Explore new water experiences with Dubai Fountain Boardwalk 

Downtown Dubai provides a fascinating water experience with rhythmic music and light spectacular views in Dubai fountain shows. The length of these fountains is 900 meters equal to approximately 2 football pitches. The base of the fountains is in the Burj Lake of 30 acres which provides a variety of musical performances. The reason for […]

Best View points of Dubai fountain show times and Burj Khalifa

Explore the largest choreographed fountain system in the world providing the best views of the Dubai fountain show times with Burj khalifa. Are you planning to visit Dubai with all its majestic inclusions? If yes, don’t miss seeing the breathtaking views of the Dubai Fountain show. This one is the most modern attraction for tourists […]

Visit the Stunning Burj Khalifa in Dubai | Ultimate Planning Guide

top viewing platform of Burj Khalifa

Luminous Burj Khalifa at Night – Experience At The Top

The stunning view of Burj Khalifa at night can only be seen by tourists whenever they plan to visit the Dubai mall in the evening or at night. If you want to use the magical ways to explore Dubai, I will suggest you see the shimmering lights of Dubai at night. Most tourists want to […]

Perceive Dubai Mall Waterfall – Important Facts

Most people prefer to explore the beauty of nature by seeing the beautiful waterfalls but in the case of Dubai mall waterfall, it is totally the opposite. The reason is that this waterfall is an artificial waterfall where man-made sculptures dive. The shape of the waterfall is circular, almost 24- meters in length and 30 […]

12 Amazing Dubai Mall Activities for Families in 2023

A beautiful day with amazing Dubai mall activities to perform in Dubai mall with your kids will make the day more adventurous. The Dubai Mall contains a lot of spectacular attractions to visit for tourists. It is an obvious fact that the Dubai mall is considered one of the top tourist attractions for families as […]