The great transport hub of the Green Line of the Dubai Metro network is situated on Al Nahda street serving in between the areas of Al Qusais and Al Tawr. The Etisalat metro station was first opened for the public on September 10, 2011, however, the inauguration was done on the date of September 09. You can easily find the Centrepoint metro station as it lies near this metro station. 

The station code for the station is 11 and has a fare zone of 5, and passes through the north of the Dubai International Airport. 

Another way of finding the location is to approach the closest junction of Al Nahda Street with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

How to Find out Etisalat Metro Station – Station Code & Zone

An integral part of the Green line and quick transport hub of the Dubai metro network is the Etisalat metro station. Located close to the Al Nahda street junction and Al Qusais Pond Park, you can easily find the metro station.

Find out Etisalat Metro Station
LocationAl Nahda Street, Al Qusais Third, Dubai
LineGreen line
Station code11
Fare zone5
Preceding stationAl Qusais towards Creek
Following stationTerminus
Transfer stationNo
Dubai Tram connectionNo
Previous nameN/A 

The unique thing about the Etisalat station is that it is the first metro station which provides connectivity with 5G. If you have never experienced a mobile network within a transportation system, you should never miss traveling through Etisalat.

Exceptional Amenities of Etisalat Metro Station

The Etisalat station is famous for providing the world’s first class amenities and facilities to the users. In order to make the journey comfortable and convenient for the passengers, it has lifts, escalators, and elevators.

Disabled people can easily use the station by using the lifts and the escalators. If you are visiting the station for the first time and don’t know where to go, you can use the way of the station. However, the information desks contain the dedicated staff of the metro station that helps the passengers in all ways.

The station provides the facility with a parking area. There is a space to park almost 2300 vehicles easily for the commuters. You can easily access the adjacent station Al Qusais located on the Green Line.

Restaurants and Hotels to cover near the Etisalat

In order to explore the best restaurants near the Etisalat station you can visit the TakaHisa Japanese Restaurant, Kish Restaurant, Hardee’s, Al Rayhan Restaurant, and Jack’s Bar and Grill. However, if you are fond of eating vegetarian foods you can visit the best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai located near various metro stations.

hotel etisalat metro station

These stations mainly include Al Fahidi metro station , BurJuman, and Al Qusais. You can find a good category of residential areas in the vicinity of the Etisalat metro station. You can choose the best one for you from the list given below;

  • Al Bustan Centre & Residence – Located only 2.5 miles from Etisalat
  • Premier Inn Dubai International Airport Hotel – 2.8 miles from the station
  • Time Grand Plaza Hotel – 1.7 miles 
  • Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport, an IHG Hotel – 2.7 miles

Finalizing it off!

In short, having a journey through Etisalat metro station will make your journey to the famous areas of Dubai comfortable and convenient. You can get snacks and beverages before the arrival of the train to have a quick bite during the journey.

The security of the passenger is compulsory at all metro stations. Therefore, like all other stations, Etisalat also contains CCTV cameras and other security personnel to ensure the security of the passengers.

Important Questionnaires about Etisalat Metro Station

In which area the Etisalat metro station can be found?

The Etisalat metro station is not so difficult to find as it is located on Al Nahda Street on the Green line of the Dubai metro between Al Qusais and Al Tawr. If you travel to the north of Dubai International Airport, you can find the metro station easily.

What was the initial name of the Etisalat metro station?

The initial name of the station was Etisalat which was changed to Etisalat & e on February 5, 2023.

Is there any parking area available at Etisalat for passengers?

The Etisalat station has a unique thing in that it provides the facility of a parking area for its passengers. There is a range of 23000 vehicles that can be parked in the area. So one can easily use the metro by parking his vehicle in the parking slot.

What is the convenient feature while walking from the Etisalat metro to the bus?

If someone wants to go to the Etisalat bus station from the metro, he can use the air-conditioned walkway built within the metro station. Hence it is the best connection for passengers between the two transportation hubs.

What is the type of Etisalat metro station and why is it known?

The Etisalat metro station, which is raised as an elevated type, serves as the end of the Dubai Metro’s Green line.