Explore the quick transport system via Dubai Network on the Red Line renowned as the Al Khail Metro station Dubai. Similar to other metro stations like Abu Hail , this one also has the prime target to provide a convenient journey.

The Al Khail station is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and serves between interchanges 4 and 5 of the road. If you are coming from DownTown Dubai you have to travel about 12 miles to reach this station.

The previous name of the station was Nakheel metro station which was later modified by the government to Al Khail. By checking out the location of the Al Khail station on the Dubai metro’s map you will find it is located near the American University Dubai.

More other attractions you will find out there including the Dubai Media City in the west as well as Emirates Golf Club located in the east.

Layout and Design of the Al Khail Metro Station

An important thing while traveling through Dubai Metro is to understand the layout of the stations. Before knowing about the layout you should know that the Al Khail station is perched on a bridge that runs parallel to the Sheikh Zayed Road. 

Design of the Al Khail Metro Station

It contains three tracks in which the third one works to detain the trains. In other words, it is classified as a class elevated station.

While talking about the design and layout of the station there is an elevated concourse as well as overhead walkways on either side of the street. These walkways help pedestrians to approach the station in an easier way.

The unique feature of the station involves the fact that it is the only one on which trains open from the left side of the Red Line. 

Destinations to view on the Route of Al Khail Metro

While boarding on the Al Khail Metro, you will find a lot of attractions to view that lie close to the station. No doubt Dubai is full of amazing places , that people can see and explore either by traveling through metro stations.

The major attractions include Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Karama, Max Metro Station, and Sharaf DG Metro Station. You may also use the bus networks to reach the nearest stations as the Feeder Bus F56 will take you to Dubai Media City. You can also use the same feeder bus to reach the Dubai Internet City and Dubai Knowledge Village.

Hotels and Residential Areas near the Al Khail

If you want to cover all the attractions of the Al Khail station in more than one day surely you need to have a residential area. It will be beneficial to save your budget if you choose to stay near the station.

Some of the famous hotels near the station are Radisson Blu Hotel, Media One Hotel, Residence & Spa Dubai, and Arjaan by Rotana. There are many other hotels you can explore there if you want to spend less money on your residence.

Final Words

Similar to other metro stations like Al Nahda , the Al Khail metro stations also provide a wide range of amenities to travelers. In short, no metro station lacks the facilities of vending machines, Nol card faring system, elevators, escalators, signage, Wi-Fi connections, and other things.

You can check out the security system of the stations making you able to travel through the metro again and again.

What are People’s Concerns about Al Khail Metro Station Dubai?

What was the former name of the Al Khail Metro Station?

The former name of the Al Khail Metro station was Nakheel metro station located on the Red Line of the metro and was renamed in November 2020.

What was the opening date of the Al Khail metro station and how many fare zones it contains?

There are two fare zones in the Al Khail station and the station was first opened to the public on October 15, 2010, additionally to four further intermediate stations.

In which district Al Khail metro station is found?

The Al Khail metro station is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road in the southwest of Downtown Dubai between Dubai Media City and Emirates Golf Club.

What are the closest metro stations near Al Khail?

The closest metro stations near Al Khail include Quoz Latifa Bint Hamdan Street – 02 which is only 164 meters away, Quoz Al Khail Gate Entrance 1 – 01 only 365 meters away, and Jumeirah University 1 2- Latifa Bint Hamdan Street 01 only 448 meters away. 

Are there any shopping malls near the Al Khail metro station?

There are a number of shopping malls for people to explore the Al Khail station including Al Khail Mall, Al Quoz Mall, and Al Khail gate community center. More attractions and places are open to travelers and other people in the vicinity of Al Khail metro.