The vibrant heart of Dubai contains the Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station located in the oldest district of Dubai Deira. People prefer to choose the option where convenience meets sophistication and this time you can’t forget Dubai metro stations. If you are in search of the greatest and most rapid transit hubs in Dubai the Abu Baker metro station will provide you convenience.

 All the metro stations in the city have provided excellence and innovation in the public transport system. People use the transport system to see the iconic attractions and save their budget. The prime locations of the metro stations in the city ensure that residents and visitors access the key destinations. Hence, you will find the ideal starting point to reach your working stations as well as recreational places.

The layout of the Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station

Like all other metro stations, the Abu Baker Al Siddique has a sleek and contemporary design that creates a welcoming environment. Once you step on the train, you will see that it skillfully combines functionality and beauty. You will have a nice experience due to the roomy concourse as well as the brightly lit platforms which provide an atmosphere of comfort and safety.

Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station layout

Welcome to a myriad of amenities and services that every person can need. The organized layout offers travelers to unwind before their travel. Outside the station, there are numerous stores, cafes, and other areas to buy something you want to eat during travel. But make sure, don’t mess up the station or the train while eating during travel hours. You can view the layout by traveling from one place to another like Dubai to Hatta making you explore two cities.

Physical Infrastructure of Abu Baker Al Siddique, Green Line Metro

Throughout all the metro stations, designs, layouts, and physical infrastructure are made to provide comfort to the passengers. The Al Siddique metro station uses cutting-edge technology to provide travelers with a smooth journey and trouble-free by means of committed personnel.

The worth mentioning feature of this metro station is to upgrade its security measures with the help of ticketing systems and a real-time information display system. You can use the information desks if you don’t know where to go and how to catch your train.

Infrastructure of Abu Baker Al Siddique

The station is located on the green line providing a representation of the city’s dedication to environmental awareness and development. Step into the station to experience the charm and convenience of traveling in the metro to explore Dubai’s treasures. Moreover, you will find the incorporation of modern elements and Arabian motifs along with captivating art installations. Besides this, you have plenty of attractions to explore in the Deira district, especially the Dubai Shopping Mall [Interlinking].

Operational Hours of Metro Station & Other Facilities

The typical operational hours for the Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro station start from 5.00 AM to 12.00 AM from Monday to Thursday. However, you may find fluctuations on the weekends like Friday to Sunday.

There is a wide range of amenities and facilities for passengers including ticket vending machines, RTA customer service centers, prayer rooms, restrooms, ATMs, shops selling numerous items, and others. It is important to note down all the operational hours as all the emirates are not accessed by metro like Dubai to Abu Dhabi Metro is not available . 

Wrapping it up!

Choose the Abu Baker Al Siddique  metro station for a vibrant journey with air-conditioned cabins and amenities for passengers. The disabled people also have a lot of amenities to travel in the metro transportation hub making it the perfect transport system in Dubai. Save your budget and travel through this amazing metro network to see all the attractions throughout the UAE.

What People Concern about the Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station Dubai

What famous sights are open to view in the neighborhood of Abu Baker metro station?

Yes, once you get to the Deira district you will find several attractions to view there. These breathtaking attractions include Deira City Center, Al Ghurair Center, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, and Dubai Creek.

Can I have access to the bus connections by using Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro?

Since each part of Dubai City is not accessed by means of the metro station, therefore, there is a complete bus network connected to the metro station to provide comfort to passengers.

What are the other famous metro stations located near Abu Baker Al Siddique?

There are other metro stations available for travelers to approach which contain Salah Al Din Metro Station and the Union Metro Station located along the red line. These two stations are very close together.

Is there any facility for car parking in the metro station?

No doubt, you can do car parking in the metro station but the parking spaces can be limited especially during peak hours.

What transportation choices are best to access the Abu Baker Al Siddique metro?

It is quite easy to access this metro station as it is located in the Deira district of Dubai. You can use the red line metro or can reach the station by road or public transportation.