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Unbelievable to think that one can view the next 50 years of the planet in one place. Are you wondering too at this conception? I was completely happy on a wonderful day when I visited the Future Museum Dubai. By name, it is clear to understand that the museum is all about the future and the complete themes of the coming years.

It is important for visitors to have knowledge about the Museum of Future Ticket which only costs AED 140. Like other Dubai outdoor attractions including Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood , you may explore the coin museum there. Dubai is full of stunning iconic landmarks and indoor as well as outdoor attractions that keep tourists coming again.

Life in the Five Chapters of Museum of Future – Looks Like Realistic

The facts of Dubai  are wonderful but life in the MOTF Dubai along the five chapters will see you tomorrow. The futuristic technology will revolutionize the day and night with unlimited exceptions. Each floor contains 3D innovative technology with fantastic discoveries and missions to explore in the museum. Let us discuss what things you can see in the Future Museum Dubai. 

Purchase the Museum for Future Ticket Dubai for both yourself and your children before getting into the place. The cost for five chapters and floors is only AED 140, however, there may be some exceptions for kids below the age of 3 years. More things you can explore in Dubai that are interesting for your kids as well as the Kidzania section in the Dubai Mall


Exploring the Planet in the Five Chapters

  • Chapter 1 – The OSS Hope: Starting from the 5th floor of the museum, the OSS Hope, you will be the station’s main center. Here you will learn knowledge to explore missions, wonderful discoveries, and stunning inventions. Moreover, on the 5th floor, the 3D walls constructed of recycled materials will surround you.
  • Chapter 2 – The Heal Institute: Get an eyewitness view of the climate changes coming in the next few years on the 4th floor of the museum. The Digital Amazon is responsible for showing the expected climate changes of the planet. The amazing DNA Library will give a view of the fact that climate can alter the life of more than 2000+ species.
  • Chapter 3 – Al Waha Oasis: The 3rd chapter surrounds the oasis to show the visitors how a connection of technology is broken from the modern world. Here you will disconnect from the future and can demonstrate the balance between real and virtual life.
  • Chapter 4 – Tomorrow Today: The 2nd chapter will engage you with the future again and observe the wonders of technology that can improve your future in terms of different factors. These factors lead to the basic things of life like health, culture & traditions, politics, and society as well.
  • Chapter 5 – Fantasy World of Future Heroes: Dive into the world of fantasy of future heroes and bring your children to the first floor of the Museum of Future Dubai. You can spend quality time with your kids while they explore the incredible exhibits. The best time to design, imagine, and build amazing things with your kids to understand their creativity level is on the 1st floor. Moreover, you can also check their collaboration and communication with others.

Wonderful Fun Facts about the Dubai Museum of the Future

Like other iconic facts of Dubai, there is something unique in the Future Museum that is lovely to admire. I would like to describe here such stunning facts that make this attraction wonderful for tourists.

  • Admire the greatest innovation in the world through the unique design of the Museum of Future Dubai based on the concept of Feng Shui. Shaun Killa is the famous architect that gave the design to the architectural Marvel of the Future Museum Dubai.
  • The Arabic Calligraphy on the Dubai Futuristic is responsible for the amazing quotes based on the Prime Minister’s vision.
  • In order to visit a definite feat of architecture, Future Dubai is the best choice where you will get no vertices and columns.
  • This future museum is the perfect illustration of the low carbon construction. Therefore, this is a LEED-certified museum based on low-carbon construction.

Among all the 7 emirates of UAE , Dubai is famous for such architectural marvels that you will see in the Museum. Besides the future museum tickets, you need to remember some important things that would be new for you in the place.

Exceptional Things to Explore in the Museum

  • Transformation of New Moon – Explore the observations made on the moon’s transformation on a 600 meters distant space station from the planet. Study how moon transformation can be a source of renewable energy in the future.
  • Space Shuttle Simulation Video – See how the future will change by viewing the space shuttle simulation video and discovering interesting facts.
  • New Species Evaluation – Observe the new species evaluation in the monitoring room of the museum.
  • Wonderful Wishing Pool – Make a wish for your future life and advent something new.
  • Inner shell of the Museum – Go on the observation deck to take amazing pictures with your friends or family in the inner of the museum and the building’s curvature.

