The location of the stadium metro station in Dubai is designed in such a way that it provides easier traveling for those who live in Sharjah. But this does not become the hard and fast rule that only Sharjah residents can use this metro station. Among all the 7 Emirates of UAE, only Dubai provides easier and more convenient journeys via metro stations.

Stadium basically lies in Al Nahda Street, Al Qusais First, Dubai, and is an integral transport hub of Green Line. The station has station code 15 and lies in fare zone 5. It was first opened to the public on September 09, 2011, providing a vast range of amenities to commuters.

 In this post, we are going to provide all the details about the stadium metro station including its amenities and facilities. Moreover, the passengers may also check out which breathtaking attractions they can cover by means of this metro station.

Stadium Metro Station image

Stadium Metro Station Significant Hub of Transportation

No doubt this metro station is an integral part of the Dubai metro green line and is located in Al Nahda Street. Keep in mind that the venue was given the name Stadium in honor of the Al Ahli Club stadium in Dubai.

LocationAl Nahda Street, Al Qusais first, Dubai
LineGreen line
Station code15
Fare zone5
Prior stationAl Qiyadah towards Creek
Coming stationAl Nahda towards Etisalat
Transfer stationNo
Dubai Tram connectionNo
Previous nameN/A  

According to a survey, it has been declared the busiest station in Dubai and since this station, it served about 3.9 million passengers in 2021. Moreover, in 2022, the station has provided extraordinary facilities to about 2.7 million commuters.

Where the Stadium metro station is located – Map & Location

Al Nahda Street and the stadium are undoubtedly unknown to someone who is contemplating a first-time trip to Dubai. Therefore it is good to check out the location via a map of the metro station to find its exact place. 

stadium metro station location

You will also find the adjacent stations including Al Qiyadah which can only be approached in 1 minute via Al Nahda Street. If you want to go to Sharjah, you can use the Feeder buses which connect the metro station with the Sharjah Border. Here is a map of the location given below making it quite easy to find the metro station.

Location: Al Nahda Street, Al Qusais First, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Analyze the Schematic Map to Find Stadium

Besides the simple map, we also provide the schematic map to our users which shows how different metro lines are connected together.

Moreover, this map also shows the nearby as well as adjacent metro stations located near the stadium. In this way, it becomes much more convenient and easy for passengers to approach different metro stations either on the Green or the Red Line.

The schematic map is given below;

Train Schedules for the Stadium Metro Station

Outline for the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station

Traveling through the Dubai metro is one of the most amazing journeys for commuters. Not only the extraordinary facilities but also the nearby attractions make it convenient for tourists to choose the metro system. But before choosing the metro station you are going to travel to, you need to check the train schedules entirely. 

Week Days Time Schedules
Monday to Thursday 05:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Midnight) 
Friday 05:00 AM – 01:00 AM (Next day) 
Saturday 05:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Midnight) 
Sunday 08:00 AM -12:00 AM (Midnight) 

Although the most trustworthy thing is to download and install the RTA (Road and Transport Authority) app. This app is quite useful in case there are alterations in the train timings due to some special events or public holidays. Don’t miss out to check the train schedules for Al Nahda Metro Station located close to the Stadium metro station.

Top-Notch Amenities and Facilities

Just like all other metro stations in Dubai, Stadium is also famous for providing top-notch amenities and facilities to passengers. I would like to mention some of the amenities here which will make you decide whether traveling through the stadium metro station is convenient or not.

  • The station contains lifts, escalators, and elevators due to which the commuters can catch their trains in time. Moreover, it makes journeys easy for disabled persons to travel through the metro station.
  • There are huge real-time displays installed in the station providing the train schedules and timing to other metro stations. People who commute can now figure out the path they want to take more easily.
  • The station contains ticket boxes from where travelers can buy the tickets or the Nol card to pay their fare. They may also use vending machines that provide self-services for purchasing tickets.
  • The dedicated staff is present at the information desks which the passengers can use in case of any help regarding their journey.
  • ECB is present in each metro station which refers to the Emergency Call Button that you can use in case of any incident.
  • For travelers’ safety, the station has excellent monitoring CCTV cameras.
  • You may also buy drinks and snacks from the Zoom store located inside the station which you can eat during your journey. But ensure that there should be no mess within the station and the trains.

Breathtaking Attractions to view near the Stadium 

Almost all metro stations in Dubai contain breathtaking attractions and places to cover. This metro station is located in an ideal location for sports lovers and shopping lovers. Because they will find a stadium to enjoy their favorite games there and shopping malls to buy anything they want.

Rashid Stadium – Oldest one in Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium

The famous multi-purpose stadium in Dubai is known as the Rashid Stadium which is recently being used for football and rugby matches. This is the oldest stadium in Dubai formed in 1948 and has a capacity of holding 12,000 spectators. 

LocationAl Etihad Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
MapGet direction

The unique thing to note about the stadium is that it has hosted several matches of the FIFA World Youth Companionship 2003. Located near the Stadium metro station, the Rashid Stadium is a great attraction to visit for sports lovers, especially during international matches.

Grill Hut Restaurant – A Perfect Place for Social Gathering

The Grill Hut restaurant is famous for commuters to taste the mouth-watering dishes including drinks, grills, and indo-Chinese dishes. This restaurant also provides an outdoor seating venue to the customers with a variety of dishes.

LocationAl Qusais, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
MapGet direction
WebsiteGrill Hut

There is no need to wait for a long one when you order the food, as the staff provides quick and efficient services. Besides this, there are the best vegetarian restaurants like Aryas Vegetarian Restaurant from the stadium metro station. If you are a vegetable lover, you should never miss visiting these restaurants.

Lulu Hypermarket – Trendsetter in the Retail Industry

The most preferred shopping area not only in the United Arab Emirates as well as the Gulf Countries is known as the Lulu Hypermarket . There are about 240 stores and shops inside the hypermarket which allows the customers to shop anything they want. 

LocationAl Nahda 1, Al Qusais 1, Dubai
MapGet direction
WebsiteLulu Hypermarket

While shopping in the hypermarket you can clearly check out the high quality of the products. Not only shopping but also other facilities are available here including a parking facility, food court, a spacious play area for children, and bank counters.

A Conclusion by Planning Dubai

We have posted all the necessary information about the Stadium metro station to assure our users about the most convenient journey. While traveling through this metro station, you can analyze that being the busiest of Dubai metro it is famous for providing extraordinary facilities. Don’t miss the nearby attractions in the vicinity of the metro station.

Significant Concerns about Stadium Metro Station

Does Stadium Metro have a parking lot where I may leave my car?

If you want to park your car at the metro station, you actually need to pay some fee as it is not free. Among all the metro stations of Dubai, only 3 provide free services of parking to passengers.

How can I discover the nearest metro stop to the stadium?

In order to find the closest metro station to the stadium, you need to walk in a distance of about 2 kilometers which can be covered in 13 to 14 minutes.

Which Feeder buses provide services to the Al Qusais Industrial area from the Stadium station?

The famous Feeder buses include services F22 and F24 via Al Nahda and Sahara Centre in Sharjah can take the passengers to the Al Qusais Industrial Area.

What are the famous places to shop near the Stadium Green Line metro station?

The famous places where you can do shopping include Lulu Hypermarket Al Qusais located 0.1 miles from the station, and the large hypermarket in Al Qusais near the metro station.

In which fare zone and station code does the stadium metro lie?

The fare zone for the stadium metro station is 5 with a station code 15 serving the areas of Al Nahda and Al Qusais located close to the famous Rashid Stadium.