Dubai metro network presents another metro station, a part of the Green Line serving the two famous areas in Deira. The residents will have clear information about the Al Qusais Metro Station between Al Qusais and Al Twar.

Like all other metro stations including Al Ghubaiba metro station, this station also provides a lot of amenities to provide a comfortable journey. Passengers have the best choice to choose to travel through the Dubai Metro to save their budget. 

The meaning of Al Qusais is the Renters Paradise which is a large community in the City. You can easily find the station in the Deira district of east Dubai.

Facilities of Al Qusais Metro Station

Advanced Facilities of Al Qusais Metro Station

There is a wide range of amenities to collect while traveling through Dubai metro trains. Not only normal persons but also disabled people are facilitated at the stations. You will find elevators, escalators, and ramps for disabled people to travel through the metro system.

Like the Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro station, Al Qusais also has ticket offices for buying tickets. But many people prefer to use the self-service options by using the vending machines. The use of a Nol card for traveling is the best way as you can recharge it any time. Moreover, you can find the direction for exit and entrance by means of signage.

Attractions to visit in the Vicinity of the Al Qusais Station

There are a lot of stunning attractions open to explore for the visitors either by visiting them through Al Qusais Metro Station. The famous attractions include the Dubai International Bowling Center which is only 4.7 kilometers away from the station.

Besides this, you may also explore Imagine at Dubai City Festival and Yalla Bowling City Center Mirdif. You may also explore famous parks and beaches which are located within only 6 kilometers of the station.

Hotels and Residential Places near the Al Qusais

Hotels and Residential Places near the Al Qusais

You can find luxurious locations for residency in order to explore the complete area in the vicinity of the Al Qusais metro station.

These hotels include the Al Bustan Center and Residence, Time Grand Plaza Hotel, Dubai Airport, Boulevard City Suites Hotel Apartments, and others. Most of the hotels are located in the 2 kilometers area of the Al Qusais station making it easier to explore other attractions.


In the end, I would say that the Al Qusais Metro station is providing efficient facilities to commuters for making their journey easy. Travelers may also buy food and beverages from nearby stores before starting their journey.

All metro stations including the Airport Terminal 1 have a tight security system to ensure the security of the passengers. If you are unable to find the station you may be reminded that it lies between the Al Salam community school (ASCS) and the Al Qusais Police Station.

Queries necessary to clear Al Qusais Metro Station

In which area of Dubai City the Al Qusais station is located?

The Al Qusais metro station is located on Al Nahda Street, Al Qusais Deira Dubai, and serves between Al Qusais and AL Twar with the fare zone 5.

On which date the Al Qusais station was opened in the city?

The Al Qusais station was opened on September 9, 2011, with two platforms, and two tracks, closer to the nearby bus stations to make traveling easy.

What are the best things to do near the Al Qusais metro stations?

 The best things to do near the Al Qusais metro station are Arabian Private Adventure, Fantasy Kingdom, Al Rabbash Art, Our Spa, Al Dana Massage Center, and others.

When does the Al Qusais metro train operate on weekdays?

Since the train is a part of the Green Line, therefore, the operating hours for weekends and other weekdays are different. From Monday to Thursday, it starts at 5:00 AM to 12 00 AM. But on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the timings are a slight change.

Are there any grocery stores or retail markets near Al Qusais Station?

There are many grocery stores and retail shops near the Al Qusais station to explore and buy anything. Moreover, you may also visit the supermarkets in the area like Al Maya Supermarket, Sunrise City Market, and others.