Unlock the gateway to the busiest metro station of Dubai, the Baniyas Metro Square Station located on the Green Line Deira area. The stations were first opened to the public on September 9, 2011, along with 2 platforms and 2 tracks, This is the busiest metro station with almost 1.070 million passengers yet.

Other famous metro stops you can get along the Green Line contain the Al Ghubaiba Metro station . The station lies in fare zone 5, therefore, your fare depends on the number of zones you are covering within the station. Stepping into the station will make you realize that there is nothing left behind to provide comfort to the commuters.

Accommodation and Attractions near the Baniyas 

Significant Features Covered by the Baniyas Square Metro

Similar to other metro stations like Abu Baker Al Siddique metro station the Baniyas Square operates driverless. This clearly shows that the whole machinery has advanced features containing electricity to utilize.

The restrooms, prayer rooms, and waiting rooms all are fully air-conditioned as the city has high degree centigrade temperatures. The ticketing system is quite simple to follow as there are ticket offices, vending machines, and also Nol card system. You may check out the operating time for the train arrival and departure on the official website RTA. 

You may explore the cultural as well as historical sites of the city including the Al Fahidi Historic neighborhood . The security system is surely perfect for preventing the station from any illegal activity.

There are high-quality CCTV cameras and security personnel to ensure the security of passengers. Furthermore, due to high rush sometimes passengers forget where to go. To prevent this situation, follow the signage or take help from the dedicated staff present at the Baniyas Square metro station.

Accommodation and Attractions near the Baniyas 

Features Covered by the Baniyas Square Metro

The popularity of the Baniyas metro station is due to the shopping areas. You may check out the market and the nearby areas completely filled with artwork, textile products, rugs, and carpets. More areas that you can cover near the Baniyas station regarding shopping include the Naif souk located 0.2 miles from the area.

Moreover, there lies the Al Manan Center as well as Dubai Creek to explore within walking distance. If we talk about accommodations, it is easy to find hotels near the vicinity of the Baniyas Square metro station.

Union Metro Station – A transfer from Baniyas Station

People may also travel and transfer their journey to the Union metro station on the Red Line. This transfer will help them in covering a lot of stunning attractions. You may also use this point and visit Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, and Dubai International Airport.

Wrapping it up!
Finally, you can see that there are many attractions as well as hotels to visit at the Baniyas Square metro station. There is another metro station near Baniyas only 11 mins away known as the Al Ras Metro station. You may check out the train stops by using the map which includes the Union metro station, Deira City Center metro station, Dubai International Airport, and Emirates metro station.

Concerns and Questions Leading to the Baniyas Square Metro Station

Where is the Baniyas Square metro station located?

The Baniyas Square metro station is located on 27Th street & Al Maktoum Road, Deira, Dubai, and is a part of the Green Line metro network.

What is the unique feature of the Baniyas Metro Station?

The Baniyas metro station is considered to be the busiest metro station of the metro as 1.070 million passengers travel on it.

How many platforms and tracks are associated with the Baniyas metro?

There are two platforms and two tracks associated with the Baniyas metro which was first opened to the public on September 9, 2011.

What is the nearest point of interest near the Baniyas metro station?

There are a lot of stunning points of interest near the Baniyas metro station containing Dubai Gold Souq, the Dubai Museum, the Al Fahidi historic neighborhood, the Coffee Museum, the Dubai Fountain, and many others.

Which is the closest metro station to the Baniyas Square station?

The closest metro station to the Baniyas Square station is the Union metro station located only o 9 min walking distance.

Is the Baniyas Metro station connected to other modes of transportation?

Yes, the metro station is connected to the other modes of transportation by means of the metro bus stations, taxi stands, and other ride services like Uber, Cream e.t.c.