If you have not walked around Salah Al Din Street Al Muteena, Dubai, you will find it difficult to reach Salah Al Din metro station.  The station is designed as an underground metro station located within 0.1 miles of the Reef Mall. The station code is 19, exists in the fare zone 5, and was first opened to the public on September 09, 2011.

You will find the station as an integral part of the green line of the Dubai metro with Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station as the preceding station. In this post, we will cover all the surrounding attractions, restaurants, and a schematic map of the station. Similar to other metro stations, you can find this station too with amazing amenities and facilities.

Salah Al Din Metro Station location

Salah Al Din Metro Station – Major Entrance for Commuters

Choosing the Salah Al Din Metro Station is a good choice for only the residents of UAE but also the tourists. The reason is quite simple: the station provides incredible and efficient transport options along with the bus stations. Not only with the metro station, but travelers can also approach various areas of the city. 

The following station is the Union metro station which provides the facility to change the metro line from green to red. Being a commuter you will find the Salah Al Din metro station as the major entrance. Because the green lines provide thorough coverage of numerous destinations around the urban region.

LocationSalah Al Din Street, Al Muteena, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
LineGreen line
Station codeG19
Fare zone5
Prior stationUnion metro station
Subsequent stationAbu Baker AL Siddique metro station
Transfer stationNo
Dubai Tram connectionNo
Previous nameNA

Benefits of the Prime Location of Salah Metro Station

The prime location of the third busiest station of the Dubai metro line provides access to many other areas of the city. For instance, the shopping malls are located very close to the station.

For anything you want to shop, you can explore the Reef Mall located within 0.1 miles of the station, and the Al Ghurair Center within 0.3 miles of the station. Not only the shopping malls, the station is surrounded by offices, hotels, and other buildings. 

If you are looking for any co-working space near the station you can approach Workbay. This space is located only 4.8 kilometers from the station and you can reach there in 9 minutes via Tariq Bin Ziyad Road. Moreover, there is a prime medical center near the station available to provide medical facilities to the residents of the city.

Check out the schematic map of the Station

Salah Al Din Metro Station map

The Green line of the Dubai metro shows the Salah Al Din station as the central transport hub of the metro network. We are providing the schematic map of the station which shows the red and green lines of the station clearly and showing how different stations are interconnected with each other.

Operating Times, Arrivals, and Departures

While traveling through the Salah Al Din Metro station, it is important to know the operating times of the train. Like all the metro stations of the Dubai metro, it also provides the perfect arrival and departure for commuters.

The basic responsibility of the metro station is to accommodate the commuters with a comfortable journey. We have provided the weekly operating timings of the metro station as scheduled by the RTA (Road and Transport Authority).

Days Time  
Monday to Thursday 05:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Midnight) 
Friday 05:00 AM – 01:00 AM (Next day) 
Saturday 05:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Midnight) 
Sunday 08:00 AM -12:00 AM (Midnight) 

However, there may come variations in case of any special occasion in the Dubai Emirate. The better option is to download the RTA app on your smartphone where the modifications are pasted in no time.

Extraordinary Amenities and Facilities

The stylish design and contemporary layout of the station facilitate the commuters with extraordinary amenities inside the station. For instance, you will find out the station is fully equipped with advanced technologies and an amazingly used space area.

Passengers can take tickets from the ticket offices available in the station or use the vending machines for self-service. You can ask for assistance at the information desk if you have no idea how to use it, though. 

Here the dedicated staff of the station will help you in each case you want. Moreover, you can approach the interchange stations like Union and Burjuman from the Salah Al Din metro station. Approach the convenience store to buy snacks and drinks for your journey.

The lifts, escalators, and elevators make the journey comfortable for disabled persons.

Attractions, Hotels, and Restaurants near Salah Al Din Metro Station

Since the station lies in the heart of the bustling city, you will find a lot of attractions, hotels, and restaurants in the vicinity of the station. Not only, you find supermarkets to shop there but also fast food restaurants to enjoy lunch as well as dinner.

hotel near Salah Al Din Metro Station

I would like to discuss here some of the attractions which will make you able to explore the area of Salah Al-Din in a better way.

Ansar Gallery – An Ideal Solution for Shopping Lovers

Ansar Gallery is the best shopping center in Dubai providing amazing offers to people for supermarket clothing, furniture, and gift items. You are also allowed to choose the dining options here. The best feature of this place is to facilitate the people with fresh produce including vegetables and fruits.

People can explore crockery items, electronics, and jewelry items there. Since there are the best jewelry shops in Dubai , discovering your interest in the Ansar Gallery is not a bad idea.

LocationSalahuddin Road, Near Al Muraqqabat, Deira, Dubai
WebsiteAnsar Gallery
MapGet direction

Chef Wong Restaurant – Delicious Mix of Chinese and Asian Cuisine

In order to enjoy the mouth-watering taste, you cannot skip the Chef Wong restaurant while traveling through Salah Al Din Metro Station. This restaurant provides a delicious mix of Chinese and Asian meals to people and once they eat, they wish to come again.

The popularity of the restaurant is just due to its polite staff and quick service. Being a Philippine food lover, choosing Chef Wong restaurant is an excellent choice as they provide such facilities.

Location17 12 Street, Deira
MapGet direction

 Another amazing thing for Nigerian food lovers is that they can enjoy delicious meals at the best Nigerian restaurants in Dubai. For instance, the distance of Africana Home Restaurant Nakheel Deira Park is only 1.9 kilometers. You can easily approach it via Al Maktoum Road.

Salman Farsi Masjid – Near to Salah Al Din Metro Station

Salman Farsi Masjid dubai

The Salman Farsi masjid is easily accessible for the residents and tourists only a 4-minute walk from the station. The Masjid provides one of the best religious centers in Dubai and is open 24 hours. Anytime you wish to see the mosque’s internal layout, you can tour it. This masjid was built about 40 years ago by the Khawaja Family and has popularity just like the Grand Mosque.

Location13B St, Deira, Dubai
MapGet direction

Final Words

Salah Al Din Metro station is one of the best metro stations in Dubai to provide a comfortable journey to the passengers. Travelers cannot miss the nearby attractions, restaurants, and hotels of the station. Those who want to stay in the luxurious hotels should not miss Ramada by Wyndham Dubai Deira, Oyo 101 Click Hotel, Landmark Riqqa Hotel, and Marco Polo hotel.

Essential Probes of Salah Al Din Metro Station Dubai

Are there any modes of transportation near the Salah metro station?

Yes, you can easily find the bus stations traveling from this metro station to reach different areas of Dubai including Salah Al Din Bus Station and Deira Fish roundabout2.

How far away is the nearest metro station of Salah Al-Din?

The nearest metro station is roughly 900 meters away, and it will take travelers 3 minutes to get there. This metro station is the famous interchange station the Union metro station.

Is it possible to approach the other interchange stations from Salah Al Din?

Yes, you can approach the Burjuman metro station from Union and then catch up on the red line. You can walk up to the platform easily if you don’t want to take the red line.

What is the time duration to approach the Abu Baker Al Siddique metro station from Salah Al Din?

Since the Abu Baker Al Siddique metro station is the preceding station so you can find it within 1.2 kilometers of Salah Al-Din and reach there in 3 minutes only.

How many retail centres are located close to Salah Al Din station?

In order to shop for anything in the vicinity of the station you can approach the Reef Mall located very close to the station only 0.1 miles and Al Ghurair Centre located within 0.3 miles from the station.