While traveling to the northeast of the Expo 2020 site  I easily found the Expo 2020 metro station.   The station is the extension of Route 2020 and has the main purpose to connect the Jebel Ali metro to the Expo 2020 site. In other words, a link was created on June 1st, 2021, to central Dubai with the Expo 2020.  

According to the reports and research, it takes 1 hour and 14 minutes to take from the Centrepoint metro station (northern end of the Red Line) to Expo 2020 station. However, the frequency recorded during this time travel is about 2 minutes and 38 seconds.

 If you approach the station from the northeast side of the Expo 2020, you may have access to explore the Al Wasl Plaza.

Location, Zone, and Station Code of Expo 2020 Metro Station

If I talk about my tour through Metro, I would like to share that I found knowing the basic information about the metro station much beneficial. For instance, anybody who is traveling through the metro needs to remember in which fare zone he is going to travel. Therefore, I used this information to understand how much fare I would spend depending on the crossing of stations.

locatoin Expo 2020 Metro Station
LocationExpo 2020, Madinat Al Mataar, Dubai
LineRed  line
Station code76
Fare zone1
Preceding stationTerminus
Following stationDubai Investment Park towards Centrepoint
Transfer stationNo
Dubai Tram connectionNo
Previous nameN/A 

Expo 2020 Station link to the Al Maktoum Airport

The Expo 2020 metro station is considered the last station on Route 2020, however, there is an alteration. Since the Al Maktoum International Airport is located near the metro station, the Dubai government has plans to extend the line to the Airport towards the south.

Al Maktoum Airport

Another important thing to note down is that the top roof of the station is made according to the aircraft’s wing. This shows inspiration due to the nearby location of the Al Maktoum International Airport.

Interior Look of the Expo metro station

The interior look of the metro station provides an amazing environment for travelers. The area inside the station is bright as well as spacious creating a unique environment by the colorful led lighting. The station provides the facility for currency exchange and buying anything from the convenience store to the passengers.

Interior Look of the Expo metro station

Once you get onto the train you can approach various stops like the Deira City Center metro station . The route goes to various stops in the city including the Mall of Emirates, Sobha Realty, and the ADCB metro station.

Sightseeing Attractions and Residential Hotels

Expo 2020 has stunning and breathtaking sights to view for tourists as well as passengers. Some of the stunning attractions are given below;

hotel near Expo 2020 Metro Station
  • Al Wasl Plaza – This plaza is famous as the beating heart of Expo 2020. You will find it in the thematic districts of the Expo Converge.
  • Garden in the Sky – It is the most stunning part of Expo 2020 containing a rotating observation tower that lifts the visitors above 55 meters from the Expo 2020.
  • Waterfall – The trip to the Expo 2020 is totally incomplete without enjoying the splashing activity through the waterfall.
  • Alif, the Mobility Pavilion – A most beautiful pavilion in the Expo 2020, nine-meter tall historical mobility.

While checking out the residential hotels in Dubai, you can explore Rove Expo 2020, Expo Village Serviced Apartments, and Cherrywood House.

Final Words

In short, traveling through Expo 2020 metro station to various areas of Dubai is the best way to save budget. The various stops along route 2020 will make you approach the other metro stations like Airport Terminal 1 as well as Terminal 3. Don’t miss Expo 2020 which contains spectacular attractions for the visitors.

Questions to note down about Expo 2020 Metro Station

What was the need of opening the Expo 2020 metro station?

The Expo 2020 has made a connection between Jebel Ali Metro Station (Al Nakheel Harbor and Tower) and Expo Site 2020. On June 1st, 2021, it initially opened to the general public.

In which fare zone does the Expo 2020 lie?

The Expo 2020 lies in fare zone 1 and contains two platforms and three tracks within it located on the Red Line of Dubai Metro.

What is the station code for Expo 2020 and in which is it located?

The station code for the Expo 2020 metro station is 76 and is located on the Expo 2020 site in the area of western Dubai.

How do I buy a ticket at the station for Expo 2020?

In Dubai, purchasing a ticket at any metro stop is a simple process. You just need to visit the ticket box and pay for the area you are going to. If you want to avail the self-service you may use the vending machines installed in the station.

How many passengers can travel through the Expo 2020 in each direction per hour?

The Expo 2020 metro station can accommodate 16,000 commuters per hour traveling in each direction.

What are the preceding and following stations through Expo 2020?

The preceding station and the following station through the Expo 2020 are Terminus and Dubai Investment Park metro stations respectively.