Do you want to enjoy a perfect day out in the Highlands of Dubai in an easier way? It is obvious that tourists want a quick solution to reach their destinations to make a mountainous trip possible. And if the mountainous place is Hatta, their excitement level will touch the peak of the sky.

Tourists often love to enjoy the Hatta Oman tour to see the beauty of the mountains. But this could be only possible if they find a good bus service from Dubai to Hatta Transport.

Dubai to Hatta Transport

With the advent of a new express bus service from Dubai to Hatta, I no longer hesitate to recommend this bus to tourists. If they have their own car, I would still suggest that they should use the bus service for a day trip to the Hajar Mountains.

Therefore, if you are going to rent your own vehicle to approach the beautiful Mountains of UAE, use public transport. It will save your budget and more experience will add to your trip regarding the Dubai transportation system.

Maximum Distance from Downtown Dubai to Hatta

Express Bus or Public Bus dubai

It is necessary for tourists to know about the exact distance to reach Hatta from Dubai before choosing transport.

I also encountered the question of how many kilometers I had to travel from Dubai to Hatta during my Dubai trip. The total Dubai to Hatta distance is about 105 kilometers which can be covered easily by bus or car.

Express Bus or Public Bus – Select One to Reach Hatta

During my research for bus transport, I got two options. One is to access the Express Bus to reach the place and the other is to approach the public bus. And the obvious thing is the Express bus is better but there may vary fares for both Hatta tours.

The Express Bus Route: Air –Conditioned Bus to Reach Hatta

Downtown Dubai to Hatta

The famous and easiest way to reach the Arab Mountains is to use the Express Bus route. The route bus starts from the Dubai shopping Mall every two hours. The bus service starts at 7:00 AM in the morning and ends at 7:00 PM in the evening.

You have to make your Nol card to make the payment of your fare. Don’t worry the fare is not so much, it is only 25 AED. If you don’t own the Nol card you may pay it via cash to the bus driver.

 The Express Bus Dubai to Hatta Transport takes almost 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the destination. The best thing I examined while choosing the Express bus is that I took a ride in the air-conditioned without pauses.

You don’t have to seek the bus parking area or local RTA buses while leaving for the well-known Hatta tour. Utilize the Nol Recharge Station located at the Hatta Bus Station in order to have a top-up facility.

Public Transport Bus – Pay 10 AED and admire Hatta Region

Public Transport Bus dubai

Public bus transportation is the cheapest source of Dubai to Hatta transport for tourists. However, I will point out that this particular bus route can’t be as simple as the Express Bus. Utilizing Public Bus Transport to view the amazing places in Dubai is the best idea to wander in the city.

The first station from Dubai to the hilly region is the Al Sabkha in Deira which runs the bus on time.

The public bus takes almost 2 hours to reach the destination. But if there is traffic on the way, the bus may take 2 hours and 40 minutes. However, it all depends on the rush roads and the time of the day.

The exciting news for tourists is to save their budget by paying only 10 AED for the Dubai to Hatta tour. The only discomfort of the journey is the bus takes several stops along the journey both in Dubai and entering the hilly region.

New Hip-On-Hop-Off Transit Service- The Amazing four Stop Route

Hop-On-Hop-Off Transit Service dubai

Since there are various places to visit in Hatta, you may need a bus service in the place too. It will help you to cover all the stunning areas of the Arab Mountains. Even if you have a plan to visit the Half Day City Tour; don’t skip the Hatta’s natural beauty in your plan.

Additionally, a brand-new hop-on-hop-off bus route will take you to all the stunning locations. The spectacular views of the famous places will make your tour incredible in all ways. Let’s examine the four checkpoints.

  • Hatta Wadi Hub – A central area for mountain biking, archery, and Free Fall Jumps
  • Hatta Hill Park – The foothills of the Hajar Mountains in the United Arab Emirates
  • Hatta Heritage Village – A traditional Mountain Village in Hatta
  • Hatta Dam – A favorite spot for kayaking and a good gateway from the city.

Visit the Hatta Destinations by means of a Car

hatta wadi by car

My future plan is to visit the region and explore each corner by choosing my own car option. The best thing about your Hatta tour by means of car is that there are no border crossings in the region. You still remain in the same Emirates even though you do through the Emirates of Sharjah.

Follow the simple route from E44 to E102 and then continue to follow the indications from Hatta to Dubai. You will get a few curves in the road since you are not going to enter Oman. The final stretch of the trek is across a rough, hilly road.

Dubai to Hatta Transport – An Easy Trip by your own Car

Enjoy your own driving skills by renting a car or purchasing your own car. It is not too difficult to own a vehicle or rent it in Dubai to visit any of the places. As the attractions of Hatta are not all near together, you need to plan the simplest approach. 

The pristine splendor of the Highlands is a wonderful place to spend time leisurely. It is a common confusion for tourists which car they should own to visit the Arab mountains. I would say that the best vehicle is to take a 2WD car.

But this Dubai to Hatta transport option is best in the case if you don’t have any intentions to visit the places coming in the route.

Take a Metered Dubai Taxi to Hatta – The cheapest way

Take a Metered Dubai Taxi to Hatta

If you are not good at driving skills and don’t want to reach your destination by bus. Don’t worry you can ride on the metered Dubai Taxi from the city to the Mountainous region. However, the cost of riding a taxi is higher than that of the bus. For each way of your journey, you have to pay about 200 to 250 AED.

Utilize GetTransfer as a Driver Bidding Service

An amazing option that can help you to bid for driver service is the GetTransfer. You only need to enter your arrival and departure locations, exactly as with the Uber app. Wait for a while until and allow your drivers to present you with an estimated amount of cost for your journey.

One of my friends wanted to hire a driver to take him on a visit to each attraction. For this purpose, he had to choose a driver for the entire day for a predetermined number of hours. The way people can see a lot of things at Palm Jumeirah , cannot see all things together in the Hatta region. So the GetTranfer option is best for such a stunning hilly place.

Wrapping it up!

I have shared all my best in the post regarding Dubai to Hatta transport. The reason for sharing different options is to feel the calm and peace of the Arab Mountains. The Hatta mountain region is away from the city and helps you to explore the hidden secrets of the hills.

There are numerous attractive things to explore in Dubai like Dubai Garden Glow [Interlinking], but the naturalistic views of the Mountains are just amazing. Therefore, get ready, pack your packs, and lead to the Highlands of Dubai!

What People Ask about Dubai to Hatta Transport Options

Which road is suitable to reach Hatta Mountains from Dubai?

The best straightway road is E44 traveling straight over the border to reach the destination.

How many mountain ranges are there in the UAE?

There are about 304 mountain ranges in the United Arab Emirates. The Hajar Mountains are among one of them extending to a length of 700 kilometers.

Name the famous mountain ranges in the Middle East.

The famous mountain ranges in the Middle East are given below;

  • Zagros Mountains –Iran Reaches about 12,000 ft
  • Elburz Range – The Central Stretch of the Chain
  • Hindu Kash Mountain Range – Stretches from central and western Afghanistan to northwestern Pakistan

Why are Al Hajar Mountains famous in the UAE?

A superb addition to the Oman tour for tourists is the Al Hajar Mountains. They are famous because of their gorgeous beauty and milder weather.

What should be the speed limit from Dubai to the Hatta region?

When running your own vehicle, you should keep your speed to no more than 80 km/h.