Wow… What a stunning night you can spend in a barren land with a starry night full of stars. Have you ever found the best camping spot while touring Dubai?

One of the famous night camping spots is to have an overnight desert safari tour with all the amazing activities to do along with camping in the desert. I have always wondered to enjoy a night full of scenic views, a delectable dinner, and soothing music with my favorite person.

There are various places in Dubai that will change your wonders to excitement and enjoyment once you explore the beautiful amazing places.

Best Places in UAE for Night Camping

The prime reason to choose UAE for camping is the smell of a campfire and the romantic weather. The popularity of UAE all rounds about a hop, leap, and skip away from really magnificent scenery. You will get amazed by the wide variety of picturesque locations to go camping in the United Arab Emirates including coastlines, mountains, deserts, and oases.

The more places you explore, the more fun and adventure you will have in your journey. Besides enjoying the nighttime I would suggest you take all the necessary equipment including water, torch, battery charges, medicines, first-aid kit, blankets, extra clothes, and trekking boots.

Reasons to Camp Overnight in Dubai


It is worth understanding that the main reason to camp overnight in the beautiful barren land of UAE needs a lot of interest in camping. Most people prefer camping when they want to spend time in peace and loneliness but if you are not one of them I have a better opinion for you.

The most convenient way to explore camping night is with amazing performances is to join the luxury overnight desert Safari Tour with a lot of amenities. Except for the Desert, I will cover more camping sites so that tourists choose the best one for their journey.

Camp Out Amid the Stunning Hatta Mountains.


The great place for tourists to discover either with their families or friends is to do camping in the Hatta. There are many things to explore in the Hatta Oman tour but camping overnight has its own fun.

So talking about what you will get in the Hatta tour includes the tranquility of a road trip through the rural areas and the peaceful scenery before engaging in the camp. There is nothing more thrilling than driving away from the chaos of city life, arranging your own camp, eating delicious food, and enjoying listening to music.

Hidden Oasis and Natural Beauty of Al Hayer Forest


Another best place to explore in Dubai is the natural beauty of the Al Hayer Forest. A perfect campground is available to you with around several hundred ghaf trees offering a unique romantic atmosphere for visitors.

One of my best camping spots includes the Al Hayer due to the shady trees and is perfect to choose in hotter months as a camping area. Enjoy a nice gathering of this camping treasure with your loved ones, cook there, and do other exciting activities. The famous Ghaf tree forest is just on the way to the famous highway of Al Ain Dubai not distant from the city.

Al Qudra Lakes – A Unique Man-Made Wonder


Before exploring the Al Qudra Lakes which is man-made I would like to remind you more about the mad-made adventures of Dubai. The famous one includes the Dubai Mall Waterfall providing a unique message through the falling sculpture views.

Now coming towards the Al Qudra lakes it is worth seeing that this is the best place for camping with kids. The coastlines of the lake will give you an ideal place to get relaxed from the boring life routine. Moreover, the place will have a cool temperature due to the surrounding water and the night stay.

Sometimes, you go for the forest, the other times you choose mountains for camping but choosing a lake to stay in a night full of stars is a completely new sensation for visitors.

Discover the sandy shores of Jebel Ali Beach

On the sand, you may truly relax ad unwind. But camping overnight at the beach has a unique charm and the famous one is named Jebel Ali Beach located near Dubai Marina. By enjoying camping at Jebel Ali Beach you may go for Dubai Marina Cruise Dinner to make your fun double. You can become an idyllic camper by spending a starry night.

The strong winds add a chill to the atmosphere, where you may require a blanket to warm yourself. You are not permitted here to put fire unless you may utilize the Barbeque Grill as well as a fire pit.

A world of Fantasy, The Snoopy Island

Another popular spot for tourists is the Snoopy Island similar to the Snoopy Cartoon Character. The real name of the snoopy island is Jazirat Al Aqqa surrounded by a small rocky beach. An important thing about this island is that it is not so big to be available at any time for camping.

The reason is that it has a length of about 100 meters and is a wonderful place to be memorized. Make sure to reach the place at an earlier time to book your place and enjoy your time.

Dramatic Views of the Lahbab Desert

One of the richest places for desert camping includes the Lahbab Desert. What you will get by camping in the desert is to explore the traditional ways of Bedoiun life. All this surely includes camel riding, Dune Bashing, sunset views, and amazing musical performances that don’t makes the visitors bored.

