Living a life like a Bedouin is not possible while enjoying Dubai’s Urban Itinerary. The tall buildings, seven-star hotels, and luxurious lifestyle are no doubt the best places to visit. A person who wants an adrenaline-pumping experience or to get relax from the chaotic glitzy routine should make up his mind to visit a peaceful place.

This peace is mainly referred to as the Dubai desert and the ideal desert in the city is the famous Desert Safari. To illustrate the idealism of the Safari desert one should go for its services provided for the tourists like in an Overnight Safari Visit . Moreover, visitors cannot ignore other centralized desert safari locations to visit and have a fun day there.

Being a tourist, you have the best chance to perform various exciting activities in the sand. The greatest way for them to experience sandy Bedouin life is to ride camels.  Despite the fact that sunset and sunrise views are most beautiful to view in the dust bowl, go for falconry and dune bashing.

Dubai Sand dunes are famous for discovery in the United Arab Emirates, to give tourists a chance to ride Quad Bikes. In other words, I will suggest visitors explore all safaris to have a full enjoyment bucket in their hands.

Top Centralized Desert Safari Locations in Dubai


The barrens have a unique quality to spend the night under the bright stars. But the bright stars and beautiful sky are available by night camps. So I often enjoyed amazing places for night camping in the big red Dubai dunes.

You need to explore the centralized locations near Safari if you don’t know about them. The famous among these deserts of UAE include desert conservation reserve, Bidayer, Liwa, Al Lahbab, and others. Let’s have a look at all these and discover what specifications are included in them.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve – First Rehabilitation National Park


Amazing to describe my visit to DDCR, the first national Park in the golden city. The barren landforms about 5 percent of the wilderness. Before visiting the desert conservation reserve, people want to know that what activities they can do there.

If you have not visited the place earlier, don’t worry I am going to mention stunning attractions in it. These attractions include sandboarding, camel riding, horse riding, falconry, and delectable dining options. 

DDCR is a famous project of UAE, whose work is to protect the endangered flora and species in it. It has to perform its functions for preserving desert habitat. Not only it works for species conservation but also provides a lot of activities for guests.

Are you interested to know about these activities? Just as Jet ski in Dubai is considered as the best tourist attraction so is camel riding in barren lands. So starting with camel riding you are able to enjoy horse riding, archery, falconry, sunset, and sunrise views.

Bidayer – Elegant Sand Dunes, Large Barren Landscape


A view of the very large barren landscape is hidden on the Dubai-Hatta highway. Being a tourist, you can never ignore the famous Bidayer a perfect place for the tour. Regardless a Full day Dubai City Tour is illuminated with a lot of attraction but a barren visit has its own charm.

The terracotta red hue of the sand has named the dune bowl Big Red. The day views of the desert make it Big Red which stands against the sand shifting tones. In contrast to the day, night views make it to be a yellow-colored landscape.

Be mindful of the crowds if you intend to make the trip on Saturday or Sunday. Since you are visiting a unique place whose color shifts day and night. Therefore, admire the natural beauty by viewing the spectacular views of the barren land.

The Liwa Oasis – The Empty Quarter of UAE


I was scared about the extreme weather conditions to face in the oasis. Not all desert Safari locations are popular for extreme weather conditions as the Liwa Oasis do. Undoubtedly, you can view the best desert dunes along with stunning sunrise views on the Morning Desert Safari Tour .

In the same way, you can explore the big sand dunes and the rich history of cultural events like the Liwa Festival. The wide-open area has huge space for racing to increase the excitement of tourists. This will boost their chances to visit such locations again and again.

Al Lahbab – Head to a Bedouin Style Camp


The history of this barren land is linked with the Lehbab village of UAE, home to unique attractions ad experiences for tourists. You are most welcome in this desert for dune surfing in Dubai. Just as all deserts provide exciting activities so does the Al Lahbab desert.

Those who love to stay in the Bedouin-style camp should head towards this best destination. You may also take part in the safari programs of this barren in which they drive through the rural villages. The purpose of driving through rural villages is to narrate different cultures for tourism. Local cultural activities are famous here to explore more adventure in all desert Safari locations.

Al Awir Desert – A four-wheel fun in the sand dunes


The desert’s name is based on the name of the famous Al Aweer town in the Emirates. This is located 35 kilometers distance from the city center of Dubai. If you are looking for camel breeding and agricultural adventure this is the best location for you.

All deserts provide quad biking and dune bashing, but the Al Awir is renowned for these two activities. The diverse selection of activities for people to take part in them includes many adventurous sports. This barren land is famous for tourists to have a BBQ dinner, likewise, they enjoy the extended Evening Desert Safari Tour.

Jebel Maleihah – Ancient Marine Fossils Rocks


One of the most distinct deserts is the Jebel Maleihah. A number of millions of years-old marine fossil rocks in it account for its attraction. Another ancient thing is famous in the city of Gold known as Dubai Dino located in the largest Dubai shopping mall.

The United Arab Emirates was claimed to be an element of the Tethys Ocean Floor during geologic Epochs. And these sediments existed between the road of Sharjah and Kalba, submerged during those times. Another structure there to visit is the famous Camel Rock.  

The camel rock looks absolutely the way as if the camels are sitting there with their humps poking up into our world. The envision of camel prints was produced more than 500 million years ago during the peak activity of earth’s dinosaurs.

This wilderness is considered to be the best photographic place for tourists as well as photographers. The stunning views can be easily captured by learning important information from the neighboring residents. The unparalleled views make it to be the top desert safari location in the Emirates.

Al Faya – Coolest Sunset Spot in UAE


The coolest sunset spot with the amazing Spa is the Al Faya Desert. This is also considered among the best desert Resorts of UAE. What you will see in it includes superb heaven opportunities, sunset views, and mountain settings.

The raw beauty of the place and elegant natural views either in the morning or evening make Al Faya to be the ideal one for tourism. Another name for the place is the Big Fall due to the large desert dunes.

 Many people are stuck in the question that in which time is it suitable to admire the nature in wilderness. The answer according to my experience leads to the evening time because sunset views are just amazing among the sand dunes.

I mainly preferred this place to visit the spa and resort in it which gave me huge pleasure. So if you are interested in engaging in more activities among all desert Safari locations, Al Faya is the best one to choose.

Summing it up!

Finally, I have reached a point, to sum up all the desert Safari locations. So have you packed up your luggage to explore the barren of the Emirates? All locations have something unique and distinct for tourists to explore and thrilling activities.

Try to plan a visit in the winter months as the nights will get cool down as compared to the day. Moreover, your visit can become more valuable if you have a night camping under the bright stars.

What people ask about the best desert Safari Locations

Which one is the best location near Safari to have a Camel Ride?

Al Faya is famous to have camel riding for tourists.

Which outfit is best to wear while visiting the desert in winter?

Put on a thick comfortable jacket, warm trousers, and sweaters in your luggage if you are planning a visit in the winter season.

Which desert is known as the Empty Quarter in UAE?

The greatest sand area in the UAE is called the Rub’ Al Khali, sometimes referred to as the Empty Quarters.

Name a desert that is famous for wildlife photography.

Those who are in love with wildlife photography should visit the Jebel Maleiha due to the marine fossils in it. Moreover, people also go for the Al Qudra desert due to the attractive artificial lakes and sand dunes in it.

Which is the best tourist desert location to visit in UAE?

Al Qudra desert is the most fascinating place to visit due to the artificial love lake, bird watching, and cycling tracks.