Kofta, Koshari, Eskandari Liver, and Molokhia with Rice.


Hadoota Masreya – Famous for Nigerian and African Delicacies

If you are exploring a restaurant that is famous for both Nigerian as well as African dishes you can go to the Hadoota Masreya. Popular dishes that you can taste in the Hadoota Masreya are Koshari, Molokheya, Shisha, Falafel, and others. The purpose of the restaurant is to provide its customers with high-quality food along with exceptional services.


Dubai Marina Geddy – Unique Nigerian Café

Among the Nigerian Restaurants in Dubai, if you are looking for a café, Dubai Marina Geddy is for you. Just like all other Egyptian-style restaurants, this one also provides Nigerian food. The café is located in the Orra Marina Tower where you will start your meal by tasting delectable juice.


Wrapping it up!

I have provided a brief introduction to the famous Nigerian Restaurants in Dubai for you to explore. You can go and enjoy each type of Nigerian dish you want as the restaurants are popularly providing them. The vibrant atmosphere, amazing interior designs, and stunning food smells make the tourists taste delicious food again. Not only Dubai is famous for its beaches, waterparks, and gardens but also it is famous for its food. You can arrange a Full day city tour to enjoy more delectable meals of the Arabian Style and Culture.

What People Ask about Nigerian Restaurants in Dubai

Which Nigerian Restaurant is the largest in Dubai?

The biggest Nigerian Restaurant chain not only in Dubai but also in the whole world is the Enish which is famous for its luxury and fine dining areas for tourists.

Is it possible for a foreigner to open a restaurant in Dubai?

Yes, you can build your own restaurant in Dubai but you have to take approval from the food safety department of the Dubai government.

What are three classic and traditional Emirati Dishes?

The delectable and classic Emirati dishes are Deyay Nashef, ma Khaboz Wagafi, Robyan Mashwi, and Saluna Deya Ma Khuddar.

What kinds of cuisines are offered on Dubai City’s streets?

If you want to gain a highly desired fusion of Middle East and Asian foods you should try Dubai Streets. The best street foods include Shawarma, Shish Taouk Sandwiches, Oman Chips Roll, Sambosa, Manakish, and many others.

Which one is the most famous cultural restaurant in Dubai?

The famous cultural restaurant in Dubai is Zuma located very close to the tallest skyscraper in the world known as Burj Khalifa.