Camping in desert Dubai in the Lahbab desert would be your perfect decision to explore what you didn’t have done yet. The camping night is accompanied by soft pillows, soft drinks, and delectable dishes for foreigners as well as the natives.

The Banan Beach – Incredible Seaside Paradise

Have you ever lived in paradise moments in this world? If not, you are here to go to the famous Banan beach with all the stunning moments at night. I also admire other beaches of the cityscape as Palm Jumeirah Beach with a lot of spectacular activities for tourists but night camping is a unique cherishing way on the beach overnight camping.

However, at Banan’s Beach, you are having the best dreamy stay action area with a vibrant atmosphere of fully bright stars at night. This beach site is famous for retro tents and is located in the Jebel Ali a place close to the Expo 2020 site. 

The reason why I prefer to visit this place for night encampment is the amazing facilities it provides to visitors. Yes, you will get astonished by knowing that it has superb amenities in it including BBQ, wi-fi, and luxurious bathrooms.

Besides this, you are free to join different water activities like moonlight yoga and get yourself unwind from all routine work. It also provides the facility for dining and drinking if you are visiting it with your friends or family.

Beautiful Mountainscape – Jabal Al Jais

People prefer to visit the mountains for camping like the Al Hajar Mountains, you have a free choice to explore the naturally rocked mountains in Dubai. The ideal place for this purpose is the famous Jabal Al Jais known to be the tallest mountain in UAE.

The wonderful thing about this place that will get you stunned is that the temperature of UAE remains moderate in all months. But this location has the lowest recorded temperature of about 3 degrees Celsius recorded in January 2009.

So I will recommend you to take warm blankets and clothes if you are choosing a night campsite at Jabal Al Jais as nights are colder than days both in summer as well as winter.

Perfect Night Time Barbecue at Umm Al Quwain Beach

Dubai is famous for various places to see and explore like the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa with all its beauties and perspectives. But such buildings belong to the rural development of the famous landscape of UAE.

People also love to spend time in a peaceful and calming vibrant environment to relax their minds as well as souls. The perfect location for this purpose is named Umm Al Quwain Beach where you can enjoy BBQ with your friends or family. You have the option to do kayaking here along the coastlines and explore the mangroves.

Beautiful Views of Jabal Al Harim – The Acacia Forests

The ideal mountain range for tourists to camp is to discover the Acacia Forests. If you choose only maps to find the location it is difficult to find the woods. Most people prefer night camping In UAE either in the desert, the beach, and the forests. 

Since it is difficult to find this location except for maps I strongly recommend visiting the place once with an instructor’s group and then planning for the camp. Moreover, you can also go on a full-day Dubai Tour with a group of instructors to discover the city more and more that you have not seen yet.

Enjoy Snorkeling in the famous Fujairah Desert Camp

As I have already mentioned that the deserts are famous due to their stunning looks at night, and Fujairah is also one of them. Enjoy a unique enchantment with the famous Fujairah Desert, the isolated coastline, and views of gorgeous terrain.

You can easily set up the camp on a bright night with a peaceful environment here. Take a sound system with you and play as slow romantic music on it to enjoy the night with your loved one. Moreover, people also love to enjoy a 4 x4 self-drive desert journey, especially toward Safari and the same adventure you can do here.

Al Maha – A luxury Desert Resort and Spa

There are 42 luxury tented homes, the most opulent camping desert in Dubai. Get indulge yourself with a portion of excellent food, service, and drinks, and is located only a 45 minutes drive from the busy city area.

Enjoy a memorable romantic event in the famous luxurious Al Maha Resort with free-roaming wildlife. Have fun with the unique spa treatments at the Timeless Spa and get relaxed with the magically healing hands of the therapists.

There are 20 different staff members with different nationalities and therapy skills. There are five different rooms for tourists to massage their bodies for the best body and balance treatments.

Sweihan Desert with heavy Dunes and soft sands

Another camping site is a midpoint of three border cities including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain. The Sweihan desert is also known as Little Liwa and is the best camping spot for Liwa lovers.

But there is something bothering in this visit as it is suitable to be visited by professional drivers who can drive easily among the big sand dunes. The biggest but soft sand dunes for a novice driver are difficult to handle but once you handle it you can enjoy a good time there.

