Although there are many other ways you can approach Sharjah from Dubai and may choose the least expensive one. But choosing different adventures will surely appeal to you to keep the memories of the UAE tour in your mind’s flashback.

I have also enjoyed the journey to Sharjah by using the bus service but the memorable and enjoyable thing which I want to discuss is the Dubai-Sharjah Ferry. Many people have the misconception that Dubai-Sharjah Ferry Ride returns don’t look so different when compared to other transport ways.

Dubai-Sharjah Ferry Ride Returns

Since you are riding on a Ferry and enjoying the board on the sea, surely this journey will not have any match with the car bumpers if you’ve ever used a taxi.  One of my friends also had the adventure to travel by taxi but the charm we got through Dubai Ferry was totally unforgettable to explain.

While traveling by car you will observe the street lights and tail lights but on the sea UAE converts into another attractive face. Enjoying the spectacular views of the man made islands is only possible over the Ferry.

Interior Design of Dubai-Sharjah Ferry Ride Returns

It is totally fine to ride the ferry alone as you will enjoy the moments in such cases too. My stunning experience involves the analysis of the interior design of the Dubai Sharjah Ferry Ride Returns.

Interior Design of Dubai-Sharjah Ferry Ride taxi

The prime purpose which I felt while boarding the ferry is to provide optimum comfort and convenience to the commuters. You can either purchase a silver ticket or a Gold ticket. It all depends on which class you want to travel. The interior design provides all the spectacular views to be seen while riding on the Ferry.

Top-Notch Facilities and Amenities of Ferry Ride

You cannot find the journey exceptional and extraordinary without enjoying the top-notch facilities and amenities. The first one includes your safety on the ferry.

Interior Design of Dubai-Sharjah

In case you face any emergency, you can use the life jacket placed right below your seat. Free WiFi services are available to the passengers when they start their journey and continue until it ends.

Don’t miss visiting the Kiosk where you will find a lot of things to eat. No matter whether you want to enjoy fresh juices, chocolates, fries, coffee, tea, pizza, or any other fast food. You will get amazing services within the Ferry and can make your journey amazing by enjoying these services.

It is not restricted for the passengers to choose the Ferry ride to reach Sharjah. Because Dubai Metro also provides services in the form of Al Rashidiya metro station which departs from the Centrepoint station [Interlink] and directly reaches Sharjah.

Panoramic Views of Sharjah Skyline

It is nearly impossible to miss the panoramic views of the beauty of Sharjah Skyline enjoying the Dubai-Sharjah Ferry Ride Returns. You can notice the Hamriya port as well as the containers to get ideas of trade and business.

Panoramic Views of Sharjah Skyline

Except for the ships and barges you cannot skip out the traditional fishing boats until you reach Sharjah. Same panoramic views you can observe as the Ferry ride starts and returns at the same station. When turning back to Dubai, you will see the Gold Souk having the best Jewelry Shops after 25 minutes of journey.

Ticket Pricing for Dubai Ferry Ride from Different Marine Stations

Before describing the different metro station’s ticket pricing, I would like to elaborate on something unique about the marine stations. For instance, if you are having Dubai-Sharjah Ferry Ride Returns you can approach the Al Ghubaiba marine transport station.

Ticket Pricing for Dubai Ferry Ride

Dubai residents as well as tourists can find this marine station close to the Al Ghubaiba metro station located at a short walking distance. Each station provides the facility to the commuters whether they want to enjoy a silver class journey or the luxurious Gold class.

I want to describe the ticket pricing for different marine stations as one-way in the form of the table given below;

Route for Marine StationsSilver Ticket PricingGold Ticket Pricing
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina50 Dirhams75 Dirhams
Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba50 Dirhams75 Dirhams
Dubai Marina Circular Trip50 Dirhams75 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba Circular Trip50 Dirhams75 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Sharjah Aquarium and vice versa15 Dirhams25 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Canal Station or Vice Versa   Dubai Marina to Dubai Canal Station or Vice Versa25 Dirhams35 Dirhams

Those who want to take the family bundle should take the touristic trips and enjoy their journey.

Touristic ExcursionsTicket Price – SilverTicket Price – Gold
Family Bundle (2 adults and 2 children)140 Dirhams210 Dirhams

People also get confused about how much price they have to pay for buying a ticket for their child. What I have seen during my tour concludes that there is no payment for children aged five years or below this age. For one-way tours, children aged 6 to 12 years would pay a price of half of the adult person.

If you want to enjoy circular or round trips, children with age two years or below will not pay a single penny. But children above the age of 2 years and below 10 years will pay a price of half the ticket of the adult person.

Distance and Water Depths for Dubai-Sharjah Ferry Ride

Enjoying the Dubai-Sharjah Ferry Ride Returns involves the distance as well as water depths which one should clearly know. The total distance is only 15 kilometers with the sea depths of about 13 to 20 meters.

The exact time at which I found the Ferry at the Al Ghubaiba marine station was 2.35 PM and I would suggest you reach in time at the station. Using a Nol card is absolutely OK, as many passengers use it for metro trains as well as marine stations.

Last Words

In short, I am glad to share my experience which was just amazing on the Dubai- Sharjah Ferry Ride Returns at a very low cost. The top-notch facilities and amenities clearly show that one should never miss a ferry ride if he wants to travel from Dubai to Sharjah or any other Emirate.

The UAE is full of unique glimpses with spectacular views and makes the tourists visit the stunning places again and again.

What People Ask about Dubai-Sharjah Ferry Ride Returns

How is ticketing divided while traveling through Dubai-Sharjah Ferry?

The ticketing while traveling through the Ferry ride is divided into Silver and Gold. If you are going to buy a silver ticket, you would pay AED 15 but if you want a Gold Ticket you would pay AED 25.

How many passengers are accommodated by Dubai Ferry?

Dubai Ferry is designed in such an elegant way that it can accommodate about 98 passengers. These seats are divided into silver and gold as 84 passengers have seating in silver class and 14 in gold class respectively.

Can I take a ticket to visit Abu Dhabi from Dubai by means of a ferry ride?

Yes, of course. Dubai Ferry provides the service to Abu Dhabi too but the commuters will pay AED 75 per person for a Gold Ticket and AED 50 per person for the Silver Ticket.

Which transport mode is the least expensive to choose from Dubai to Sharjah?

The least expensive way one should choose to reach Sharjah from Dubai is the 103 Bus which costs only 13-28 AED but takes a time of about 2 hours and 28 minutes.

Is there any facility for using the Nol Card to buy Ferry tickets?

Yes absolutely, you can use this facility through the Marine Stations. But each customer has to validate it before boarding the Ferry and after arrival.