Centerpoint metro station is the eastern terminal and the quick transport system of the Red Line of Dubai metro . Al Rashidiya metro station was the initial name of the station till it was officially opened to the general public on September 9, 2009.

This station is one of the initial stations where trains travel to Nakheel Harbour and the tower. There are almost seven intermediate stations to serve the public. The total number of passengers that travel through the Centerpoint metro is almost 2.634 million which makes it to be the busiest one in the city.

To reach this metro station, travelers need to approach the Al Rashidiya community located near the Dubai International Airport.

Layout and Parking Facilities of Centerpoint Metro Station

The Station is designed in such a way that its layout is similar to an elevated station (type 3) as it has three tracks. The purpose of creating the third track is the area where trains can be easily stored.

The fare zone for the station is five, making it understandable how the passenger has to pay the fare. The best facility that many metro stations lack is the parking area but this contains a parking facility. Those who travel through the metro daily don’t have to pay the fare for parking their vehicles. But in the case of drivers, they utilize their Nol cards to park their cars.  

Facilities of Centerpoint Metro Station

You can access the vending machines to take the tickets, easy to use, and convenient to purchase. The station contains dedicated staff members who help passengers in different ways and answer their queries. You can get snacks, food, and beverages from the nearby shops and eat them while traveling.

Full details on the expected arrival and departure of the railways are available on the real-time screen installed in the station. Since this station is located at Dubai International Airport, you can easily approach Airport Terminals 1 and 3.

Iconic Attractions, Cinemas, and Shopping Malls

There are a lot of attractions, cinemas, and shopping malls located in the vicinity of the Centerpoint metro station. You may find some of the places within walking distance like Bin Sougat Center, Al Rashidiya Police Station, and Al Rashidiya Park.

However, there are some attractions that need some source to reach out, like buses or taxis. The attractions on the red line for passengers include BurJuman , Union, Dubai International Airport, Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall , Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Lake Towers.

These attractions include City Center Mirdif, Etihad Mall, the famous Arabian Center, and Uptown Mirdif. 

You may also visit the best Dubai park including Mushrif Park in the vicinity of the Centerpoint station. If you want to enjoy an amazing movie, you can approach the best cinema in the city VOX Cinema City Center Mirdif.

In the case of shopping malls, there is only one shopping mall to explore. You can find the City Center Mirdif only 1.4 miles with almost 350 stores and 75 outlets.


Among all the metro stations in Dubai, the Centerpoint station has significant importance. The station contains all the luxurious amenities for travelers to have a comfortable journey through the metro.

The complete area has air-conditioned rooms and high-quality security in the station to prevent any security risks. Moreover, you can find CCTV cameras, security personnel, and other equipment to ensure the security of passengers.

Concerns and Queries related to Centerpoint Metro Station

Which is the closest metro station to reach Centerpoint station?

The closest metro station near the Centerpoint metro station is the Mall of the Emirates, located only within 6 minutes walking distance of the Centerpoint station.

How are the three platforms designed for the Centerpoint metro station?

The three platforms are designed in such a way that the red line (up) is for arrival only but the two down red lines are for Union, Sobha Realty, and Expo 2020.

Which is the adjacent station to the Centerpoint?

The adjacent station located at the Centerpoint metro station is the Emirates Metro station.

At which time does the last metro reach the Centerpoint?

The last metro reaches the Centerpoint station at midnight about 12.31 AM.

What was the previous name of the Centerpoint metro station?

Since the Centerpoint metro station is located in the Al Rashidiya community, therefore, it was named the Al Rashidiya metro station in 2009. However, the name was changed to Centerpoint in 2010.