The Al Ghubaiba Metro station is a great transportation hub serving as an Intercity station between Red and Green Lines. Like the Al Furjan Metro station , this metro station has a strategic location containing several landmarks around it. The total distance covered by the Red Line is about 52 kilometers which stretches from Rashidiya station to Jebel Ali. You can access various important areas and destinations containing residential and commercial areas. Outside and inside the station passengers have a lot of facilities and amenities to avail.

Key Features of the Al Ghubaiba Metro Station

Similar to all other Dubai metro stations , there are some advanced features that make the Al Ghubaiba metro station famous. The key responsibility of all metros is to provide a convenient journey to the passengers which enhances the reliability of Dubai Transport.

Key Features of the Al Ghubaiba Metro Station

Real-Time Information Displays & Automated Fare Collection

Since this is the key for metro stations to provide comfortable journeys, the real-time information system via the large screens is amazing. You can know all about the train time schedules by means of the real-time information displays. The arrival times, service disruptions, and departure are completely mentioned on the large screens. Hence, passengers can manage their journey plans more efficiently. Stations like Abu Hail [Interlinking] and others have automated fare gates which are able to take tickets without visiting ticket stations.

Wi-Fi & Charging Stations, Wayfinding, and Signage

 Many metro stations have the facility of Wi-Fi and charging stations to provide access to digital content for passengers and stay connected. If you are waiting for someone or a train and your gadget is not charged, you can charge them but take care of your belongings. Wayfinding and signage is an excellent facility in all the metro stations like ADCB Metro Station. The most effective approach for passengers to locate their desired direction is in this manner.

Al Ghubaiba Metro Station Real-Time Information

Security and Surveillance of Al Ghubaiba

The security system is perfectly maintained by the Dubai Metro networking system. You may see the examples in the Al Ghubaiba and Terminal 1 stations. To enhance passengers’ security, there are CCTV cameras installed, security personnel, and emergency points. Therefore, you will face a very less possibility of mishaps while traveling through Dubai metro stations but if it exists you can handle it. 

Wrapping it up!

Besides all the above features travelers cannot forget the exceptional amenities and facilities. Accessibility features are common in all metro stations like Abu Baker Al Siddique. Therefore, passengers will not face difficulties for disabled people. Using the Al Ghubaiba metro is the biggest advantage if someone wants to avail as it is the Intercity station between two lines.

Frequently Asked Questions relevant to the Al Ghubaiba Metro Station

How can I start my journey by Al Ghubaiba Metro Station?

Dubai Metro maps, schedules, RTA website (Roads and Transport Authority), and mobile app for real-time information will help you to start your journey by Al Ghubaiba metro station.

How does Al Ghubaiba Metro station have significant transfer facilities?

The is the Intercity point that serves both the Red Line and the Green Line. Therefore, it is one of the significant transfer facilities within the metro system.

How are the operating hours of the Al Ghubaiba station designed?

The operating hours for running the Al Ghubaiba station are not so different from other metro stations. Let’s examine the time during the week;

  • 5:00 AM to 12:00 AM – Monday to Thursday
  • 5:00 AM to 1:00 AM – Friday
  • 5.00 AM  to 12.00 AM – Saturday
  • 8.00 AM to 12.AM – Sunday

Is there any parking facility to utilize in the Al Ghubaiba Metro Station?

There is a dedicated multi-level car park in the station where travelers can park their vehicles. However, this parking facility may be subject to the area and you may have to pay some charges.

What is the exact location to find out about the Al Ghubaiba metro station?

The Al Ghubaiba metro station is located in Bur Dubai, a historic district on the western side of Dubai Creek. You may also find bus station and Dubai Creek in the neighborhood of this metro station.

What are the famous landmarks to view near the Al Ghubaiba Metro Station?

There are several landmarks and attractions to view near the Al Ghubaiba station such as the Dubai Museum, Dubai Creek, Heritage Village, Meena Bazar, and the Textile Souk.