Transport Options to reach the Future Museum Dubai

The Museum of the Future ticket has an expense of about AED 140 but besides this, there are some cost options for reaching the destination. Dubai transport options are famous for giving a good budget to the tourists as they can approach both Metro and bus.

The best transport option is Dubai to Hatta  to explore all the attractions of both places. Let us explore what are the best ways to reach the future of Dubai.

  • Stroll through Jumeirah Emirates Tower: The distance of Jumeirah Emirates Tower is not more from the Future Museum, therefore, you can stroll on foot and reach the place in only 15 to 20 minutes. More amazing places of Palm Jumeirah  will mesmerize the tourists with breathtaking views.
  • Travel through Dubai Metro: Go to the link bridge and approach the museum in a direct way.
  • Dubai Bus Service Network: The Bus service will take you to the museum by approaching different bus line numbers.

Wrapping it up!

Tourists will get amazing things to remember in the Museum. Take the Museum of Future Ticket and explore the stunning five floors each with unique objectives. Discover how the world would change in the next 50 years of Dubai. Each chapter will tell you about the health, ecology, wellness, and prosperity of the planet. Explore Dubai Mall Aquarium  with your kids and enjoy living in Dubai.

What People Concern about the Museum of Future Ticket Dubai

What are the best times to explore the Future of Earth in Dubai?

Tourists have to visit the Future Museum for this purpose, where they will find the museum open from 10 AM to 6 PM. There are no exceptions to weekends as the opening time remains the same.

Is it allowed to eat something while visiting the Future Museum?

People are allowed to take food in the form of snacks and drinks as they would spend two to three hours exploring all floors.

Are there any specifications for a dress to visit the Future of Earth?

Although, there is no specific dress code but wearing something that gives you a cultural look in a respectful manner is quite appreciable.

What does the MOTF structure show in the museum?

The structure of MOTF gives a beautiful representation of humanity in the form of circular buildings, the green mound shows the earth’s planet, and the void place shows the future.

Is it suitable for tourists to book online tickets for MOTF?

Booking online tickets will be the best option in case tourists are planning to visit on the weekend, because there is a huge rush at outdoor attractions on Saturday and Sunday.


  • Step into the museum and walk in the imaginative world 50 years forward from now. Aww… Not very odd, but lovely! You will observe that conditions have evolved recently.
  • Before indulging in the futuristic world, you will be mesmerized by the exterior view of the museum. There are three amazing quotes engraved on the façade of the museum.
  • The sparkling sights of the museum will behold your eyes due to the 77 meters tall-torus-shaped building. Calligraphy covers the whole building but it lacks interior columns.
  • The futuristic technology of the MOTF will take you to the year 2071 with amazing special themes.
  • You will get entertained by the amazing life themes in the next 50 years like health, prosperity, spirituality, ecology, and weather changes.
  • Explore the museum with your children to imagine, design, and build what you want on the 1st floor.
  • You can explore the five different chapters on the 5 interior floors in the Museum of Future Dubai. Each floor has unique issue statements with objectives and concepts. You either take a start from the first floor to the on-ward or from the 5th floor.
  • The floor-by-floor streaming manner will cover all the themes and aspects of life. Step into the Digital Amazon to explore the future forecast weather and climate changes for the next few years.
  • View the fascinating missions, inventions, and advancements by visiting OSS Hope on the fifth floor in the futuristic atmosphere.
  • Step into the DNA Library to explore the evolutionary revolutions that are coming from climate change. These changes would affect the lives of more than 2000 + species on the planet.


  • Access all 5 floors except the 6th floor.
  • Pay AED 140 to interact with all the floors.
  • Children below the age of three years are free to enter the museum.


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