Those who have driven to the Safari Desert by 4 x 4 will find it quite easier to drive in the Little Liwa.

Paddle, Snorkle, and Dive in White Sands Beach

Almost all beaches that I have covered in this post are best for camping but those who love paddling can come to the famous white sands beach. Another best way to explore the open seas is to have a Yacht Rental in Dubai but beaches have their own charm.

Moreover, visiting this place is ideal spot for visitors located in between the fins and famous Wadi Shab Location. I was searching for an excellent campsite at this beach and I found the bluff that looks over the beach. Additionally, you can engage in a variety of water activities like swimming, snorkelling, and paddleboarding.

Wadi Sana – Best Mountain Biking Tracks

Starting your journey or ending at the famous Wadi Sana gives an exciting charm to the visitors. The landscape change from sandy deserts to the large Rocky Mountains before arriving at the highland giving breathtaking views of the landscape.

Woohoo! What an exciting moment has come for the riders who will get here an amazing chance of mountain biking. Yes, it’s surely true you can enjoy the spectacular views of the place while hiking the mountain, camping on the hill, and performing biking trials here.

When to plan camping in Dubai?

It is an essential thing to recognize the best time for planning a camp in Dubai. Since the city is a desert region and gets hotter in the summer months it is recommended to visit the place in suitable months when the temperature is not so hot.

The best time that I found to be the ideal one is from late October to late April and the most comfy months other than these is from November to March. It is not true that you will get hurt in the night by insects and bugs as the tents are air-conditioned and enjoy all that they want.

But here is one thing I will make sure that there cannot be any dancing performances and musical nights if you are traveling the beautiful places during the holy month of Ramadan.

Wrapping it up!

No doubt, tourists are having the 15 best amazing places in UAE for night camping if they love to have some peace at a unique destination. The United Arab Emirates is full of deserts, beaches, and forests giving a best encampment for overnight stay with a slow and rhythmic music to mesmerize the vibrant atmosphere of the place.

Dubai is famous for many indoor places like the largest Dubai Mall with a lot of activities in it , but this post will ensure you that the outdoor places for glamping and tenting are also perfect in UAE.

People may also ask about Amazing night camping places in UAE

Is it suitable to use the tent in the camping area?

To use the tents you have to take a permit from the Dubai Municipality Weekend where campers can easily pitch the tents in the barren land. But for a long duration, visitors have to pay extra charges and take permission to pitch the tents.

Which are the best tourist locations for camping in Dubai?

The overall best places that are suitable for tourism are given below;

  • Al Qudra Lakes
  • Beautiful Fossil Rock in Sharjah
  • Popular among all – Liwa Desert Camping
  • Wonderful – The Arabian Dreams Desert Camp
  • Amazing – Al Acacia Forest

How can you pitch the tents in the safest way on the ground?

In order to pitch in the safest way on the ground you have to follow that the grills and fires should be 15 feet away from your tent. If you are observing camps in the cooler regions, make sure not to use heaters in your camps as they emit carbon monoxide which s dreadful.

How people can enjoy themselves in short tents?

 People love to enjoy these places while camping as it is the best recreational activity to spend life days in the regions away from their routine life. They use to live in motor homes, or tents, or observe other rural accommodations in tents with some amenities of their lives.

Which Beach is popular in UAE for camping?

No doubt there are many beaches to enjoy various sports activities in the United Arab Emirates, but the best beach is the famous Jebel Ali Public Beach for night camping. But you cannot enjoy the benefits of a caravan or trailer until you don’t grant permission from the Dubai Municipality.

What are the top dangers while camping in any area?

There are some popular dangers before going for a campsite that must be followed by all tourists given below;

  • Potential Fire Hazards
  • Dangerous Animals and Insects
  • Sickness at high elevations
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Accidents and Damages
  • Medical Emergencies

Which tips are helpful to save in camping?

There are certain tips to follow to get saved from all hazards in camping.

  • Wear full sleeves shirts and pants to get saved from harmful insects.
  • Take enough amount of food depending on your camping days
  • Pack up a first aid kit and some painkillers with you.
  • To find out the weather at your camping spot, utilize an appropriate weather application.
  • Be sure about safety from wildlife
  • Drive carefully
  • Be careful around campfires.