A great transit hub of transport is found on the Green Line of Dubai Metro in the form of Creek Metro Station. On March 1st, 2014, the station was formerly accessible to the general public in order to provide service to Dubai Creek. There are two platforms and tracks on the station along with the 6 fare zone.  In order to make a comfortable journey for the passengers, the station has a lot of amenities in it. You can easily find the Al Jadaf metro station as an adjacent station to the Creek station.

Well – Equipped Platform of Creek Metro Station

The creek metro station has well-equipped arrangements within the station to provide a convenient journey to travelers. You will find the whole platform is air-conditioned where passengers can stay to prevent the scorching heat if they are waiting for the train.

Platform of Creek Metro Station

There are huge real-time display screens providing the complete structure of train schedules. However, it is preferable to download the RTA’s (Roads and Transport Authority) app on your smartphone. This app allows passengers to check the train timings of different metro station trains anywhere in the city.

You may check out the facilities of the nearest Al Jadaf metro station which has similar infrastructure as the Creek Metro Station. The disabled person will find the journey through the metro more convenient.

The reason is there are elevators, escalators, and ramps to make it easy for them to board the train. You can check out more stations like Al Qiyadah, Al Nahda, Al Khail , and others that contain such amenities. High security is maintained in the station by installing surveillance CCTV cameras making it reliable for traveling. 

Stunning Attractions and Hotels to explore Near Dubai Creek

There are many stunning attractions to view near the Creek metro station but the famous places of interest we will discuss. The most important among them includes the Muhammad Bin Rashid library which contains a massive collection of books. The library has different sections for children, adults, arts, business, and periodicals. 

Dubai Creek metro view

Except for the library, the stunning Al Jadaf mosque is also a worth-seeing attraction. Although the mosque is small, approximately 600 people can offer prayer in the mosque. Besides this, you may go to the stunning attractions of Dubai Creek which mainly contains the Dubai Museum, Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood , and Dubai Spice Souk.

There are some luxurious hotels to explore near the Creek station if someone is looking for a stay. The famous ones among them are Premier Inn Dubai Al Jadaf, Kingsgate Canal Hotel LLC, Suha Creek Hotel Apartment, S19 Hotels Al Jadaf, and Skaf Hotels. 


In short, the Creek metro station has a wide range of amenities to make the journey full of comfort for passengers. Board the train for the Creek metro station and approach various areas of Dubai. If you have traveled through any metro station of the Green Line like Al Qusais you will appreciate your decision to travel through the metro.

Frequently Asked Questions Relevant to Creek metro station

How many areas are covered by the Creek Metro Station?

The Creek metro station is located near the Al Jadaf metro station and Dubai Creek, therefore, it can cover the areas of both Al Jadaf and Dubai Creek.

Which is the nearest metro station to the Creek Metro Station?

The nearest metro station to approach the Creek metro station is the Al Jadaf metro station which lies at a distance of 0.8 kilometers from the Creek station.

When does the Green Line of Dubai Metro end?

The design of the Green Line was made in such a way that it will end at the Dubai Healthcare metro station. However, the government gave an extension to a metro station of Dubai Creek via the Al Jadaf Metro station.

When the Creek metro station was first opened to the public?

The Creek Metro Station was first opened to the public on 1st March 2014 along with two platforms and two tracks. The preceding station of the Creek metro station is the Al Jadaf.

In which station code does Creek metro station lie?

The Creek metro station lies in the 6th zone with a station code of 30. In this case, how much fare a passenger has to pay depends on the number of zones he has covered.