The Al Safa metro station is a famous elevated station in the Dubai Emirate which was previously known as the Noor Bank station. The prime responsibility of the station is to serve two areas Al Quoz and Al Safa and their surrounding areas.

If you want to arrive at Airport Terminal 1, choosing the Al Safa train is the best option. The reason is simple: you only have to pay AED 7 only but on the other hand taxis require much more. Once traveling through the metro station either on the Red Line or the Green Line you will check out Dubai’s growing infrastructure.  Of course, this infrastructure contains the major part of metro lines that span all over the city.

Al Safa Metro Station – Facilities & Amenities

Al Safa Metro Station Facilities

Like all metro stations, you will not find anything lacking in the Al Safa metro station. The station has key features along with facilities to provide a comfortable journey to commuters. Step out of the station and you will see their taxi rank in order to reach the other areas of the city. Besides this, you may also use metro buses that cover different areas of the city. 

The best feature of using the metro system is that you can use the Nol card electronic system for paying fares traveling throughout the Dubai metro. Moreover, the disabled person can make their journey comfortable by using the elevators. Escalators, and ramps.  The whole metro station is fully air-conditioned providing the facility of high-speed internet to the travelers.

Hotels and Attractions to view near Al Safa

The major attractions and points of interest near the Al Safa metro station contain the famous Kite Beach , Oasis Mall, XDubai Skatepark, and Times Square Center. Moreover, you may find residential areas providing accommodations in the surrounding area of Al Safa.

Hotels and Attractions to view near Al Safa

The famous accommodations include the Urban Al Khooray Hotel, Beach Walk Hotel, MetroPolitan Hotel Dubai, Park Regis, and Lemon Tree Hotel. The famous co-working place in Dubai like A4 Spaces can be approached by the Al Safa station located only 2.5 kilometers from the station.

Final Words

The Al Safa metro station covers all the surrounding areas in its vicinity in terms of attractions. You may explore the shopping areas and malls like Oasis shopping mall, and the sunset mall within two miles of the station. Similar to other metro stations like ADCB this one also contains advanced features to provide a convenient journey to the commuters.

Important Questions about Al Safa Metro Station Dubai

Where is the Al Safa metro station located in Dubai?

The Al Safa metro station serves in between two famous areas Al Quoz and Al Safa and is known as the elevated station on the Sheikh Zayed road. The station is a part of the Red Line metro network close to the major junction with Al Manara Street.

How has the name alteration been involved in Al Safa metro station since it opened?

 The station was first opened as Al Quoz on May 15, 2020, then altered to Noor Bank and was renamed Al Safa on November 24, 2020.

What is the new name of the Al Safa metro station?

The new name of the Al Safa metro station is the OnPassive Metro station was renamed on January 11, 2023, located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Which are the closest metro stations near Al Safa?

The nearest metro station to Al Safa is the Financial Center metro station located only 20 min walk away from a person.

Which are the nearest bus stations near Al Safa?

The nearest bus stations near Al Safa are Al Wasl Street 35a-1, only a 9 min walk away, Safa Park – 01, only 10 min walk away, and Hilton Beach Club – 02 only a 14 min walk away. 

How can I make confirmation about the train schedules coming to the station?

You can visit the official website of Dubai Metro RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) which contains all the information on the Red Line and Green Line trains along with time table and schedules.